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So long, Gamespot.

Ugg, I hate leaving what was once a great place, but yeah... This whole deal with Jeff getting the axe just wreaks of filth. I was never one to rely solely on one site for reviews, so I'm not "migrating to X site", Gamespot just won't be my homebase anymore, and I'll be taking the reviews here with high doses of salt.

So long, Gamespot. I'm sure I'll come check out the reviews for games, but those times will be few and far between.

Error reading BR?

I'm not sure why both comments and reviews ignore some of my line breaks, and editting it doesn't do anything.

Just a tad bit frustrating. Blocks of text keep critting me :/

Testing Testing

I should probably write something here to get rid of that "Start Blogging Now!" link.

Well, glad that's out of the way! See ya!