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Finished Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

So yesterday, around midnight, I had beaten the game and rescued Evershade valley from all evil that was haunting it, and man, the final battle was awesome. Challenging, but not overly challenging, long, but not too long, and epic. Very, very epic. It was outstanding, just like the rest of the game. Really, I can just advise you to get the game if you own a 3DS. It is so good.


I mean literally everything is outstanding in this game. It's got outstanding visuals, that look even better with the outstanding 3D effect, it's got an awesome soundtrack, and most importantly, it never becomes anything less than really fun. All the things to search for, all the hidden collectibles and money, the fact that you can interact with so many objects in the environments to find these collectibles, and the satisfying ghost catching itself, it was all awesome. And the mansions, oh the mansions. I could go on and on but I'll keep it short this time. I do have to still mention that the adventure had a good length, it tells me that I took 15 hours and 35 minutes to beat it. Which is definitely longer than the original, and in this game I've still got lots of gems to find, Boos to seek, and so on. Plus I've also got the multiplayer that I still didn't try out yet.