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Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade

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As part of the same press conference at which price drops for the Xbox 360 family of consoles were announced, Microsoft has also unveiled new action game Ninja Blade for the first time.

Although the name was leaked several months ago, no details of the game itself have been revealed until now. The game will be developed by current Tenchu makers From Software, who also worked on the Otogi series for the original Xbox.

A brief trailer of the game shows a ninja character moving around contemporary Tokyo and fighting demons, in gameplay which appears reminiscent of both Tenchu and Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden series. The game is due for release next year as an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Also announced at the press conference was a new "Platinum Collection" range of budget re-releases, to include Ace Combat 6 , Assassin's Creed and others.

Several other previously-announced games were also demonstrated, including Capcom's localized version of Grand Theft Auto , Fable II , Fallout 3 , Infinite Undiscovery and a new Gundam title.

Libertadores Cup



Libertadores Cup

Liga de Quito is close to winning the Libertadores Cup

Ligua de Quito 4 Fluminense 2

Yesterday it was amazing. After more than 10 years an Ecuadorian team been absent of Copa Libertadores Finally got what it deserves. Won the home game 4 to 2 against Fluminense of Brazil.Fluminense its known for eliminating Boca Juniors of Argentina. I have to say its not my favorite team but i am Ecuadorian and I am proud. If we win the cup well them we are going to have to play against The winner of the Uefa Champion League. Manchester.

I am Back

Well my friends I am back again, I got muy 360 repaired an know its working. I hope I can finish GTA4 and then I might buy a new one.

We always have Next Season

'Sunday is our season'
Arsenal captain William Gallas put the defeat down to "a lack of experience – that's all" but Adebayor is already looking ahead to Sunday afternoon, when Arsène Wenger's side travel to Premier League leaders Manchester United FC knowing that, with only five matches left, victory is essential is they are to have any hope of overhauling a six-point deficit at the top. "Of course we can still win the league," said Adebayor. "Sunday is our season now – it determines whether we still have something to play for or whether we can go on holiday. If we win in Manchester we can still hope to win the league so we have to get our focus back, stay strong and make sure we do that. Right now we're all disappointed but we will be back in the Champions League next season and the boss knows the answers. He knows what to do and what's needed to win it.:twisted:

Arsenal next match against Liverpool

Wenger: It's make or break Arsene Wenger EmpicsWenger: Gunners face tough run of fixtures. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger accepts 'the next 10 days will define our season'. The Gunners, who play Liverpool three times in the space of a week - with their league encounter sandwiched between two European ties - and then head to Old Trafford to face off againstleaders Manchester United on April 13. [+]

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