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Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask Impressions (Huge Spoilers !!!!)

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Actually, I'm already finished with this game, though of course I do not have anything like a review, as it always takes ages for me to finally release another review. Anyways, I just wanted to state my overall impressions about the game. But please note again: This short blog contains major Spoilers, revealing some of the games ending.


Well, actually, there isn't much to say about the game. The games puzzles and story are as rich on quality as they have always been, the story being slightly better than that from the last game. The new visuals of the game are quite good. They still contain that cartoony feel while at the same time being totally 3D now. However, the game's cinematics still contain the same old 2D cartoon style. And while I like the looks of those cutscenes as well, I always was forced to turn off the 3D during them because the 3D was awful, often even a little broken during those cutscenes. Furthermore, the new controls took a bit of time to get used to, but in the end they worked perfectly well. The game's music is also pretty good. Most of the tunes sound very familiar, some of them generic, some of them not as good, but a big part of the tracks are pretty catchy and nice to listen to. However, there are a few tracks that stand out from all other, especially the "Norwell" music piece that sounds absolutely beautiful.

However, I've got mixed reactions about the ending. While much better than the one from Last Specter, with a more believable solution, it seemed still a little weird. Sure, I do know now that Layton games are far from realistic, but in some parts I still hoped for a better final ending. But the one thing that really bothered me was that that Descole guy was pulling off all the strings again. Do not misunderstand me, I think Descole makes for a good antagonist. But when a game keeps it's solution and the bad guy behind all this chaos so secret until the end, you should expect a cooler solution than the solution that the same, old villain from previous Professor Layton titles is the bad guy again. And let's be honest, Randall being the masked Gentleman was pretty obvious. I must say I had a grin in my face when Layton suddenly pointed his finger at Angela, accusing her to have cause all this trouble, but as soon as I heard a man's laugh and then seeing Angela turn into Descole, my grin vanished in seconds.

And I do wonder how Descole was able to imitate Angela's voice so perfectly, and how she was able to imitate that butler guy's voice so good. But nevertheless, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask was a great experience and quite better than Layton's last outing, the Last Specter.