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Chelsea fail to take advantage

ManU's loss is hard to come by. Chelsea couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to close gap, but they ran into resilient spurs.

It's about luck you know, shots hitting crossbars, couple of blinding saves by keeper and we didn't score. Congrats spurs and more so Liverpool who I think won't messup this chance.

What now for us (Chelsea), forget about it, concentrate on matches ahead. Let liverpool deviate towards premier league from CL. We also have FA semis to take care of.And if one remembers liverpool's loss to boro, u never know with them. They can blow away again anytime.

Suggestions required for system configuration

Dear all,

Can you suggest me a good laptop/desktop configurationfor smooth running of gamesof the cadre ofcrysis, far cry 2, rise of argonauts, mass effect andfifa09.

I have come to know of heating issues with high config. laptops. Is this true? What to go for?

A new purchase

hey friends,

it's been a while that i posted something on site. I purchased a PSP two weeks back. its really great console. a good purchase for me, as am mostly on tours. to start with, i bought street fighter. Street fighter was my favorite game in childhood. it's still fun, but i could have put my money on something better. i was looking for MGS and tekken5. they were unavailable.

Did anyone miss me

Hi all,Am back on gamespot after a good long 3 months. I have been busy with my work and adventure camps / trekking / rafting/ cliff jumping at weekends. Am really excited to be back. I wish, there's someone who remembers. ;)

I purchased PS2 with my first salary in december and have finished just 8-10 of famous titles, namely GOW, shadow of collosus, god hand, ace combat5, tekken5, DMC3, fifa08, burnout, rise to honor and some others which i did not enjoyed much like getaway, swords of destiny. i completed 40% of final fintasy too, but left it there as it never seems to end nd isn't pacy enough.

It looks to me that PS2 is a past now. All new release are for PS3 and X360. These consoles are quite costly in India. Game titles are released quite late here compared to europe and america. PS2 titles have stopped coming. So, I have decided to have a go at PS3. I wonder my preference for sony over microsoft. It's just instinct thing, with no basis. Any suggestions regards this !!!

A Busy Life

Hello Everyone,

I have been very busy since completing my masters in technology and joining job. I have bought a PS2 from my earlier savings. Problem is that am able to spare enough time to enjoy it. Also, whenever I get time I watch australian open and cricket.

How you all have been lately? A lot of you must have soared high in rank.

getting lazy

i like to post comments on everybody's blog and in all the forums, but i feel am starting to get lazy now. sometimes being lazy is a fun in itself. is there any game on Garfield, the good old lazy fat cat. i really like him for his laziness. :D

Twisted Metal 1 &2 - All time best car fighting game

This was one of the first games i played on playstation, and the "Old is Gold" tag is true for this. It's years since then, yet it remains the best in the car fighting genre. Infact, it features among the top 20 all time games on this site too.

If anyone has missed out, I highly recommend to have a go at it. The cooperative playadds to fun immensly.

Read my rreview for more, if u wish.


I thought am the only one who is stuck, but it seems now the whole of Gamespot site is stuck.

I thought am its my net connection which is slowing site speed, but it's also with everyone.

Does anybody in Gamespot cares for all this?


I joined a fortnight ago and am on level 7 quite smoothly. But, am about to enter a very busy schedule and will not be able to give as much time.

Whenever i find myself with some time, i first switch on my game. I hope to remain in touch with you guys/gals always.

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