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ARI is back and i upgrade my pc!!!

hello guy's:Dhow are you all:)hope you all are fine:)

guys i'm back now after a long time and sorry for not post a comment in your blogs:)

Latest news:)

i upgrade my pc:D:D and it's 5 time faster than my old one:D:D

i buy these things :)

intel core 2 duo 1.86 ghz and it's rocks:D

Gigabyte DDR2 Motherboard 945 series:D

1 GB ram:D

and New Geforce 7600 GS 512 ram:D

1 Powered by NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS GPU

2 Supports PCI Express and 12 pipelines

3 Microsoft DirectX® 9.0c and OpenGL® 2.0 support

4 Integrated with the industry's best 512MB GDDR2 memory and 128-bit memory interface

5 Supports SLI and PureVideo technology

6 Features Dual link DVI-I / D-SUB / TV-OUT / HDTV

the game that i get with my VGA card is CALL OF JUAREZ FULL VERSION:D:D:D:Dand i have to say one thing about this game:)this game is best cowboy game made ever:)the graphics are superb:D

and i'm playiing STALKER on full graphics:D:Dbut the game is not so good:(

and i'm playing command and conquer 3 tiberium wars on full graphics:) and its superb:):):)

Thats all for today guys:)

ARI out's8):arrow:

It's been two year!

Hello guy's how  are you all:)

Today is my special BLOG:)because it's been two year's now as a member of GAMESPOT and it's great:)I made a wonderful friends on GS and i spend a great time with them:)

rockyking:)Rocky is a great friend and he is diffrent from the other:)he always write a great BLOGS:)thanks rockyking:Dyou are my bestfriend on GS:D:D:D

nabeel461:)Nabeel is a great friend of mine he like a bro for me,he always write a comment in my blogs:)thanks Nabeel:):)

gamer_girl15:)Gamer Girl is the only girl that's write a comment in my blog:)she is a nice person:)thanks gamer girl:):)

fastpunk:)Fast is a great great great friend of mine on GS:)he always write a great comment:)thanks fast:wink:

tbui54:)i just want to say:)you are a great friend of mine tbui54:)Thanks for write a comment in blogs:)

umerfawi:)Umer is great friend:)he is a new on GS and i'm the first person that's he teacked:)thanks Umer:)

khoo1992:)you are a great friend:)Thanks for write a comment in blogs:)

Bavoke8)bavoke is a stylish person on GS8)he always use this:P in everyone blogs:)but he is a great person and a great friend:):)thanks bavoke8) 

And threre are lot's of other friends that's i don't rembere now :(But thatnks all of my friends:)

That's all for today guy's and thanks all:)

ARI out's8):arrow:


Hello and how are you guy's:)hope you all are good:)

W:shock:W today i'm on level 19 and 5000 views of my Profile and it's great:)

That's all for today:)

ARI out's8):arrow:

level 18 and more!!!

Hello and how are you guy's:)

Now i'm on level 18:)and i'm feeling great and soon i well be on level 19:)

Latest news

I'm playing a God of War 2 and it's awesome:)the blades of Kratos spins more faster than ever and he is unstopable now:shock:I defeat the first boss and it's quite easy:Dnow i have to find the SISTERS OF FAITH to travel back in time where ZEUS bitrade kratos:)overall the game is awesome:)the graphics were amazing and the gameplay is superb:)I rate the game 10/10:D

That's all for today:)

ARI out's8):arrow:


Hello and how are you guy's:)hope you all are fine:)and enjoying your weekend:)

Now i know someone really trying to hack my profile:(Today i was trying to login,In my GS accout:)about a 4 hours:(but the error comes:(your password or e-mail address is invalid:(i don't know how many time i trying to login,In account but every time that message apper:(after i login,In my account:)i check my new message:(The message is from Gamespot and they said to me:(i was trying to change my Password:cry:The hacker trying to change my Password:(i don't know why someone doing that's with me:(

ARI out's:(:arrow:

Someone hack my profile!!!

Guy's Someone hack my profile:(and he or she Delete my about me information:(now there is only Comming Soon is left:cry:I don't know who and why someone hack my profile:(but i want to know:evil:so tell me hacker why did you hack my profile:(

ARI out's:(:arrow:

My Art 2!!!

Hello and how are you guy's:)

I made some more pictures with Terragen:)have a look:D

Latest News

Today i'm going to buy a God of War 2:Di can't wait guy's so bye:)

That's all for today:D

ARI out's8):arrow:

My Art!!!

Hello and hi to all my friends
This is some of my workthat i done with Terragen Programit's a very powerfull programTake a look and tell me what you think about these picturesand plz comment

That's all for today:D

ARI out's8):arrow:

Plz plz help me it's about emblem!!!

PLZ PLZ all of my friends:)i want you to help me to get a EMBLEM:)

Just go to this link HERE:)and play the game:)

AND tell me the right answer of these question and i also help you to get that emblem:)

Belligerent Clock Workings?
The front lines of the war between the Xbox 360, Wii, and PS3?
Where fanboys can bicker with each other on GameSpot? 
This forum has the most posts in GameSpot's community?
Need help with your latest adventure in Ivalice?
Go here if you want a leveling guide for Vaan's party?
A business employing comic book protagonists? 
Oceanic Flight 815 passengers are not on this world?


New About Me pic

Hello and hi to all:Dhow are you all guy's:)

Here's my new about me pic:)hope you guy's like it and tell me what you think about this new about me pic:D

I ask a question to you guy's:)in my previous blog:)Who is the king of sea in cartoon comic:question:and i gave you 4 options and the right answer is:D:DAQUAMNA:D

Latest news

I'm still waiting for God of War 2:(but good news :)I detroyed the NOD in BRUTAL DIFFICULTY:)In Command & Conquer 3 Demo:)

That's all for today guy's:)Takecare and

ARI out's8):arrow: