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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Impressions

So yesterday was finally the day where I was able to pick up Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Honestly I didn't really think about the game until it was March but then it suddenly woke my interest more and more and the last few weeks I have been really, really hyped for it.


So from what I had seen in all the trailers and gameplay footage and from what I had read from all the reviews, I really got hope that this might just shape up to be the best 3DS game so far for me. Plus I'm still waiting for the 3DS game to finally really wow me and make the 250 dollars my family had spent worth it (It was a birthday present, with that said). Surprisingly though, it might just end up as one of the best games I have ever played in my life. Well, sure, I haven't played that many games, though I must say that I don't really believe there would ever be a game I'd enjoy more than the Mario Galaxy games, already because I love the Mario franchise much more than any other one. So anyways, from what I have played until now, it is insanely good. Insanely!!

Until now I have already beaten the first mansion and the first 2 missions of the second one. So first of all: the first mansion and the second one, from what I've played from the second one, have amazing designs. They are varied as well, with many rooms to find and explore. And there are so many little secrets hidden in the mansions. You really have to check out almost every object that you come along, for lots and lots of hidden collectibles. It really is a hell of a fun. What I also love about the mansions is that they also have a nice amount of locations outside of the Mansion to explore, which makes for even more variety.


The controls are also great. I heard of some people having a few problems with them, but I find them to be really good and I didn't encounter any problems with the controls myself yet. Sure, there's no second circle-pad, yet in some ways I even find the controls to be better than in the first one. They seem more precise, and the fact you can't turn whenever your using your flashlight or vacuum, does not provide a problem at all once you get used to it. And getting used to it doesn't take long at all. Fighting ghosts in this game is also more fun than in the first one. The extra pull-force granted with a press of the A-button gives it a bit more depth, and the fact you now have to charge your torch in order to flash the ghosts with your strobulb, is also a great addition and makes up for more precision. In the first Luigi's Mansion, it got a bit annoying when the ghosts disappeared immediately after you had stunned them with the flashlight, giving you no chance to suck them up that time, but each time you stun a ghost in this game, you also get the chance to suck them up before they disappear again. Oh, and it's simply more satisfying sucking up these ghosts in this game than in the first one. Oh, and not to forget to mention the first boss battle I had encountered. Well, it was just as good as pretty much everything else in the game.

Okay, that's it for this blog, I should keep most of it for my review coming eventually, but I tell you, so far I'm loving this game. The presentation as well as the gameplay is just stunning. The characters have an overload on personality, the visuals are (some of) the best I've ever seen from a Video game (while keeping in mind that this isn't HD, of course), and exploring the haunted mansions while taking care of the many ghosts coming in your way is super fun.

And I don't know what could still prevent me from loving this game after I've finished it, except very maybe the lacking check point system with which I hadn't any encounter yet anyways.