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Finished Mario and Luigi: Dream Team


 And it was really, really awesome. Pretty much everything was outstanding. The story was awesome, with great ideas and nice twists along the ride. The visuals may not be technical as impressive as the visuals of some other 3DS games, like Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or Super Mario 3D Land, keeping a more classic look, but artistically the game ranges from good to marvelous. The gameplay is also awesome, both the 2D platforming and many innovations in the Dream world as well as the exploring and platforming in the 3D world are incredibly fun. And then there are the battles, which are as awesome as ever, mixed with new innovations to make them even more interesting and diverse. 


This is one of the new battle mechanics used only during boss battles: Mario and Luigi will run either towards the screen or in the opposite direction, while avoiding the bosses attacks and other hazards. It makes these boss battles even more interesting and epic.

Another aspect of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team that needs to be mentioned in particular is the music. It's incredible. It doesn't have the greatest variety, there are shorter games with more music pieces, and you'll be hearing some of the tracks very often, but these music tracks never get annoying, since they have a solid length and are all really good composed, always fitting to the locations or happenings. I'd in fact rank this video game soundtrack among the very best I've ever heard. There are some really stunning music pieces in here, some of them ranking among some of the best music pieces I've ever heard. Just wait until you'll hear the breathtaking final boss theme! Truly incredible!!

I won't further go into detail, but I'll try to have a review up when the game launches in the USA, it seems as if gamespot won't allow you to post reviews earlier anyway. But I guarantee it's definitely worth adding to your 3DS collection; it's very likely one of the best 3DS games out there.