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Help me fix my E74 360

its way out of warranty and i opened it LOL!

so what do i do anyone know how to fix it?

its been collecting dust for about a year and so....i kinda want mass effect ^_^

what do i do :(

My body now.(read)

One big reason i wasnt on is because i was getting ripped

i was at powerhouse more then i was at school i lost all my body fat im at 2% body fat

sure im repeating 12th grade BUT ITS WORTH HAVING VEINS POPPING OUT OF EVERYWHEREmy abs too btw

i did whatever it took to get this body

and now that ive got the body

im back on the market ladies

HaHa! XP

Well im joining Marines (please read and comment)

ive been thinking about it since i was 7

but.......idk i might die you know i screwed myself by pre enlisting im like the star of my team i could have got a scholarship and if i dont join itll be treason and ill get locked up

ive been prepared boot camp working out etc.

but theres the doubt

what do you guys think do you think ill make it??

im so scared

Is Game Sharing Wrong

Because i read that sony stated that they actually encourage you to game share with friends because its not all about making money its about the customer

Well we all know that Sony is one great company who isnt completely about making money like other companys

But have you game shared or thought about game sharing on your time on PSN

How does it feel do you feel guilty or what lol

the console war(it had to be said)is nearing its conclusion

well let me start off by saying that there is absouletly no doubt in my mind i know whos winning right now.......but i also know whos catching up

the ps3 is catching up in sales games and online is starting to look very attractive

the ps3s software is getting much better supporting more and more formats excceding 360s formats also the software has been updated to find friends easier which used to be a small problem the 360 fanboys used to bash on the software and power of the ps3 allows for faster uploads and downloads the ps3 is like a media center that allows you to put photos into connected devices recieve them and mke playlists make and rename folders create playlists and all that while on 360 you cant even get photos onto the hard drive!!!!!

next is online ps3 gets home while 360 is making avatars which is stealing from wii

people say (or should i say fanboys) psn is laggy look

ps3:warhawk 30 players no lag and coming soon resistance 2 60 players!!!!!!!!!

360:gears of war 8 players lag

this is because psn has dedicated servers while xbl doesnt and psn is free that worth something there also you can do nearly everything except stuff like netflix

next controllers

fanbboys say ohhhhh ps3 stole from wii.........well they didnt alrite way diffrent tech and sixaxis it just tilting the controller and ps3 is ultra light and is a pleasure to hold in the hands while 360s is heavy and the d-pad is hard to use ps3 can play 7 players 360 4 and lastly ps3 60 feet usage 360 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wow!!!!

next perfomance and reliablity ps3 ps3 ps3 wowoow wins

microsofts 360 failure rate 33%!!!!!!

sonys ps3 0.02%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps3 is so quiet you can not hear it even if you put your ear next to it

360.........need i explain

ps3s overall reliablity is amazing i read that people put it in a sawna for 12 hours and it still worked

and they left it on for 120 hours nothing wrong happened!!!!!!

360 gets blazing in an hour and the discs feel like theyll melt n e moment

the blu ray is the best format with......

1.a special coating that helps prevent scratches

2.disck space more stuff less discs to rin mgs4 on 360 you whould need 7+ discs!!!!!!!!ps3 1 can read n e thing even scratched stuff and reads nearly all formats

4.pre hd

i do not see how 360 will ever have a chance now to a system thats been out a year and a half to a system thats been out like 3 years!!!!!

one last thing current games only take 33% of ps3s hardware while 360s reached it peak and if you didnt read this whole thing dont bother to leave a random comment please

whats up with 360 fanboys these days!!!!!im so enraged with them now

so ive been looking at some fanboys pofiles when i saw the usual stuff like 10 star ratings for halo 3 and 1 star ratings for mgs4 you know nothing new just another fanboy whose starting to get scared of the ps3

when i saw one of this guys friends right

and what i saw shocked and amazed me he actually gave every single 360 game a 10 star rating and every ps3 game a 1 star rating i got so mad man has anybobdy else seen anything like this!?!?if so write your story here

i have the world record mgs1 completion time 1:32

today i beat mgs1 in 1:32 while the current world record is 1:49!!!!!!

what do i do to show that im the rightful owner of the title did i have to record it and send it in somewhere

or did i have to do it in front of a crowd or what because i can do it again

heres my stats


playtime: 1:32



detected: 2

enemies killed: 19


the true story of my old life as a 360 fanboy(please read! took me awhile)

the year was 2004 when i got my first xbox one and i just thought it was the best thing ever so when the 360 came out i knew i had to get it

then in 2005 i was all lined up for the midnight release of the 360 i was so excited..............till the next day when in the news it was talking about the rrod and it didnt take mine long till it got it got a new one kept the hardrive it got unreadable disc returned it.......again!!!!

HAHA real true:i got so mad i threw my 3rd 360 to the wall!!!!!!!!!!

it was on the floor plit in half and so i worked hard that summer tl buy the next got the 3 year warranty(before microsoft gave it free!!!!!)which was around 50 dollars more i got the elite thinking they fixed it 2 months later boom!!!!!guess what it got rrod returned it got my 5th one!!!!!!!!

i felt so betrayed my microsoft especcialy becase i always protected the 360 from fan boys and all that then it broke again returned it for the 6th a week later i said wow forget this im tired of this sold the 360 got the 80 gig mgs4 bundle then i noticed the diffrences in well everything the rates the sells catching up the 0.02 harware failure rating!!!!!!!!!(i once left it on because i forgot to turn it off when i went to football practice which was around 2 hours then my friends house the next day partying hahaha and when i got back it was on from the time i left it on from the time i turned it off it was around 22 hours!!!!!!!!!!with a towel over it!!!!!!!dont ask why haha)everything was great and improving i love it but i do not consider myself a fanboy my brothers and cousions have wiis and 360s so im the only one who has a ps3 and theyre always defending both of those consoles and well it always makes me think about how hard it is to be a ps3 gamer these days because its haard defending a console who got into the top 5 list of worst products of 06 or 07 w/es i cant remember but companies that treated the ps3 badly at llaunch even change theyre reviews like some company i cant remember which though origianlly gave it a 6 now its at a very solid rating of 9 and the ps3 is improving more and more with more features like home blu-ray getting better and better also the cell broadband engine is being understoofd more and more also the ps3 recently came out not tooooooo recently though and its rapidly catching up to the 360 well anyway any thoughts and comments please put them up i whould really apprecaite them

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