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The Wii U overpriced?

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Oh yes!!! And by what an amount. 338 dollars or 405 dollars for one of the Wii U bundles? And 173 dollars for a gamepad and 65 dollars for a controller? Sorry, but I beg for Nintendo to not officially announce the price so high in their event in a half an hour. That would be a big mistake, as how I see it. The black Wii U will seemingly be available at launch, however, only in the more expensive bundle. Another downer. Please Nintendo, surprise us with your upcoming Event.

Oh and the Wii U seemingly won't have a chance on good sales on Black Friday, it will not release until December.

Singed up to Game Informer + Wii U's crucial day tomorrow

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Yes, I signed up to Game Informer for both an account and 12 issues of Game Informer. With these issues, I'll be better informed about the gaming world. It was a light slap in the face though when I read their October issue with New Super Mario Bros U as cover was already released September 11th. It's a little slap in the face since I was so close to subscribe yesterday to Game Informer issues, but didn't at the end. I'd now be reading much about New Super Mario Bros U, the Wii U Launch Lineup and many more interesting information, now I must wait untill tomorrow, the day Nintendo will also have their Event. No big deal, of course not, but knowing about some information a bit earlier than actual is always a nice feeling.

Anyways, I don't want to make it seem like I'm depressed because of it. Is anybody else here coincidentally subscribed to Game Informer, and has an account there? I'm definitely not leaving gamespot, cause here I've got the luck that people actually read what I write, but maybe I'll try and also be active at Game Informer, at least a little bit, if I find time.


Now to the more important stuff: Nintendo will finally announce release date and price for the Wii U, at least everybody is confident about that. But it would be the biggest joke ever if they'd not have information to either of these two big questions that are plaguing us gamers who are looking forward to the Wii U a lot. To be honest though, a release date isn't that important for me, I'll get it to Christmas anyways. But the Price is really keeping me on the toes. I beg for an acceptable price. It's just too dumb that I'm in school when Nintendo has their Event tomorrow, so I won't be able to watch the Event live. Also, besides the two urgently needed information facts, I am expecting much more from this Event. For example, which exact games will be launch games (Gamespot news Editor Eddie Makuch mentioned a Mario Kart for the Wii U as a possible launch game in one of his latest reports, is it a rumor I missed or did he just come up with that?), how will the Wii U's Hardware hold up, will the Wii U be also available in black by launch, etc. I really do want to be impressed by Nintendo's new console: the Wii U.

Mass Effect series battle

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(Winner of the last round was Twilight Princess with 7 votes, against Skyward Sword with 3 votes (felt like counting the votes, don't know why)

Choose your favorite of the three:






Mass Effect: 0

Mass Effect 2: 3

Mass Effect 3: 0

New Super Mario bros 2 Impressions

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I've beaten New Super Mario Bros 2 almost totally now, only having a few more secret path ways and some more Star Coins to find. And I must say, even though there isn't much new to the game, it is a hell of a lot of fun. The Levels succeed through great design and clever secrets that are placed everywhere.


The game having a lot of emphasis on collecting coins isn't a lie at all. Apart from the normal placed coins, you can make more Coins appear everywhere, by applying specific switches, reaching specific platforms or areas, firing huge, glowing fire balls that turn everything into coins that can be turned into Coins, etc. The Coin selecting concept shows no end. And it's actually a fun concept. Collecting as much coins as possible is simply addicting and leads to satisfaction. Especially the Coin Rush Mode is very addicting. Yet, it's still a very long way until the Million. I am now by a bit over 100,000 coins, and I really don't know if I'll hold out until the Million Coins without forcing me to play the game. I wish there were rewards for, like, every 50,000 Coins you get.

I'll be reviewing this game soon, however I don't know if I'll still post it as a review or if I will just post my review on my blog and that's it. Reason is that I kinda figured out that I've got problems with rating the games I review. Especially since I find myself always changing previously given scores from games I've reviewed. I also seem to have the urge to compare games by their scores. But maybe I simply just have to better my scoring.

Delay of Luigi's latest Outing

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As it seems, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon will not release until the beginning of next year. That surely hurts.


Sure, It's probably to farther polish the game, but we're waiting for this game now a long time already, and I am really excited to finnally play this game. But oh well, at least we've got a set release date for Paper Mario: Sticker Stars now, the 11th November.

What's wrong with gamespot's level bar?

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So how long will it take until gamespot gets this problem fixed and I finally see my % rank rise up again?

A: about a week / B: about 2 weeks

C: about a month / D: about a year


Please take a guess

(Don't ask, I was bored.)


But seriously, how long is the bar stuck now? At the least one week. Let's hope they'll get rid of this problem as soon as possible.

Limbo Review

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Got a new review up, can't believe that myself. It's for Limbo, what an outstanding game, and a must have, especially by a price of $9.99. I would very appreciate a thumbs up/down as feedback.


"Standing out from all other games as especially unique is a hard task, but Limbo does it."

Difficulty: Just Right

Time Spent: 10 Hours or less

The Bottom Line: "Amazing"

There's an uncountable amount of games in the video game industry. About every existing genre has an entire army of unbelievably many games, lots of them remaining in special franchises, every one with their own twists and tweaks to separate themselves from each other. But as much as we love our favorite franchises, it's also always nice to see games come out that seem to separate themselves from other game much more than most other do. Limbo is an example for this testimony. While it belongs to a certain genre, it's a special peace of the genre that imparts a very special feel and experience, one that feels refreshing and new from what you play otherwise.

Limbo has no real meaning, it's just there to give us this experience. There is no story in Limbo, not really. You play a boy who seemingly landed in a dark, gloomy and deadly forest, no trace of reason and explanation how he landed there. But it's your job to lead the boy through the deadly forest, bypassing the many deadly traps the forest comprises of, with the only moves of the boy being a modest jump and some possible interactions with other objects.


With that, there is never any explanation on what the game is actually about. There is that boy, in that huge, dark forest, and that's it. The further progression makes clear in what situation the boy is, the ending however is also quite mysterious and only let's you alone with speculations on what the heck just happened in the game.

This is of course no reason to run out of the house and plunge to the ground. In fact, the incomprehensible story is just part of that mysterious, special feel that takes part in Limbo. Just as is everything else in the game. One of the most remarkable aspects of the game is it's atmosphere and environments. Limbo is a black-and-white game. Where ever you glance at, you will only see black, or gray, and the whole place gives back a real disturbing and death-filled feeling. The game does not contain any other colors, everything, no matter what else is situated in the environment, is drab. Even the boy himself is black, his glowing eyes being his only noticeable remark. It's a dark, forlorn forest with only little amount on life, but a huge amount on deadly traps and creatures. But the game isn't only placed in a forest, about halfway through the game, you enter a creepy, ragged factory. What was on life in the forest, including mysterious kids that seemingly also were fighting for their life in the forest, is now all gone. Your left with this factory, which for some reason is still working halfways. What doesn't work however is the light in the factory, it's just as dark and fearsome as the forest.


Not a single trace of any color in the forest

Adding to the atmosphere is also the sound. The sound design is absolutely fabulous, with realistic sounds that make the environments seem even more deserted. Music does not appear all too often, but when it does, it captures the feeling of the atmosphere perfectly.

In these disturbing locations of course, there must also be puzzles that are disturbing. Limbo does not only have puzzles that must be solved, but much more shocking ones that can happen and appear at very unexpected moments, mostly leading to brutal and cruel deaths. Maybe it's a bear trap that snaps at the boy as soon as he walks over it, and all you see is his head rolling on without a body, or a huge rock that suddenly swings by and crushes every bone of the little boy, it's those moments that shock and wow you, moments where a grannie might as well get a heart attack. But these puzzles aren't only there to shock and impress, but to also challenge your knowledge on solving tricky puzzles. At the beginning the puzzles are still quite easy and simple to solve, but afterwards the puzzles really pick up on challenge and require real thinking skills as well as even some 2D platforming skills at specific situations. And they are fun to solve, about every puzzle seems new again and requires a new solution and new thinking. Also, a definite plus point of the game is the checkpoint system, which places a checkpoint before each puzzle. Which means if you die, and you will die, you get brought back right before the puzzle so you can try it right away again. This is especially good for these unexpected death traps on which you've got no chance to survive without knowing what happens before.


A huge spider finds interest in killing that poor little kid

Limbo is a small package made for us, to experience something really unique for a change. It's a short ride through an extraordinary place filled with death traps and clever puzzles. It never does get a 100 % clear what the game is actually about, but it's clear what Limbo is as a video game: a must buy.


  • clever puzzles with shocking death traps
  • amazing, spooky and gloomy atmosphere
  • unique and mysterious


  • quite short


Review Score: 9.0/10