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Lookn' for a good Zombie Killer...?

First of all, whats up guys and gals... i havent posted a blog in days, haha.

So ive been looking into RE5 and L4D but i cant decide which one to get... Left 4 Dead apparently has good replay value but at the same time, it seems kinda 'bleh'. Resident Evil 5 looks like it has great mechanics and awesome gameplay, but it only seems to have about 12 hours of gameplay in it. i just cant decide... can you help me?

Ok, this game is all I hyped it up to be...

Yes, Fable 2 does practice what is preaches... its. so. freakin. AWESOME! if you dont have it and your looking for a game, go get it. if your a fan of the first Fable, go buy Fable 2. its amazing. ill fill you in on some of the new features without giving away anything important. it has stunning visuals, awesome new features, a great story, plenty to do, and outstanding combat.

the Will (magic) in this game has been upgraded and is now a bit more challenging and can take a bit to get used to but that makes it so much more rewarding; to be able to aim your lightning and shoot at whatever. i have only one spell so far but just the improvements on that spell is enough to tell me the Will aspect of fable has improved alot. the Skill abilities are a little different and im not sure if your able to sneak in this one like in the first but im not sure yet. what i am sure about is the new array of ranged weapons you can aquire. examples include crossbows, rifles, and pistols. the strength is about the same... more or less. swords, maces, axes, hammers... the works.

you probly already know but you do again start out as a young boy... or girl, now, if you choose to be. you start in Bowerstone and i must say bowerstone has grown in the year that have past since the first game. its awesome! there are alot of new features in which you can go about the city... notice how i say city...

obviously, since this is Fable, you can choose bad or good. being bad can sometimes make you feel like a dirt bag, and good makes you feel all warm inside, but the point is this game sucks you in. it brings out your emotions and puts you there with your Hero. speaking of emotions, another cool feature of Fable 2 is your new companion. if youve read anything on this site about Fable 2, you know you get a faithful dog that follows you to help with your adventures. he seeks out treaure, enemies, and other useful things. you can choose to love or dicpline him. you can teach him tricks and basically train him to be a better dog.

basically this game rocks. its deffinately worth more than than the 8.5 givin to it by Gamespot. id say its worthy of atleast a 9.5... but than again, thats just one persons view.

as i was writing this, i figured i could tweak this and make it a review. what do oyu think?

Guess what tomorrow is!?!?!?!?!

Thats right guys and gals... the release of my most hyped up, most anticipated game of all time. Tomorrow... i become a hermit. except for the fact that i have to go to work... but thats IT! My life for the next month or so will be solid Fable II, work, and skating. thats it. omg, i cant freikin wait.

Oh, and those of you who arent looking forward to Fable II, i dont want to see your posts around here.

in other news, this is my first blog in like 3-4 weeks. i feel like itis been awhile. kinda missed your guys feedback to my pointless blogs. lol.

also, i got rock band 2, soooooo much cooler that #1. i just need the drums. the songs are awesome!! and the new modes are kick @$$.

well i think that about raps everything up. thanks for reading! Happy Hob Killing to you all tomorrow!!!

The Wonders of eBay

I have recently discovered the wonders of eBay. ebay, as all of you know, is a site where you bid on items. EVERYTHING SEEMS LIKE A STEAL... at first atleast, until everybody else finds out how great of adeal it is and bids on it as well. i have found countless games being sold for as little as .99$ you cant beat that price tag folks, unless your giving games away.

i signed up about a week ago and already have saved like 20$+ on two games. FEAR and Rune Factory. i have bid on other items including games, controllers, skate decks, a bow, and whatever.

so the purpose of this blog is to let you know how eBay can save you money and time as you dont have to drive anywhere to buy these items. also, video games for really cheap and sometimes in lots, or multiple items. go check it out! just browse the selections and tell me you cant save money and get great deals. but do be carefull, there are some sheisters out there who will conn you into biding on items that dont work or what-have-you.

Those with a Nintendo DS... Please Help!

ive got a DS but i cant find any good games!!! i have zelda and pokemon pearl but i cant seem to find any more games that suit my style.

i did find two games that caught my attention:

1. Rune Factory

2. Harvest Moon- island of adventure (or something like that)

can you reccomend anything? can you give me some insight about these games? can you help me? lol but seriously. this DS cost me like 150$ and i kinda want to take advantage of that. i mean, ive had it for like 8 months now...

What is the Deal with Gamespots Review Team?

Do they not know the difference between a good game a not-so-good game? ive seen this over and over again, and im sure you all have too, but GS reviews are rediculous. it happens way too often that GS gives a great game a 7.5 and a horrible game a freakin 10! im getting so sick and tired of seeing these amazing games getting put into the hall of shame by GS.

For example, Star Wars: FU got a 7.5 on the 360. i actually dont even know how this game was reviewed when its not even out but thats not the point. the point is that SOOO many people have played the demo and just about eveyone i know of thinks its bad @$$ and cant wait to get. if not that, then they said it was alright. when GS gives this game a 7.5 because it has some minor flaws like not having 100% force power accuracy and some minor glitches. NOT WORTHY OF ANYTHING LESS THAN AN 8. in my opinion ofcourse. ;)

anyways, its out tomorrow!!! my countdown has come to an end.

its Monday... work sucks... and 3 cups of coffee really gets you going as ive found out this morning :P

Price Cuts on DLC

So news has been brought to my attention that DLC for a couple games has been cut in price. games such as Oblivion, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, and Guitar Hero 3 have been discounted until the end of October.

One thing that burned my @$$ was that Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion was discounted to 1200 points from the old 2400. i just bought the GOTY edition... if only i would have waited, i could have saved 40$. ouch... so this is news to all Xbox gamers that have these games. take advantage of the deals cause it will be over in November!

In other news, my countdown to Star Wars: Force Unleashed and Fable II continues. 8 days till Star Wars!!!

its monday... the week starts once again. i got school tomorrow... sweet! i get to leave work an hour early!

Two Games I've Pre-Ordered + Demo Review

So i just found out today that i could use my check card online. yeah, call me whatever you want... hehe. anyway, i took advantage of that and bought Star Wars: Force Unleashed and Fable II through Gamestop. Now, do i still get Pub Games with Fable or no cause icought it online. that would suck if i didnt. if you know, tell me please!

I played the Force Unleashed demo. oh... my... F$%#ing... god... what an awesome game that will be. the demo had me so pumped that i was yelling "this game is Bad @$$" over and over... you can combine your force powers and your light sabre to create uber powerful combo attacks. force powers in general in this game are sick. great graphics from what ive seen and the story looks like it has tons of potential. yeah, i got all this from the demo. so if you havent already, go download this demo. its frieking awesome.

Its Friday guys and gals! hope you all have a great weekend and ill probly talk to ya Monday! peace

My Parents Caught Me...

So, uhh, my mom caught me smokin pot... hehe. yeah it was funny. she told me my life was over, blah, blah, blah... anyway, nothing happened... i was pretty surprised actually that my parents didnt actually do anything about it. wierd... i guess she smelled it outside my room, (my room is outside) and she was like "do you think im stupid?" it was funny watching the reaction that i thought would never come cause i was planning to keep it a secret... forever. but yeah, she caught me. nothing happened. everything is back to normal... hehe, i just look back and smile.
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