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First Blog Since The Site Relaunch

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

So, here we are, two weeks now I believe since GameSpot relaunched. I've been trying to write blogs since my last one, but I was too busy, too easily distracted, and... honestly, I'm not too sure what else. I was going to try again two weeks ago, but then they were all "oh, we're not going to allow member published content until after the redesign." And again, I just got busy, and haven't had the chance.

College is going good, I kind of let responsibility, studying, and such slip in the last couple weeks, so I need to get back onto that. But, still hope, and a whole month left. Also, apparently, I'm going to have a month off for winter break. Last exams should be taken on the 14th of December, and then semester starts up the 13th of January.

One of the things that's happened since my last blog was I had turned the age of 21. All of my gifts were checks, and they have gone to paying off debts, and just having some money. Also, was going to get a drink when we went out to eat, but didn't want my cover blown, and have the birthday song sung to me, so I skipped it.

I have been still editing videos, but not much with how busy I've been. Right now I've been really editing this weekend. I have three different videos ready, and a fourth almost done. I plan on having a weeks worth ready, before I start uploading them any time soon though.

So, Watch Dogs, a game I've been very excited for since the first E3 trailer, I have to wait at least another five or more months for. Sigh... But, if it's for ridding bugs, I'm all for it. And, maybe if a job finds it's way to me, or something goes right financially, I can be playing it on maybe the Xbox One.

Also, apparently Microsoft will be continuing the Games With Gold service, for the rest of the 360 lifespan apparently. As long as their games I don't have, I'll download them I guess, and so far, that has been every game but one so far.

Suppose I haven't been playing much thanks to my schedule. Suppose I've been playing Fable 3, and Crackdown a lot. Not sure I will be trying to do a lot of playing until AC4, just enough to keep my sanity with my school work. Also trying to get my friend to finish AC3. As the days pass by, it looks unlikely he'll finish, and be getting a playthrough of AC3 out before number four, but I suppose at the same time, better than never completing it.

Finally, been thinking a little about Black Friday with GameStop's ad leaking, kind of crazy with halloween over a week away still. On the one hand, the only game that I will probably buy from all listed is BioShock Infinite. Maybe my opinion will change before then, but we'll see. Not to mention, Walmart, Target, and all of them have a chance to impress me too.

Well, that's more than enough stuff to write about with my first blog in a while. I'll end it here, and try not to stay away too long between blogs.

So, until next time, hope you all have a good time.

Pa pa.

Just Learning...

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

So, I'm now finished with my first week of college.  Chemistry lecture is what I expected to be, especially since it's the same professor I had from last semester.  For the lab, it's a bit different, and makes the most sense in that with each week, we're going to do the experiment, and write everything down in a notebook, and when the experiment is done, and we have the final results, we put them on the worksheet, so the worksheet is clean.  Anatomy and Physiology, both the lab and the lecture have this thing called a supplement.  It has a ton of things on there, but the professors say that if it's not on the test, it will not be covered on the tests and final.  Then trigonometry, will probably be very easy as long as I understand the stuff.  He said he takes questions from the homework, and he more grades on how we get to the answer.  So I could get it wrong, but I'd still get points for how I got to the answer.  So, as long as I study, this semester could be a very successful one for me.

So, it got pointed out to me that GameSpot is getting a new site makeover, and with it, they'll be nixing a few features such as unions, along with others, and restarting levels and emblems.  Apparently there is also word on blogs coming to an end too, I'm kind of worried I started that, or if others have found the proof elsewhere, lol.  I do speculate blogs might be started over or nixed, one of the two.  I mean, they're starting over on peoples levels and emblems, what would stop them from giving the same treatment to blogs?  125 blogs seems kind of like a nice number to leave off on.  Also, just reached level 39 just yesterday, Max Force - "Max's CO power in the excellent Advance Wars games on the GBA." according to the forum on here.  I guess I, and the rest of GameSpot has to wait and see what will come of this...

Also, on unions, I don't think it's too much of a loss for me, I only visit the Emblems Union a few times a month, and none of the others, despite having all of my spots filled.

Ok, I guess this is confirmation I'm not getting that trashman job...  The woman that is hiring the job asked my moms friend/coworker if I had put in the application, and she could not find me.  So I gave her a call, told her I had put it in, and I got a confirmation email that I had successfully submitted the application.  The next day, I got an email saying that I didn't meet their needs at this time or whatever...  Oh well, I could use the time for studying...

And, I don't think I have played any games since last Sunday night, played some Crackdown as my last thing of freedom.  Depending how I feel in a few hours after more homework, I might try to get the last of my achievements in Case Zero, and with any luck, start Dead Rising 2.

I went over to my friends, and all we did was play the demo for Madden 25.  It's going to be hard to find a time when to go play with him though, he now goes every day, and it's a good drive to and from his college.  We'll figure it out I'm sure.

My birthday's next Sunday.  My 21st birthday.  Nothing big planned, except for having a steak dinner with my mom, aunt, grandfather, and his new wife.  On one bright side, the day after my birthday, it's Labor Day, so I have off of college, and am able to enjoy a small extension from my birthday.  We'll see what else happens.

Ok, that's all I have for now, and I need to go do more homework.  Hope you enjoyed my blog, maybe even my last blog, depending when they decide to launch the new site.  Until next Monday most likely...

Pa pa.

New Semester Fall 2013

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

So, after half a month, finally something interesting to write about...

Tomorrow I begin a new semester at my college.  Mondays and Wednesdays won't be so bad, only  an hour and 15 minutes of learning Trigonometry, then I get to head home.  Tuesdays and Thursdays however, I spend all afternoon there with Chemistry II lecture, and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture, and then one of the labs one day,  and then the other lab the other day.  At least my Fridays are off, so whoo-hoo to that!!  I kind of favor the fall semester for several reasons.  Every week I get the entertainment of football Sunday with my favorite team(s) as a way to countdown, and you have the holidays as a sort of reward for the last few months.  So yeah, let it begin...

My mom and some coworkers tried to get me a job at the hospital she works at as a sort of trash man, basically go around collecting the trash from trash cans around the hospital.  Also, payed a little more than minimum wage.  But, I never did get a call back, and I checked about a week later, and the listing was not up anymore.  I'm kind of not surprised, the listing asked for job experience with cleaning, and I did not have that.  Gotta keep trying I guess...


My friend and I finally completed playing Halo 4 campaign, and recorded all of it, now I just need to sit down and edit all of it into the masterpiece I have envisioned in my brain.  Oh, and I'm thinking of changing the name of the playlist and videos from "playing" to "completing," that way people know going in that if they want to see a completed series of it, they won't be wasting their time with mine.

I've downloaded both Crackdown from the first half of the month, and Dead Rising 2 and Case Zero.  I would have bet good money that two games in their games for gold program would be in the crackdown and dead rising series.  I've made slow progress in Crackdown, knocking out only a few of the Los Muertos lieutenants.  I've actually completed Case Zero about three times already, lol.  All I'm trying to at the minute is collect the rest of the achievements, and then I'm moving on to the main game.  I only have one more combo weapon to build, I need to spend $100,000 at the pawn shop, and I need to get into a situation where I save all of the survivors in the town.

Been playing several other games since my last blog too, Metroid Prime from the Metroid Prime Trilogy, Dragon Blade: Wrath of Fire, Gears of War 2, the first Crysis, along with contemplating whether I can/should start Red Dead Redemption, or if I have too many going on for right now, with the addition that my time is about to have a lot of it cut out with college starting...  We'll see...

I think everything's covered, so I'm going to end the blog here, and I guess come around next Sunday as I talk about my first week back.

Have a good week I guess, and wish me luck.  Until next week.

Pa pa.

A Little bit closer...

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

So, as it has been for the last few weeks, it's been kind of tough to find a great reason to blog about something.  Until today anyway...

Maybe if I tell you what my days kind of consist of recently, you might understand why I don't have anything.  And some of you at the same time may tell me to get off my lazy butt and do something, which I agree with, lol.  Not too many exciting things around here though...  What I do in a week, as of this recent summer, I fill out job applications to places that never seem to call, play video games, hang out with ex lab partners for an afternoon once a week, I go to the gym about three times a week for an hour, and do the grocery shopping for our house. Things pop up obviously, but that's just about it.

One thing that did add a little excitement to the week was my mom's birthday happened earlier last week.  Was good, had a lunch at Chili's. my grandfather paid, and took it easy the rest of the day.

Just a couple more days until August, and then I've got to buy some textbooks and get ready to go back to college.  It will be a sense of relief, in that I have my mind preoccupied, and with studies at that, but I will certainly miss the free time.  But, I gotta...

Not sure what else to mention, so...

  • Assassin's Creed 3: Campaign and The Tyranny of King Washington - Complete
  • Batman: Arkham City - 90% - considering Complete
  • Dishonored - Complete
  • Gears of War - Complete
  • Ninety Nine Nights - 43%

So, after about three years in total, I've finally beaten the first Gears of War campaign on the hardest difficulty.  Last few days were the hardest as I got to parts where I thought they would be a breeze, and other parts where I thought they'd be harder than they were.  Like the turrets on the train was harder than I remembered it being, and the assault from the Locusts on the Fenix estate and the Berserker on a train were easier than I remember them being.  Might have been completed sooner, but of course I won a newer 360 when I was starting the insane difficulty, so it took longer of not wanting to start over, and other games for my preoccupation.

But, it's done now, and I just need to take on Ninety Nine Nights.  Might be a bit of a challenge unfortunately.  I have three characters left, two of which I've unlocked, but am pretty stuck with each, so I will need to do a bit of a rewind and level them up.  That's the plan for the next week when I blog again I guess.

In other gaming achievements, literally, I have 505 gamerscore left until I reach 20,000.  I certainly did not think I would get here this fast.  I think it would be a shame to give gamerscore 20,000 to such a game as N3, so when I'm getting close, I guess I'll be sure to be putting my time to another game.

OK, this is all I have to add I guess.  I will mention on an ending note, I have been thinking a bit about buying a PS3 soon, the GTA V bundle if my scholarship refund will allow it. but, that depends on the when, and how much is left over after paying some debts.  Ok, now I'm done for now...

Until next week I guess...

Pa pa.

Me and My Clean Hands

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

I was trying to write a blog a few days ago, but I came up with the problem... There was nothing to write about.  And decided to just wait until at least one thing happened that was blog worthy...

To get it first out of the way, life not pertaining to video games... Still no job, and have been going to the gym for an hour every two days.  Ok, glad that is done...

I kind of laugh at the petition where apparently people are trying to get the policies of the 24 hour check in and the used games policies for the Xbox One back to what they were.  I further laugh at the theory that the petition was started by Sony fanboys, and are continuously being signed by Sony fanboys.  I doubt any amount of petitions and signatures will get the policies reversed again, but why can't we just leave things alone?  It would be too much of a good thing if the big three listened to how we wanted our systems exactly.  Anyway, moving on...

Assassin's Creed 2 is now available free for the Games For Gold, but why would I when I already beat the game, and still own the game?  Anyway, just curious what the new game will be on the first of August.  I have been thinking about making a blog about theorizing what's next, but that sounds like a lot of work!  we'll see though, lol.

The reason for this blogs existance...

  • Assassin's Creed 3: Campaign and The Tyranny of King Washington - Complete
  • Batman: Arkham City - 90% - considering Complete
  • Dishonored - Complete
  • Gears of War - 40%
  • Ninety Nine Nights - 43%

After a few starts and stops since buying it on Black Friday last year, I've finally played and completed the game, Dishonored.  What a great game, even with just wanting to sneak aroung and play non-lethally.  Speaking of which, I got several achievements that I was scared I would screw up...

  • Clean Hands - Killed no one in the game.
  • Ghost - Neither killed nor alerted anyone (exception: key targets).
  • Shadow - Alerted no one.
  • Just Dark Enough - Completed the game in low chaos.

Those, combined with just plain completing the game, totals up to 310 gamerscore.  I'll be playing it again, especially since I believe I deserve some good slaughtering now for all of that refraining to kill anyone through an entire game...  But I think I'll concentrate on my other two games first.

I did play one of the other characters in N3, and I might have finished his story or whatever, but, they give me enemies harder than the boss, how am I suppose to deal with that?!  Anyway, I think I'll finish Gears 1 next, on Insane difficulty too.

So, that's my blog.  Let's hope for a better week, for a better blog next week.

Until then,

Pa pa.

New Roof Being Built While Typing This...

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

I'm not sure how long it will take me to write this blog, we're currently getting a new roof, and the people hammering on the shingles certainly is distracting, but I'll do what I can...

So yeah, today, our house is getting a new roof since it was first built.  I've been up since 6:30, and they started at about 7:30.  Since then, just been watching stuff on tv, and currently watching a rerun of season three of the Walking Dead while typing this.

One of the things watched was Wreck It Ralph, was a pretty great film, couldn't have been happier with the movie.  Perhaps one of the things I liked about it was I didn't see the twist coming most of the way through the film.  My family and I have bought maybe four DVD's since we got on demand, but I think I would happily buy this one.

Had a nice 4th of July, we made some burgers, and ate them at home.  It's been raining all week, with that night being no different, so we just stayed home and listened to the fireworks all around when it wasn't raining, lol.

I'm in the same place I have been, same classes I reported before, still no job, but have been applying, and my friend and I are still recording, with making many new vids on Tuesday.

Microsoft is having a sale on XBL, and I am interested in a few, but the only one I'm purely interested in, and just bought last night was the first Crysis.  Currently in a tough money spot until my leftover scholarship, so can't buy many more unfortunately.  But it is what it is, and I'll deal with it as so.  Besides, as I said in my last blog or one before that, I have plenty of games to play currently, so I'm happy...


Not to mention, with the beginning of July, comes a new free game with Gold from Microsoft.  Apparently a lot of people were pissed off that it wasn't Halo 3, nor AC2.  I don't know why, it's not like they said that they would be the first, could have happened anytime between now and beginning of November, as long as they are two of the games.  Anyway, yes, I did download Defense Grid, I have only done about an hour of playing, trying to keep religiously to my playing list.  But from what I have played, it does have a sense of enjoyment to it, so I can't wait for more.

Playing list...

  • Assassin's Creed 3: Campaign and The Tyranny of King Washington - Complete
  • Batman: Arkham City - 90% - considering Complete
  • Dishonored - 33%
  • Gears of War - 40%
  • Ninety Nine Nights - 43%

The only progress I've done with said playing list is Dishonored.  Making actual progress in it as it can be seen, unlike replaying the first mission over and over again. I'm doing all I can to make sure I don't get seen by anyone, and I kill absolutely no one, and so far succeeding.  I'm actually still on the third mission, the only thing is I need the combination to a safe to get a rune.  That's the only thing keeping me there, otherwise, I can end the mission whenever I want to.

I have been thinking a lot of about Gears recently, so I think in another few days I'll be switching to it for a little, see how far I can make it with no practice for a while, lol.  Ninety Nine Nights has been in my head as well, but not nearly as hard and much as Gears.

I guess that's all I have to say about my life for the minute, so I'll end my blog and try to find time next week to do another.  I hope all of you are doing good as well.

Until next week, 

Pa pa.

Gaming list updates

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

Sorry, meant to write another blog last week, but I was so close to affecting my playing list , that I decided to wait until I succeeded.

More on that later though.  Nothing on the job yet.  Been going into local restaurants mostly, and applying for busboys and dishwashers, but no call backs.  This week I'll be more focused on the big chains, but still just depressing nonetheless.

No reply from my crush on the letter. and getting frustrating as it will very soon be a month from when I sent it.  At the beginning of the month, I'll text her asking where the heck it is.  I bet just about anything that it won't be a return of feelings, but would be nice to get her reaction I guess...

On Friday, we were suppose to get our roof retiled, but we've been having so much rain, the guys got behind, and had to push ours back about a week too.

Not sure what else to write about that's not games honestly...  So I might as well carry on to games.

Well, this is more applied to life I guess, but it does somewhat contain games.  Earlier this week, I got what the cost of this semester will be for me, and how much financial aid I'll be receiving.  I'm pondering of taking some extra to buy some games, maybe a nice chunk to put towards PS4 or Xbox One, and even bigger chunk to make going to Romania next year actually possible.  Anybody have any remarks to talk me out of it besides the fact that several years from now I will have to pay it all back?

I think the only game I've purchased in a while was yesterday, using microsoft points to buy Sonic Adventure 2, and it's DLC that makes it SA2 Battle.  I was considering buying SA1, but considering I have it on GameCube, I figure all I'd be doing with it was getting achievements for it.  There was of course Fable 3, and Crash Course 2, but those were free.


I just finished a two week trial for GameFly.  And all I can say is wow!!  Tons better than BlockBuster.  On GameFly, games like Sonic Generations, Sniper Elite V2, LEGO Batman, and Need For Speed: The Run are all readily available; and  Call  of Duty: MW2 would need some tracking down, but had good odds.  Meanwhile, all of these games on BlockBuster would take about two months to send, so really if there's any better service, it's GameFly.

And with that note, I've cancelled my subscription to BlockBuster, and GameFly.  I love GameFly, and I will resubscribe soon, but I want to help my family a little financially, and the best thing I can think of for right now is to just go with the games I have right now.

Playing list...

  • Assassin's Creed 3: Campaign and The Tyranny of King Washington - Complete
  • Batman: Arkham City - 90% - considering Complete
  • Dishonored - 11%
  • Gears of War - 40%
  • Ninety Nine Nights - 43%

I completed The Tyranny of King Washington almost two weeks ago I think.  It was good, interesting take on a what if situation.  Not sure what else to say, lol.  I bet I'll play more for full synchronization, just not sure when. All ready for AC4 now I guess, lol.

And just today, I completed Batman Arkham City New Game Plus, all of the side missions, and the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC.  Nice wrap up with that, and who doesn't love the Batman: Arkham games.  I will play the predator and combat challenges, but they're not my favorite thing to do in the games, but I'll do them.  At least they're better to gain than Batman: Arkham Asylum, or at least that's how I feel.

Anyway, I won't add any new games to the list until the other three are finished so I can stay focused.  I'll probably go for Dishonored the most, with Gears close behind.

That's all for now I think.  Until sometime next week...

Pa pa.

E3 thoughts video with my friend

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

I'll blog again in a couple more days about other things, but if you want to hear about my top six games, and apparently the reason why my friend is choosing me to buy the Xbox One, lol, here's the video.  and in case somehow it doesn't work, the embedding, here's the link.

ok, I'll blog properly in a few days.

Until then.

Pa pa.

A Month Break

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

Sorry it's been one month apparently since I last posted a blog.  I got a little discouraged as my last one got no comments. Also, was enjoying some free time, being the first summer and all since graduating high school of having off.  But, I'm back, not expecting to remember a month full of items, but I'll do a few things.

I guess first thing's first, yesterday, today, and the rest of the week is E3.  I've been watching the conferences, and going to numerous sites to learn all I can learn that's been announced and revealed.  I have a lot of things to talk about, but I'll save them.  My friend who I do youtube with, missed all of the conferences yesterday from Quantum Break, and after, so we'll do a highlight video, and there I'll talk, so wait for it this weekend.

I will say though, surprised to see FFvsXIII, or I guess XV now, and more notably KH3, made appearances at the show.  Was losing hope in these two, but  better to know all hope wasn't lost.  And of course,  the prices for the systems.  Definitely an influence on me.  Other notables for me, The Division, Dead Rising 3, Watch Dogs, MGS 5, AC4, and the Crew.

Stepping away from video games for a few minutes, I've signed up for my fall schedule already.  I might have put it off for a couple more weeks, but they were sending me mail and emails asking if I dropped out, and fearing I wouldn't be recieving financial aid, and having no classes, my mom pressured me into signing up for my classes: chemistry 2 lecture and lab, human anatomy and physiology 1 lecture and lab, and trigonometry.  Seems pretty full, but believe it or not, that's one credit short of a full time schedule.  but, I'll be a busy busy boy, so I'll leave it with it.

Still no luck on a job unfortunately, but I ain't giving up.  Got a hair cut today, and am going out to various small businesses to see if they have anything tomorrow.

Been doing a lot of yard work lately.  First, I had been helping an elderly neighbor a few times with some things inside, and he'd pay me between $5 and $10, even though it was too much, but he insisted.  then he had me pull some weeds from his flower bed, and for two and a half hours, he paid me $30 for! I wanted to give him back some, but he insisted...

Secondly, apparently at a recent neighborhood meeting, neighbors were complaining about a mess our yard was, and were threatening a lean on our property.  It wasn't going to happen though, the bylaws of our neighborhood wouldn't allow it. Despite, some neighbors decided to help out, which was great news, as tree loppers weren't enough, and needing a chainsaw.  Spent 5 hours the weekend before last, and 3 and a half from the previous one cutting and taking down things in our yard.  As far as I can tell, unless they can figure something with our palm meadow in our front yard, their job is done, and my mom and I need to finish throwing away a huge pile in our backyard.  They did say see you next weekend, but I so hope not really...

I don't think anything else happened in the past month not associated with video games, so I'll move back to it, and if I think of something, I'll add it in...

So, recently I was at a GameStop, all I did there was place an order on the 360 versions of both AC4 and Watch Dogs, which got me the posters :D.  While I was there, I also saw they had available a new copy of The Last Story, and I'm trying my best to track down $30 to go buy it.  Hopefully I can succeed before they run out.

As for game progress...  Haven't played Dishonored, Gears, nor Ninety Nine Nights since last time, but I'll be finding time for those.  Batman, I've made quite some progress in, I think I'm a little more than halfway through the story now.  Protocol 10 has just begun is the best I can do without giving too much away I guess.  AC3: Tyranny of King Washington, I finished the second episode, and have barely scratched the surface in Episode 3.  As for my blockbuster game, it took about two weeks after sending Lego HP 5-7 back, but I finally received Splatterhouse.  It was just an interest I had, and I'm kind of stuck now, but I'll try a few more times.

Anyone had any experience with GameFly?  can you say they send games out pretty fast?  just kind of got frustrated it took two weeks for blockbuster to find and send me another game.  so thought I'd give them a try, and see if they might be better for a few extra bucks a month.

Ok, that's it for my first blog back.  If you're interested in my last blog, here it is.

All right, until next week at the latest.  Have a good one.

Pa pa.

Game Progress

Hello Guild Amongst Many Elaborate Significant Persons On The - Mountainous Event Morning By Eventual Resolution Site.

Here I am, a week and a few days later, and not much to say on life.  I'm not sure about what really.  Yesterday I did go to my friends, and us and his sister played some AC3, Halo 4 multi, and the Fuse demo.  Fuse might have gone better if the Roxio were working properly, namely lighting problems and sound issues.  we have the lighting issues mostly fixed, but it would be nice to know how to fix the sound after all this time.  But we'll see...

Nothing on the job yet, but I'm going to keep trying.  A lot of summer left at least.

I've decided to write my longest crush a letter, telling her the truth... I know what's gonna happen, and of course I don't want her, having someone right now, but I'm tired, time to let her know.

My BioShock collection arrived, and I picked it up.  I won't be playing it yet, my backlog is still pretty damn big, I just wanted to be sure I got it before it was too late.  I now have it though, so that's all that counts.

We're a week and a half away now from the next Xbox being revealed, and a month exactly now until E3.  I'd like to guess what will be with the next Xbox,  but I know it will be more than wrong.  I guess one hope would be some backwards compatibility, but with Microsoft redesigning achievements, I guess that's a no.

Also, with the slew of game reveals we've been having, are we truly on the course of what I was reading last year at, there will just be no more surprises to come at E3?  Kind of a shame, that's what gets one really excited,  The lights darkening, the screen lights up with the logo of whoever's hosting the meeting, and wondering just exactly what this gameplay footage could be to?  But, that's just me, hoping for good surprises, that's all I'll say.

That's all there I guess.  Playing list...

  • Assassin's Creed: The Tyranny of King Washington: The Infamy - Completed.  The Betrayal - ~70%
  • Batman: Arkham City - 81%
  • Dishonored - 11%
  • Gears of War - 40%
  • Ninety Nine Nights - 43%

and BlockBuster game...

  • LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 - Completed

Where to start... I guess with Lego Harry Potter.  So,  sometime shortly after posting my blog last time, a few days later, I got to 100% in the game.  Had a few tricky spots of missing a character, or couldn't get to a spot, but I eventually figured it out, and beat it.  Also, 1000 GS for it as well, making it my fourth game to do so.  Should I feel a little bad in a way considering three of the games I've earned all the achievements for are Lego games?  Anyway, I'd mention what my new game from BlockBuster is, but apparently they are so shorthanded on the ones on my list that it hasn't shipped yet.  I'm probably going to get an email in the next day telling me to put some available games on my list, but if I do that, how will I ever make my list smaller?

I finished the first episode of the Tyranny of King Washington DLC for AC3, and am most of the way through the second one.  I'll probably do it this weekend, depending on how full my DVR is.  But yeah, having a lot of fun with the DLC, enjoying every second of it, including the powers.

Batman, I've made a little progress in the campaign, and did maybe a predator or combat mission.  I don't think I'll be too focused on them though until the campaign is complete, just don't find them as fun as the story of course.  I think I'm a third of the way through campaign plus, so I'm getting there...

Also, it doesn't look like it, but I have restarted Dishonored... again, lol.  I haven't played  the game since December, mostly because I was reading all of these different ways you could fail the no kill playthrough, so I was scared to touch it, but I've found someone who professionally wrote an article on what was and what wasn't ok, so I'm going to be following it closely as I progress.  But yeah, I'm making progress in it now, having fun, and hope to complete it soon if I continue to keep at it.

Ok, that's it, nothing anything great in regular life, but a bit of progress with the video games.  We'll see what happens next week.

Until next time

Pa pa.