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Play The Bouncer! and Why no sequel to The Bouncer?

Why can't there be a sequel to The Bouncer?

I know a lot of reviews for The Bouncer were unfavorable. I know that not a whole lot of people played it. I know the gameplay and the length of the game wasn't exactly the best. But damn it, The Bouncer's story was really cool. The story may have been presented within only about 2 hours of gameplay, but I think it was one of the best ones out there. There is a huge shocker, really huge, which will shake you and hold you with your mouth hanging open. It's that big. Maybe the plot twist is so shattering because it came unexpected. (I didn't expect this game to have a plot twist.) Maybe it was because it happened so fast. Maybe it's because it happened so naturally, without any building up. Or perhaps because it happened innocently. But I'm telling you, when you see it, you won't think of this game as just another mediocre short game with big production values. The game's story is really good- believe me.

Without revealing anything, I will say that The Bouncer can have a sequel. The biggest strength it had was its characters. It is incredible to say that within 2 hours of gameplay and cutscenes, you get to care about the characters and their outcome. The good thing about this game is that you HAD to play it at least 3 times to get the whole story. The 3 different player characters all have their own agenda and mysterious past. These characters can be fleshed out more in another game or even games. These and the other characters in the game deserve at least a sequel. If they can make a longer game, bigger and better surroundings, and a bigger fighting move list, I'm sure that people will pay attention to this game.

The game's fighting engine was pretty good for my opinion. I'm not a fighting-game fan, but this game is kind of like Shen-mue, in which you don't have to like that particular genre to enjoy the game (just like you don't have to like RPGs to enjoy this and Shen-mue). And I think that even fighting -game fans will get a kick out out this game. The fighting is done through high, medium, low, and jump attacks. But the difference is that within the four areas of attack you have 3 different moves. And not only that, but you can buy new powerful moves with the experience points you earn which you use by pressing some button combos.

Now the main reason I am writing this is for that anyone that reads this goes and rents or even buys the game. I only rented it three years ago, but after playing it, I knew I had to own it. So at least rent it if you can find it so you can see what I mean at least. You will find it new for a discount price since it came out three years ago if you look hard enough. Or you can just get it used at EB Games or GameStop or any other video-game store. CHECK IT OUT!!! Maybe then Square Enix will release a sequel. And even without a sequel, the game alone warrants a play through (or three). You will still enjoy this game without a sequel because it ends with an open enough ending (think of it like Ico's ending). But of course, if enough people check this game, we may know what happens next......