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Level 31...

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This time took like a... ..n eternity!! I just wonder: What's "Ippon"?

Anyway, I'll celebrate it playing Professor Layton and the Diabolic Box with my son. :D

100% Club Member

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100% Club Member

The best of the best of the best, sir!Unlocking every achievement available for a game is a task that only the most dedicated of players complete, and for that we salute you.

Game Expert

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I like this GS achievement I got here ^_^ Game Expert

Here to save the day! Game Experts are knowledgeable and skilled masters in at least one game and have proven this by unlocking at least 75% of the achievements available for it. If you've ever got a question, a Game Expert's usually a good person to ask.

Back to WoW

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Today I returned officially to WoW after almost two years of retire.

I got a 10 days trial from a 'Resurrection Scroll' from a friend and I paid my suscription again. Let's see if I don't get regreted in the next days :P


New level 27: Sheng Long

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Ufff, this time took me a long time to get the new level.

I haven't post much, I think. But I access the site almost everyday. Well. I think that I have to update my games in the collection and now playing.

I could add more info if GameSpot had an interface with twitter, but they are so strict in the posting since they don't allow posts in another language different to the english so maybe it won't work also for me. It's really a shame.

Killzone 2 first impressions

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I got yesterday the long awaited Killzone 2 for the Playstation 3 and I have to say that it didn't disappoint me. The 2 years wait was worthy.

The graphics are the best ever seen for a FPS. Maybe MGS is the one that can compete with it. The gameplay is the best I've ever seen in a shooter because, although the action is slower than CoD, the game goes very fluent with those amazing graphics, animation and sound. The DTS feature now it is used as it should be in a shooter. You really fell that you are into the ambience!

I just played the first mission, but I think that the best is yet come.

Ace Combat 6

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I finished this week this game. I'd hadn't never played a flight simulator before and I liked it very much.

It has this 'thing' that sucks you in to play for a while until you've finished it.

The final mission was awesome and somehow difficult. I liked very much the soundtrack, it' s awesome. Almost all the songs are orchestated and makes you be deeper into the game.

I'm playing another round to get some of the medals and to finish all the operations, but playing on hard difficulty it's very time consuming because you have to re-play many of the missions to get the medal or the achievement.

I need some spare time to finish Tales of Vesperia. For me the problems with the RPGs is that if I don't finished them in one straight try, I'll leave them half done :( 

Far Cry 2

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I got Far Cry 2 this week and I started to play it. I wanted it because I have the first one for PC, also I finished Crysis which uses the same engine, I think.

It's good to have the open field, but sometimes is annoying travel several kms by foot or even by car.

So far, so good.

Finally, lvl 25 after... 3 months :S

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This last weeks I have been more active than prior and I feel that my level progress over here was slower :P

But anyways, I'm level 25 now and I like tha name: "Defias Brotherhood". I my short time on WoW I remember this brotherhood and the Quests related so I have good memories...

Let's see how long it lasts this time.