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Ninja Gaiden 2 Worth reserving?

I have no clue which game I should get. I need to know if I should reserve Ninja Gaiden 2 before its to late. Is there anyone that is a big Ninja Gaiden fan that could help me out with this,

Level 22 Tommorow

Yes it has been at least 1 month and a half and I am soon to be level 22. Just making a quick announcement thanks for reading :).

Halo 3

Here are some Pictures I have taken


Well I hope you enjoyed I will upload more next week. If you would like to see how I made some of these either Send me a private message or add me on Xbox Live. My Live name is: Jay Aii Day

Army of 2: Amazing

Now If you know me I genarally go very harsh on games. But I am extremely impressed with Army of 2. It is completely underappreciated and should be given a chance. Remember its their opinion not yours. If you rent this game I can promise you that you will get at enjoyment from this game. My rating for this game will possibly be from a 8 to 10. Thank you for reading :).

Level 21

Yes guys I have reached level 21. I am hearing that things will go by way quicker then level 20 did. Well I am very happy.