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zelda ranked

ranking the zelda games based on my current mood is one of my fave things to do lol. beat them all except triforce heroes (working on it), link's adventure, and four swords (gc) to the past

2.ocarina of time

3.legend of zelda between worlds

5.wind waker

6.minish cap

7.majora's mask's awakening of seasons

10.twilight princess

11.phantom hourglass of ages

13.skyward sword

14.spirit tracks

i think that's all of them?

oh, hyrule warriors possibly counts. good game but i cant really compare it.

metroid other m unfairly crapped on

yes, the character of samus is completely uncharacteristic of the series' past. yes, the story is a bit unexpected maybe even overkill for a series that never really brought story and character development to the forefront.

this game is fun as hell though. it incorporates 2D metroid gameplay with some prime elements to make one of if not the funnest game in the series. considering every other metroid is so completely perfect, i can understand why this gets so much flack for the story and samus's characterization... but damn it was enjoyable for all the right gameplay reasons.

gaming update

beat steamworld dig and attack of the friday monsters. they were on sale on the holidays at the eshop, i dont know anymore. both were great but short. aotfm was mostly great because of the story and world. steamworld dig was just fun digging/platform gameplay. i recommend both.

i also got smt devil summoner soul hackers, retro city rampage, mario 3d land, nes remix, and liberation maiden. soul hackers is frustrating but i hope to get further into it at some point. rcr and lm i havent gotten deep into yet, but seem cool. nes remix is tough, but fun in spurts, same for mario. i stopped playing bravely default for some reason, actually its bc mario 3d land is in the cartridge slot and im too lazy to change it lol. im gonna go back to it soon.

ive also played a bit of grim grimoire for ps2. very strange and original but also fun rts/tower defense rpg.

i really want to get a wii u soon but still have to wait on the money for it a bit longer. but im getting antsy wanting one.

add me if you have 3ds: 3926-6755-5642. send me your friend code if you add me.

smt4 initial thoughts

this game is fantastic. it's like all the goodness of the series fully realized. i enjoy all the games but there is usually some glaring flaws that eventually make me either lose interest or give up. ive owned and/or played all the games to this day (bar soul hackers), but have only actually beaten persona 3 fes and devil summoner: raidou kuzunoha. it seems pretty similar to strange journey but with a bit of nocturne thrown back in and lots of other new stuff (maybe even a little dark souls). it feels very modern and yet old-school inspired. fantastic story thats keeping me interested too.

the game's difficulty starts out pretty brutal. i found myself dying pretty regularly. let's face it, smt is going to require some grind whether you like it or not (i like it), but once you get past that initial hump the game is not ridiculous to trudge through (as most smt's seem to be, start to finish). money is hard to come by but the way equipment works out, you could probably go straight through the game with your base equipment; all the equipment basically serves an aesthetic value but with their own advantages and disadvantages. basically most wont up any of your stats but change how your character looks and be resistant and weak to specific types of magic.

whats great is that this isnt a mini handheld game, its simply on a handheld system. it's a huge game with a big world and awesome characters that make you care. considering i got it for $20 im going to give atlus some more of my money for the dlc because they did a fantastic job.

tough but fair, smt4 reminds you why you love the series and all its spinoffs, because finally everything about it just works.

Top 50 Fictional Characters: 35-31

Okay, so let's try this again...


35.Knuckles the Echidna

Kind of just a preference thing. Knuckles can glide and climb up walls, which opens up a lot of levels more than when playing with Sonic. I'm talking about Genesis and Sonic Adventure Knuckles here though, as the anime Sonic X decided to turn him into a little knucklehead; dumber than a box of rocks. Giving him that characterization really irked me as, having been a big enough fan to read Knuckles comics as a kid, Knuckles was decidedly smarter than Sonic. Then again, how many times has Dr. Eggman duped him again? I'd like to think those were all just re-tellings…

Knuckles is the guardian of the giant chaos emerald that keeps the floating island well… afloat. Many of his adventures involve discovering the origins of the floating island and saving the island from crashing into the ocean. Oh and getting duped by Robotnik a'course.

Related games: Sonic and Knuckles. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, others.

Did you know?: Knuckles is red...?



Weird coincidence here, but Janus once lived on a floating island too (because floating islands are effing cool dude!). His was powered by the evil energy of Lavos, who also drove his mother, the queen, insane and took control of his sister, Schala, combining her with its sub-entity Dream Devourer. Janus himself was warped into the (relative) future to become the great fiendlord, Magus. As he seemed like the real bad guy all along and the summoner of Lavos to Crono and gang, but he too really just wanted to summon Lavos so he could have a crack at the thing himself. Not even the great fiendlord was strong enough for that fight though, and depending on dialogue choices, soon joined the team, so he could try once more. Once the battle ended and Lavos was beaten he apparently went in search of Schala; but then finding her, he found the situation futile and left to hopefully one day come back, possibly with a slight case of amnesia in-tow. It is unsure if he ever saw Schala again, but Schala was eventually freed and the timeline was set right during the events of Chrono Cross.

Magus is an elf-like being with pale skin. He majors in dark magic and his weapon of choice is the scythe, almost as if to say he is Lavos's very own personal grim reaper.

Related games: Chrono Trigger, Radical Dreamers, a mention or two in Chrono Cross.

Did you know?: Magus makes a return in Radical Dreamers as Gil, and the character Guile, in Chrono Cross, was originally meant to be Magus but was later changed due the large cast taking away from the focus Magus's character would actually need. Some idea was given of what happened to Magus in the Chrono Trigger DS port, but that was still fairly vague too. Some fans even believe Serge is the reincarnation of Magus. All in all, no one really knows besides the creators.


33.Alex DeLarge

Alex is a mean little teenager living in a dystopian future London where they speak a language that is a mix of both English and Russian. The story follows Alex and his droogs as they get into mischief; rape, murder, and rumbling being the norm. Finally, Alex is caught and sent away, but some extreme doctors would like to perform this experimental new procedure on Alex. By subjecting him to acts of sex and violence on-screen non-stop, it gets to a point where if Alex even thinks bad thoughts, he gets physically sick, and thus he is cured and shipped back out in the world. A happy ending it is not however, as all his bad deeds come back at him full force and he cannot fight back. He eventually reverts to a suicidal mindset and one of his attempts lands him back in the hospital. There, the same doctors go about 'un-curing' Alex.

Depending upon which version you follow, in the movie Alex goes back to his old ways of pillage and plunder, while in the book he actually decides to become a normal productive member of society.

I much prefer the book version of Alex, as he's really just a mischievous kid getting into bad situations, and possibly trying to lie his way out of it charismatically. It's quite a hilarious read. While the movie is also very hilarious, it's much more dark and Alex does indeed seem very evil. Either way, Malcolm McDowell is made for the role regardless of Kubrick's take on the script.

Related media: A Clockwork Orange movie and novel.

Did you know?: Burgess considered A Clockwork Orange one of his worst works and never liked the idea of it becoming a movie, because it wasn't what he wanted to be known for.


32.Homer Simpson

What can I honestly say about Homer that everyone doesn't already know? He's an obnoxious, overweight, alcoholic moron that strangles his kid and patronizes neighbors, relatives, and strangers alike. Now if he were real, we'd all easily hate this guy, but that's just not the case. I may have finally given up on the Simpsons around season 13-14, but there's no denying Homer's heyday.

Honorable mention to Bart and many others in Springfield.

Related media: Simpsons TV show. Several related games. The Simpsons movie.

Did you know?: "D'oh!" was first added to The New Oxford Dictionary of English in 1998. It is defined as an interjection "used to comment on an action perceived as foolish or stupid".



So many amazing Suikoden characters it gets hard to pick. Viktor and Flik have always been fan favorites, and Viktor was more of the comic relief and a bit more endearing, but I always felt like I somehow had more in common with Flik. He's just so damn cool, I mean come on. That and the loss of Odessa really made me a bit teary-eyed back when I played the first Suikoden. Here's hoping for the duo's possible return. Or just Suikoden VI, with them or not would be fine too.

Related games: Suikoden 1 and 2, Suikogaiden.

Did you know?: Flik hails from Warrior's Village, but he never actually planned on going back as he considered most of their rituals foolish. He still managed to name his sword after Odessa however.

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Stupid GS.

Top 50 Fictional Characters: 40-36

Hey, there, it's been what, 3 months? Man, these things are draining! Well, I'm gonna try to pick up the pace, but don't get surprised if I get lazy again. :p Here's 5 more for now.



What type of villain could even possibly edge out the Joker? Final Fantasy VI's very own Kefka! Duh. Being the first to be infused with abilities granted by Magitek, the process was also imperfect and warped his mind, making him a nihilistic psychopath. In Dissidia, Kefka's nihilistic ideology is built up in a new light during Kefka's death scene where Terra believes that he was really a man who found no meaning in life besides utter destruction. Probably his first most maligned act was the poisoning of the drinking water in the castle of Doma, resulting in many casualties and leading toward a quick victory for the Empire. His second was his acts on the Floating Continent, which virtually reshaped the entire world and threw the protagonists off-course, having to go back and reassemble every character once again. This also technically made him a god of the newly-ruined world.

Kefka also sports one of the most memorable laughs in gaming history.

giggle teehee

Related games: Final Fantasy VI, Dissidia.

Did you know?: Kefka's about 50 times more evil than Sephiroth. It's a fact.


39.Zoë Castillo

I never got to play the predecessor to Dreamfall (The Longest Journey) due to my computer(s) never being able to handle it (seriously, how old is that game now, and still none of my computers have been able to run it… oh well), but Dreamfall was more than a pleasant surprise when I picked it up for the original Xbox. It simply drips in quality; the characters, the story, and art direction is some of the best I've ever seen. And despite the gameplay being pretty simple and easy adventure puzzle solving, it still rarely feels cheap or forced (except for the choppy combat, which is scarce anyway). Zoe is the English-accented main protagonist. At the beginning of the game she is a believably astray 23 year-old, having recently both dropped out of college and broken up with her boyfriend, Reza. Later discovering Reza is in trouble, she sets out to find him knowing she couldn't live with herself otherwise. This decision sets Zoe apart, as it's obvious she places those she cares about before herself. She goes on to be more strong-willed despite some apprehension, but generally always reaches for the greater good. Zoe is later revealed to have a very strong connection with the dream-world, which much of the game also takes place in, and may be the main guiding of her fate through the game.

Dreamfall however ends on a cliffhanger and down-note, and the creators have said that the rest of the game will be told episodically, but is on indefinite hiatus at least until the release of their current project, the MMORPG, The Secret World.

Related games: Dreamfall: the Longest Journey.

Did you know?: In one of the early versions of Dreamfall the player would have taken control of the protagonist over various periods of her life: as a child and teenager, as an adult, and in old age. "Conceptually, this was intriguing, but it was a bit esoteric, and it would have been difficult to pull off well." – Ragnar Tornquist, project director



Luigi was another supporting role that was then cemented as a supporting role by making the character fairly wimpy. I at first liked Luigi in Mario 2, because he was the best jumper. *shrug* For some reason, since then he stuck with me, possibly because I tend to root for the underdogs. Luigi started out as a green palette swap of Mario in the Mario Bros. arcade, but he then proceeded to lose some weight and grow a foot or two. Later on he was more often used for comic relief; his wimpiness was established in Luigi's Mansion and has mostly held since. He however is still very kind-hearted and very much a hero at heart, and can be incredibly brave at times. This adds a bit of complexity that makes him all the more interesting. Also, Luigi, unlike his brother, has regular speaking parts in a lot of the games.

Related games: Just about anything Mario-related. Lead roles in Mario is Missing, Luigi's Mansion, and upcoming Luigi's Mansion 2 (sweeeet!).

Did you know?: While Mario's name was based on Mario Segale (one of upstart Nintendo America's past landlords), Luigi's name was based on a popular pizzeria near Nintendo of America landmarks, named Mario & Luigi's.



Rorschach, Rorschach… what a nutjob! Of all the superheroes in comics, Rorschach may seem the most serious and determined, but also possibly the most misguided. Rorschach is one of the darker characters in the Watchmen graphic novel, as he is one of the few that will actually kill criminals. Rorschach was Alan Moore's answer to an analogous but more exaggerated version of Mr. A, or the similarly-themed the Question. This was an iron-grip take on doing what's right no matter what, extreme right-wing beliefs, and other takes on objectivism. Probably the most striking feature to Rorschach's design is his "ink blot" mask which is ever-changing second to second and never the same random pattern.

Related media: The Watchmen graphic novel. The Watchmen film. Watchmen: The End is Nigh video game.

Did you know?: Moore's idea for Rorschach was to see how a Batman-like character--- driven, and vengeance-fueled--- would reflect in the real world. He concluded that the short answer was "a nutcase." Admittedly, Rorschach makes Batman look a little mellow.



Wow, didn't realize how many crazy/evil people this list was gonna have. Dexter however, may be the first likeable serial killer. Let's not forget he's killed around 60+ people though. xD

Dexter seems like a fairly normal guy; okay, not really, he does mostly keep to himself and works blood in forensics at Miami PD. But he also has a girlfriend who he 'apparently' loves and a he very much looks up to his father, and cares deeply for his foul-mouthed yet endearing sister. But Dexter uses his position at the police department to track down criminals his own way and exact his own 'justice' upon them. Yeah, he kills them, then cuts them up and dumps them in the lake. No biggy.

I originally didn't want to like this show at all, because I didn't believe in the glorification of a serial killer. But the show doesn't glorify it much at all, Dexter is really a sad little man that regrets what he does, but nowhere enough to ever stop. Hey, it could be worse. Maybe.

Dexter is just good TV really, and Michael C. Hall's portrayal is hard not to love to hate to love.

Related media: Dexter television show. Dexter novels.

Did you know?: The Dexter series actually started with a novel series which could be considered an alternate reality to the show now; notable differences being that Deborah (his sister) becomes aware of his 'deeds,' and LaGuerta is killed in the first book, among other smaller differences.

Top 50 Fictional Characters: 45-41

Let it be noted that these are personal blogs and represent a singular opinion; not of any group large or small, or a popular opinion. With that out of the way, we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

45.Tir Mcdohl

Although Tir is another quiet hero out of many, you can still sense a personality behind it all. The strength and determination really shines through considering all of the hardships he must face through the duration of the first Suikoden game; including the deaths of friends and family alike. And yet being modest all the same, when he liberates the Scarlet Moon Empire he doesn't stick around to bask in the glory as a king or president, but he quietly leaves on a journey to explore the world. Mcdohl is a very well-rounded fighter and magic-user. Taking the role of the cursed Soul Eater rune from Ted, he can perform many instant death techniques as well as powerful dark-magic attacks. He may use a mere stick/pole to fight in hand-to-hand combat, but he wields it with finesse. Tir officially does not have a first name and is nameable by the player, but the novelizations of the game adopted Tir as his name and it has since become all but canon; as well as what has happened with the other main characters in the series.

Related games:

Suikoden I and II.

Did you know?: During the Succession War, or the events taking place before Suikoden I, Tir was kidnapped as an infant by rogues employed by Barbarossa's uncle and rival, Geil Rugner, but was saved by Gremio with the help of a mysterious man named Age.

44.Dead Pool

I told you this was a "fictional characters" countdown and it is. We kick off my first non-game character entry with the rude merc with a penchant for breaking the third wall. Dead Pool began as the Marvel version of DC's Deathstroke; funnily enough, a lot of people seemed to only refer to him as "Spidey with guns." Dead Pool has definitely carved out his own characterization through the years however. Wade Wilson had been diagnosed with cancer, and thrown off to be experimented on by the same people that basically created Wolverine. By giving him the same quick-healing abilities as Wolverine, the cancer was healed, but not before permanent damage was done. The cancer left him scarred and disfigured, not only of body, but of mind; making him practically insane. Dead Pool started out as a villain and assassin, but soon gained more an anti-hero status and he even got his own comic book, which broke the third wall and was filled to the brim with humor. The creators of the book, feeling it would be canceled any time, basically did whatever they wanted and it made for a hilarious read.

Related media:

He's a regular in a lot of Marvel comics, he also had a small part in the recent Wolverine movie. A Dead Pool spin-off movie is in the works.

Did you know?: Deadpool is cooler than you and you'll never be as cool as Deadpool.

43.Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne is another love-to-hate antagonist who first appeared in the Megaman Legends series. She since became popular enough to star in her own game, which was just as good as the games it came from; she also became a combatant in the Marvel vs. Capcom fighting series. Tron Bonne is a smarmy, mean-spirited, but intelligent girl that would be hard-pressed to not be found with a handful of her over forty servbots, as well as her many other mechanical inventions. Her brother Teisel will also typically never be far behind.

Related games/media:

Megaman Legends 1 and 2. The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. Marvel vs. Capcom

Did you know?: Like many characters within the Megaman universe, she too has a musical-inspired name: trombone.

42.Gordon Freeman

Perhaps Dr. Freeman's biggest draw is the fact that he is essentially you, the player. The staff behind the Half-life series has explicitly rejected giving Gordon a face or a voice (the pictures you see of him on game cases and ads are merely marketing tools and little else). This is all a part of immersing the player in the experience. Thus there are no cut scenes and no in-game mirrors to show Gordon's reflection. What little that is actually known of Gordon Freeman is that he is a theoretical physicist thrust into battle against both alien and human forces, often alone. Freeman is one of the best examples of the main protagonist in a game being an extension of the player.

Related games/media:

Half-life series.

Did you know?: Valve had planned a possible "love scene" between Alyx and Gordon for sometime during Half-life 2. Obviously it was cut, but you can't help but imagine how odd that would have been.


The Joker is the yin to the Batman's yang. He's loud, he's obnoxious, he looooooves killing people and doing otherwise illegal activities with an idiosyncratic bent. He's killed the second Robin, paralyzed Batgirl, killed Gordon's wife, and in some versions, killed Batman's parents. Basically, he's the definition of a good villain. Understatement much?

Related games/media:

Batman/Detective Comics. Batman Arkham Asylum on Xbox 360 and PS3. The slew of Batman movies. Basically, anywhere Batman is, you'll find him not far behind.

Did you know?: In the second ever Joker story in Batman comics the Joker was practically killed by his own hand; however Bob Kane's editor suggested he was too much of an interesting character to just kill off. A last panel was then quickly added to suggest the Joker was still alive. All said and done, Kane and company probably weren't quite aware of what they'd fully unleashed that day.

Top 50 fictional characters: 50-46

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension


Starting out with one of the definitions of bad-ass anti-hero, we have Garrett, the lead from the Thief series, which was most prominent on the PC but had its third title released on the original Xbox also. Part of Garrett's charm is in his cynicism and nonchalance; another part of it his voice actor, Stephen Russell, being quite convincing; and finally, he's a slinky thief out to steal whatever he wants, no matter what the stakes, while possibly saving just about all of civilization in the process.

Related games:

Thief 1-3 and more than likely, the upcoming Thief 4.

Did you know?: According to an interview made by the now defunct PC Accelerator to project designer Steve Pearsall the word "Taffer", which many fans went to great lengths to define as some sort of long-lost "olden" word, was actually created by level designer Laura Baldwin. It was originally meant to be some sort of slang for common criminal but it evolved from that point on.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension


Kirby is just about one of the most simple character designs. But simplicity can be perfect if done right, and Kirby is just that example. Part of his simple design also lies in making it easier to sprite his myriad abilities throughout the games. Kirby introduced the ability to suck up his enemies and use them as projectiles or swallow them and obtain their powers. He has gone on to be one of Nintendo's many prominent mascots and is still popular today, with dozens of games and even a cartoon show. My best memories with him however were with Kirby Super Star on the SNES; one of the funnest platformers around, even today, with tons of different games all within one, showing just how flexible Kirby could get. Kirby is also one of the more resilient fighters in every Smash Bros. title, as he can steal just about every other combatant's abilities, just like in his regular series games.

Related games:

The Kirby series, Smash Bros. series.

Did you know?: Kirby was originally conceived as a little pink blob called "Popopo."

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension


Jumping Flash may have seemed an odd concept; afterall it was one of the first straight-up first-person platformers. This may seem like it simply wouldn't work, but being a robotic-rabbit-cop-thing Robbit can jump to extreme heights, and as he is up in the air he can look down at the exact spot where his shadow is and know where he is going to land. The only thing it can really bother you about it finally is your own fear of heights. Jumping Flash was one of the few early PS1 adventure games with true grandeur and (for the time) great looking graphics. Robbit himself was the typical silent hero out to save the world because there was nothing better to do at the time. Jumping Flash! also had a few sequels; Jumping Flash! 2, a sequel that held tightly on to the qualities of the original and didn't add much more; Robbit mon Dieu, a loose sequel where Robbit goes around doing tasks for people instead of the simpler drive of the first two; and finally Pocket MuuMuu was a handheld spin-off for the Pocketstation. The last two were only ever released in Japan. Jumping Flash may have been regarded well among critics, but it was quickly over-shadowed by other 3D games and remains a pretty well-hidden gem of a game today.

Related games:

Jumping Flash! 1 and 2, Robbit mon Dieu, Pocket MuuMuu

Did you know?: Takeo Miratsu, the music composer for all four games in the series, went on to do the soundtrack for the PS1 RPG, Legend of Dragoon. He later sadly died of liver cancer in 2006.

Image Source,Photobucket Uploader Firefox Extension

47.Raz (Razputin)

Being another brainchild of Tim Schafer, Psychonauts was kind of hard not to love. Sure, it suffered from what many platformers already have (sometimes glitchy gameplay and camera), but the story and characters are so brilliant it's easy to forgive. Psychonauts is wonderfully odd and typically laugh out loud hilarious, and Raz is the wise-cracking, quick-thinking protagonist. Escaping from the family circus so he can hone his psychic abilities at the psychonauts camp; Raz is an interestingly naïve but endearing boy that's always trying to uncover the truth; whether he's spelunking in someone else's mind or looking for power-ups across the locales of Whispering Rock. What can I say? Tim Schafer is simply awesome… I need to pick up Grim Fandango one of these days…

Related game:


Did you know?: Raz was originally conceived as an ostrich suffering from mental imbalance and multiple personalities. Tim Schafer killed the idea because he strongly believes in games being "wish fulfillments," guessing that not many people fantasize about being an insane ostrich - wikipedia

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46.JC Denton

JC Denton is the nano-augmented protagonist in Deus Ex: The Conspiracy. Initially working for the United Nations Anti Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO) JC's main job was to combat and stop terrorist organizations. Despite the player's attempts to either remain or leave, Denton eventually finds he must go full out against UNATCO, becoming one of the terrorists he once was paid to take down. Denton is quick-witted, intelligent and perceptive, yet cold, stolid and a bit of a loner. He later plays a big role in the sequel too, Invisible War.

Related games:

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy, Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Did you know?: an idea was considered during development that the character would be a descendant of Jesus Christ (J.C.). Warren Spector stated in an interview that the player was originally to be able to choose the gender of the character, with the ambiguity of J.C. being a "nice, unisex name" to flow with Denton. Although the feature was not implemented, the name was left unchanged.

Game-making update + etc

My RM2003 game, Super Nomad Quest, is coming along slowly but surely. I've decided I'm going to make all dungeons puzzle-centric to break up the monotony of the typical grind. Here are some new screenshots of stuff I've been hacking away at in the past few months:

"Final" demo coming likely October '10. Full game sometime spring-summer next year. For further info check out this page.

On another note, my first passion, writing is coming along about as well as can be. I still haven't published my first book but I'm not in any real rush to. Still working at my new one, which will indefinitely be all poetry/prosetry unlike my last, which was half prose and the other half poetry. Here, add me on deviantart: valmurah. I will gladly add you too. :)

IRL, I'm going back to school soon, my last year, but other than that I've just been working and getting wasted off my ass when time allows. Nothing too new there. :p

Oh and my "top 50 fictional characters" blogs should be coming up eventually, just been pre-occupied... haven't even written 5 blurbs for 5 of the characters yet. The next blog I do will probably be the first installment, only when that will be I don't know.

Until next time GS pals.

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