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Crap reviews

I think GameSpot staff should punish incompetent reviewers.

And people who try to review games when it is obvious that they haven't tried the game out fully, or that they suck at it.

Another problem I could spot withsome reviewsis that the reviewer most likely struggles with English lessons at school. No spacebars, no proper usage of grammar, incompetent spelling. You really struggle to read through what this bloke is trying to say. Sure, they may bring up a fair few arguments, but what's the point of your argument, and ultimately, your review when your grammar and spelling ability is that of a 5 year old child? It's just a waste of virtual space.

The other thing that really f**king p**ses me off is that people give bad reviews of a game simply because of the whole topic or subject of it. For example: "Rugby 2006 is a crap game because I don't like rugby." Or "Doom is crap because I don't like shooting games." These are just samples of some of the idiotic reviews I have seen on this website. They say this straight up, with no justification, reasoning or proof whatsoever. Like this review here:

The common typo is acceptable now and then, everybody makes errors, and I know some people out there probably don't like or agree with my reviews either. That's fair; everybody is entitled to an opinion and their say. But these reviews above are just plain stupid – it's not opinion, it's a solid fact.

Personally, I think GameSpot should punish idiotic reviewers. I understand that there is a disciplinary system in place, but I think it needs to be more tougher on idiotic reviews. Thank you, Merry Christmas.


I hate it when people say they hate the game because of the main topic of it.

I.E. In a game review, User "x" says that they hate FIFA because they hate soccer.

How stupid is that?


Trying to get to level 3 so I can write reviews. It's frustrating....


Just starting off here at gamespot, it's a bit confusing, and irritating because my internet capped and the pages load up slowly, and you need to be level 3 or something to review games