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Only 7 more days

Only 7 more days and E3 reveals all it's secrets about gaming coming up. Can barely wait. Now let's all beg for an early release date on most of the 3DS releases coming up like Mario Kart 3DS and Super Mario 3DS, and let's hope Sonic Generations will also come to the 3DS. And there also might be a Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Let's hope that the game will be a bit better than it's predecessors. There also will be a new Paper Mario game, but that also might hit the stores 2012 first. Or maybe even later? I do hope Nintendo will reveal all it's release dates of it's upcoming games because I am almost bursting because of excitement and I am really scared that the games will hit the stores very late, so let's all pray that it won't happen.

Only 8 days left

Only 8 days left and E3 reveals all it's news, can barely wait. Let's see, what is Nintendo going to reveal?:

Now, as much I heard of they'll reveal:

*The total Wii 2, on how it's going to look like exactly and how it works and plays. I also think they'll going to give it finally a release date.

*Than there are the new games, like Super Mario 3 DS. That's what I am really excited about. I hope the games like Mario Kart 3DS and Super Mario 3DS get released as soon as possible. There also was an announcement that Sonic Generations will also be playable on the 3DS. If that's true, than that would be pretty awesome.

And with Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D released on the 19th of June I think the 3DS owners will have an awesome year. Seriously, there is Zelda Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3 DS, Mario Kart 3DS, maybe Sonic Generations, and another Metal Gear Solid game I think (I' don't know exactly because I don't care about that game), so many awesome games in one year, can't wait.

* I also believe they'll probably reveal more about Zelda Skyward Sword (they should).

* From what I heard the 3DS also gets an update one day before E3 begin.

I don't know that much yet, or there isn't anything more I remember of hearing right now. What I do know is that I am really excited about E3 and I can't wait to see what the big 3 will reveal.

Only 22 more days!

Only 22 more days and it's finally time for E3. I think it is 22 more days. Anyways, I am very excited about the news E3 has to offer. I am especially excited how Mario Kart 3DS and Super Mario 3DS will look like, and I hope they'll finally give those two games a release date, so I don't have to suffer that much more of the thought that those games might first come out 2012. Then again, Nintendo said those two games would come out sometime in 2011, but you can never be sure enough. And I hope that at least one of those games will come out as soon as possible.

Luckily, a few days after E3 starts, Zelda Ocarina of Time is coming out on the 19th of June in America and on the 17th of June in Europe. I live in Europe so yeah, I am a little bit in the advantage in that case. But seriously, I am dying for this game. It's getting harder and harder to wait for the game, and on top of that the days feel like they are getting longer and longer.

So, yeah, those are the games of which I am the most excited about, but I'm actually interested what E3 has to offer overall as well, and which other games are coming up.

One lazy weak

Man this was one lazy weak for me, I didn't write one review. Luckily now I just posted a new review of Zelda Ocarina of Time, one of the most complete and revolutionary video games ever. Now, that review is a bit shallow because I actually was heading forward to reviewing Super Mario Galaxy, but then I came up with the idea that I should review this game first. But if no other game gets in my way this time I'll probably review Super Mario Galaxy next.

Till then, my friends!

The Nintendo 3DS is finally there.

On march 24th the Nintendo 3DS was finally released. Okay, that was already a month ago. But still here are my overall thoughts of the 3DS:

Now I am really happy to say that the 3D effect without glasses looks awesome. Now the 3D effect also depends on the game you play with, but in the main menu of the 3DS the 3D effect looks absolutely awesome. Now, in Rayman 3D the 3D effect is just fine but looks a bit flat and wishi washi, so that it can hurt your eyes even a bit. The 3D effect in Pilotwings Resort and Super Monkey Ball however looks absolutely awesome. I can't wait to see a Zelda or Mario game in 3D! However, there are as you know the restrictions to see 3D. Moving out of your view point makes the 3D disappear and doing that more often can hurt your eyes. Sometimes when playing a game it did get frustrating, but just try to stay in the right view- point.

The graphics, well they still aren't in HD and aren't even quite as good as the Wii's graphics, but they are way better than on the DS. The graphics are pretty crispy and have some strong colors, but the overall contrast is a bit lower than on the Wii. At least, that's what I read. But the graphics still look pretty good and have way higher resolutions than the DS graphics.

Now, the 3D effect is the most noticeable feature of this new platform, but there are more new, welcome additions here. Next to the D-pad there is also the joystick, luckily, so the next 3D Mario game will probably not suffer because of bad controls. The Nintendo 3DS also has that glossy color in blue and black, both look great. The 3DS also is almost as small as the normal Nintendo DS light, only a bit thicker and has a somewhat bulky design, but it still fits in my Nintendo DS bag, which is great.There is also a button where you can turn the wireless on and off, pretty neat.

Now the 3DS also has some new channels in the main menu. The Mii- channel makes a return again, but there are also nice little additions. There is a music maker channel, for example. There is also a Mii-lobby where you can get new Mii's from people all over the world via street pass. The street pass is an impressive inclusion to the 3DS, it lets you do lots of stuff world wide. I already heard that some launch titles have street pass functions, especially Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition. Now I don't have the game and I am not looking forward to buy that game, so I don't exactly what it's all about in Super Street Fighters 3D, but it sounds like it would be really good. Now, enough street pass, there is more the Nintendo 3DS. There is the 3D camera that can take 3D pictures, sounds cool what? Sadly the picture quality is the same as the DSi had, which isn't that great I suppose. And then there are some little reality games called AR games that have you playing a game in real reality. It uses the two cameras and then lets you play some short games in your house. And although it is quite fun and very unique, it suffers from stuttering framerate and some serious slow downs.

Now the last thing I have to point out is that the battery life of the Nintendo 3DS only lastes like two and a half hours with the 3D on, while it lasts like twice as long without te 3D. That means no 3D on longer rides or flights, which is kinda disappointing.

So there you have it, though the 3DS is far from perfect, it's a great step forward and a great begin for future gaming in 3D. Even though the 3D is restricted, it looks awesome and it's glasses free. The joystick I think is a really good addition to the D-pad and I think this console will support way more online play than the Wii did thanks to street pass. And with some awesome upcoming games( Zelda Ocarina Of Time, Super Mario 3DS and more) there is plenty of reason why to buy Nintendo's new console. And the launch titles are also pretty okay, though nothing to special. Just be sure to have a 3DS when E3 starts and awesome games like Zelda get released. My overall score would be 8 out of ten for this new console, but it's a bit hard to actually score a console, it's all about the games.

Finally I am allowed to write reviews!

Woot! I can finally write reviews. And Yes, I'm looking forward to write many reviews.

I am especially also going to review older games that came out a few years ago or a few months (for example, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2), but also games that are still going to be released, like new 3DS games like Zelda Ocarina of Time. (Man, I am excited about this game).

I already have 3 3DS games: Rayman 3D, Pilotwings Resort and Super Monkey Ball, which I will all review as soon as possible.

So if you feel like it, check my reviews out. If not, well than don't. Well then, have fun playing your games.