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Haha I'm considering it. But I might wait till my friend buys it first and I'll ask him about the physics. It's coming out on the 14th June in Australia.
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Strange, but yes. Just because a game is highly rated doesn't automatically mean it appeals to everyone. For example, I bought Uncharted 2, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed 3, LA Noire and various other critically acclaimed games at launch (or shortly after launch), but at the end of the day I didn't really buy into their 'world'. I sold all the above games a few weeks later on ebay. Not to take anything away from The Last Of Us, but survival horror isn't normally my kind of thing. However, if the developers have gone to great enough effort to create a detailed and immersive world (including ragdoll corpses), then I'm willing to part with AUD$79.95 and give the game a try.
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I agree with your point, but given PS4 is the lesser of two evils I will make an allowance for the paid multiplayer. To be honest PS Plus doesn't bother at all because I only play single player games and don't intend to subscribe. I've owned an Xbox360 since 2007 and subscribed to Live Gold for less than 24 months. PS Plus would annoy traditional PS3 gamers who currently use Sony's free multiplayer network, but at least they're given a choice. You gotta give Sony a break, they've just rescued gamers from a far worse fate!! Plus they are charging less for the console than XBONE.
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I should have the right to do what I want with the items I have purchased. I own that right and won't allow it to be taken from me. 

I'd understand it if it was all digital, but hell no if I buy a physical game copy.

That makes you the most uninformed purchaser of all time. You don't own that ight, never did in terms of video games... You should take a gander at the EULA included with every physical copy of a game you "own". Hint before you read it: You own nothing. Digital or physical, when you buy a game you are buying a license to use that game. Purchasing a game for full price is just an extended rental from the company with no late fees. That hasn't changed in years. Buying it on disc offers no greater level of ownership, except to say you have a tangible copy of the game.

'Buying it on disc offers no greater level of ownership.' Yes, that might be the case, but at least this current gen I can still pass my games around whether by selling it on ebay or lending it to a friend WITHOUT having authenticate via a daily login. That's a big difference to the proposed model of XBOX One. Technically the EULA may by the same, but practically it's a complete overhaul and a change I don't agree with.
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Are there any videos on other sites that hint at ragdoll corpses? If yes, I will buy this game at launch. If not, I'll wait a few months.
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I'm not sold either. I was a long time GT fan and have owned every single version since 1998, but GT5 really let me down. My biggest gripes were: 1. Rubbish car models (except for a handful) 2. No visual car damage 3. Inconsistent hood camera view (Forza 4 was much better) 4. Triggers on the Dual Shock 3 are no good 5. Menu system and navigation were slow and counterintuitive I don't see the point in buying GT6 for some new cars and tracks. Unless there's a major overhaul of the series, I'm sitting out. Polyphony Digital needs to step up their game.
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I bought my 360 to get away from PC Activation codes and all that crap. Imagine the surprize I got when I purchased DiRT 3 and tiny little paper with the words "ONLINE PASS" greeted me, hell, they were mocking me. I didn't buy a console to make my hobby worse. Not to mention I've been trying to recruit my sister into gaming for a while now, paying to be spied on and having to check with MS every 24 hours is a major inconvinience, and ontop of that I still gotta deal with this Gold Membersh!p bullsh!t, it made sense in 2006-2009, but now. . . . . I'l keep gaming on my Xbox 360 until it dies, and then, I'm "JUMPING OUT" my Xbox Live account and all its content be damned, it aint worth keeping. Besides I'm not writing off the Xbox One, its by far the coolest thing ever ! Im writing off Microsoft, you know very well why.Lulekani
I'm with you 100% on the PC DRM situation. I used to like PC games when they didn't require Steam/Blizzard.Net/UPlay and all this other crap. I don't agree with asking for permission to play a game that I bought. Vote with your wallet. If next gen goes the way of the PC, then consoles are pointless for me. And no I don't pirate games, I am perfectly able to pay full price. But impose these limitations on my gaming and you will lose my business.
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[QUOTE="AutoPilotOn"]I don't see big deal. Steam needs to log in to online. Once I buy game I can't resale. It seems over blown to me feverberries

Steam doesn't need to be online, after you have downloaded the game. unless ofcourse you are playing an online game...

Don't forget that a digital copy is usually much cheaper than the physical. If I'm going through the effort of visiting my local EB or JB and paying full price at release ($80 or $90 AUD), I should have the right to sell and lend out my game to whoever I want. This new 1 transfer policy is bullcrap. The game license effectively dies after 2 users. I will not participate in this gen, and I have avoided any PC game that required online authentication. The last DRM game I bought was Starcraft 2 and I vowed never to buy another game that forces me to ask for permission as to whether or not I'm allowed to play!!! I went to the shop and paid full price for the disk, not a discounted digital download. If XBOX One games were priced like discounted Steam games ($20-$40) I'd be ok with Microsoft's DRM. But I don't see that happening.
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Not really, I'd say less than half the games out today have good dead body physics. It's a shame because it feels like there's something missing, especially if you're playing something that's supposed to be 'realism' themed. One that springs to mind is Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which came out last year and is a pretty good 3rd person shooter going for that gritty, detailed feel. The controls are great (reminds me of Metal Gear Solid 4 crossed with Call Of Duty) and the guns customisation is awesome. But when you see a dead body on the ground and pump a few shotgun shells in him ('just for good measure') nothing happens! Unlike Metal Gear Solid 4 (or Max Payne 3, or GTA 4 etc...) there is no feedback from the bullets. I really hope The Last Of Us goes that extra mile for us gamers who want the extra sandbox feel. Fingers crossed!
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An open question to Gamespot (or anyone else that's played the game)... Does Last Of Us have dead body physics like Max Payne 3 and other RockStar games? That is, if you shoot a body lying on the ground will it move around with some mass behind it, or do they remain static? The physics and animations look really good in the videos so I'm curious to know if the developers have included realistic corpse physics as well. Would be cool if they did.
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