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In case anyone still cares

I'm in my 4th year of the 6-year program at the Earnest Mario School of Pharmacy (EMSOP) at Rutgers University. Pharmacy school, like medical school, is a 4 year graduate level program in itself, but you only need 2 years of undergraduate studies before going to pharmacy school so many colleges offer 6 year programs directly out of high school which is what I did. So that puts me in the 2nd year of the actual graduate-level pharmacy curriculum, which is the most difficult yet. But I'm doing fine - academics have never been an issue for me, and while it certainly is tough, I never have been nor will I ever be worried about passing - and I thank God for that. :)

I'm not back on Gamespot by any stretch of the imagination, I'm simply posting this as an update in case anyone here still cares, and also because I'm bored. :P

In terms of gaming, I've been playing Halo for the past 2 years and I don't anticipate any other online multiplayer game grabbing my attention away from the Halo franchise for the foreseeable future. I had my time with Uncharted 3, but after a hiatus from it, I just don't find it that appealing anymore now that I've experienced Halo. When I get more time, I will be going through my still huge backlog of PS3 games - probably in the summer. But for now, if you want to play Halo 4 with me, add Chuck Finley BD (GT inspired by Burn Notice) on XBL and let me know GS sent you.

My PSN ID remains Pat_on_your_back and if I should happen to create a new one for the PS4, I will be sure to let you guys know. I do plan on playing GOW Ascension online, and also future Uncharted games online, but I doubt anything will replace Halo as my mainstay of online gaming. I may also try AC3 online but I haven't touched that game yet and it probably won't be so popular anymore by the time I get around to it, if ever.

Part of me misses this place, but the other parts are tired and want to go to sleep. :P
So to my former and current friends on GS, and anyone else reading this, peace ... until next time :)


- Patrick 

Officially Back to Blogging!!

April Fool's!

... at least for now. :P

17 credits + job + life + games = severe lack of free time for blogging/commenting.

Also, farewell to SymphonyCometh if you happen to read this. Sorry I missed your final set of blogs, but I still read them. Otherwise how would I have known that you were gone? :P So farewell, my good GS friend. :)

I've just been on a hiatus as far as blogging and commenting on blogs are concerned. I read them, but just don't post on them. I still post in the forums, but I don't know when I'll be back to blogs. Maybe this summer. Maybe not. I'm not making any promises when it comes to my GS or gaming activity because I generally break those. So now I'm just going with the flow.

See you all around in the forums.

- Patrick

Black Friday on my Birthday!!!

And what a fine day it is! :D

So yeah, it's been a while since I've blogged, and while I have kept up on reading most of your blogs, I haven't really commented on them very much at all in the past few months. College + Uncharted 2 = no time and less interest in Gamespot. Oddly enough, I'm taking the time to blog now when double cash weekend has already started in Uncharted 2 online, Naughty Dog released a new free map, and we get to use Doughnut Drake and Doughnut Lazarevic skins. :P

In any case, on with the blog. For my birthday, since it is on black friday and I am in college, I convinced my parents to get me this HP dv6 laptop with 15.6" screen, 6GB DDR2 memory, 320GB hard drive, an AMD Turion II dual-core M500 processor for $599. If this is all babble to you, just know that the 6GB of RAM is awesome, and while Intel is generally better than AMD for processors, the Turion II M500 is considered high-end and it's fast. Also, I got free AntiVirus and AntiVirus software along with it. While $600 might seem expensive, especially for black friday, it's a great value and other laptops with similar specs sell for around $850 or more. Bottom line - it's a great laptop which won't get outdated quickly and should last me throughout college if I take care of it (which I plan to obviously :P).

Now if you remember last year when I went crazy and bought 10 games for like $100 on black friday and are expecting a similar shopping spree this year, prepare to be disappointed. :P I got only 3 used games (buy 2 get 1 free on used games), and seasons 3 and 4 of House for $13 each at Best Buy (normally $40!).

Picture time! :D

Heavenly Sword ($26.99 used - still fairly expensive after 2 years but worth it)

Saints Row 2 ($24.99 used - I'm probably not gonna get GTA IV now :P)

Valkyria Chronicles ($17.99 [free] - very cheap for a relatively new game :o)

House Seasons 3 and 4 (discounted to $12.99 from $39.99 - now that's a great deal on a great show)

9601317 Alternate View 1
And last but certainly not least ... my brand new laptop!! :D
It should arrive by the first or second week of December!! :D

Finally, I'd like to wish my mom a Happy Belated Birthday (November 25th), I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Belated Thanksgiving (yesterday :P), and I'd like to wish myself a Happy 19th Birthday!!! :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play Uncharted 2 online! :D
Until next time, peace! :)

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I've changed my profile avatar and banner in anticipation of what should prove to be the greatest game ever:

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Now excuse me while I hurriedly do my homework (:x) to free up some time to play.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D [/spoiler]

With college approaching quickly as summer nears its end,

I've decided to update you all on my recent exploits. :)

July was a month in which my calendar was full of plans for what seemed like each and every single day. With a graduation party to attend every Saturday and Sunday (literally), my two-day orientation program at Rutgers, my brother's 21st birthday, and my family's week-long vacation (that got extended by a week), I had very little time away from friends and family ...

... not that I'm complaining! 8)

I certainly got my fill of my church friends, family friends, and close relatives in what was an action-packed month. However, all of this partying and celebrating came with a sacrifice, which turned out to be my weight-watching / weight-loss routine.

Party food every weekend and a two-week all-inclusive buffet-style vacation have caused a major set-back for my expectations. I'm surprised that I'm still at a net weight loss to be honest. :o I had managed to lose about 6-7 pounds before vacation, but I put on about 4-5 pounds during the vacation. So, overall, it's a net weight loss of about 2-3 pounds, which actually isn't horrible considering the circumstances.

Now that we've started the annual 2-week fast for Saint Mary, I'm going to have to try even harder to lose weight. In case you forgot, it's actually more difficult for me to lose weight during a fast because of the instability of my eating patterns and overall diet.

The Vacation

Anyway, I can't complain because the vacation was certainly one of, if not, the best vacation of my life. My family, along with the families of my two uncles on my mom's side, went to the revered Riu Palace (a 5-star all-inclusive hotel/resort) in Playa del Carmen located in Playacar, Mexico. :shock: This was my 4th or 5th vacation in Mexico (I lost count lol) and my 3rd or 4th vacation with this group of people.

Being that I'm now 18, this also marked the first time I'd get to drink alcoholic beverages since the drinking age is only 18 in Mexico. Although we had a fair amount of encounters with some heavy drinkers, I'm not one to get carried away. The hardest drink I had was an apple martini (because JD always drinks appletinis on Scrubs :P) and Bacardi & Coke, which are laughable to any experienced drinker. Whether or not alcohol is involved, I chose my drinks based on taste, and I dislike most strong alcoholic beverages, so I see no point in drinking for the hell of it. It's stupid. :?

Back to the actual vacation. :P We pretty much did the normal vacation stuff like swimming in the pool and beach, kayaking, pedal-boating, enjoying drinks and nachos in the pool, playing beach soccer and beach volleyball, eating, and playing cards every day. The best activity, wave-running, was saved for the last day, and I got to drive around, full-throttle, for 30 minutes with my cousin essentially strapped to my back. It was badass!! :twisted:

We almost fell off or tipped over every few minutes and we got faces full of ocean water with every wave, but I didn't care. I showed that machine and that ocean who was boss! 8) My biggest air time was where the Waver Runner was so high in the air that I heard the motor emerge from the water and rev in the air for a full 2-3 seconds. It was awesome!!! :D

We only stayed at the Riu for a week, but the reason I say the vacation got extended was because my cousins who live in Canada stayed with us back in Jersey for an extra week, which has never happened before. :o They stayed at my other cousin's house (the one who lives 2 minutes away) and I basically lived there during that time as well.

During that week, we got our fill of gaming, including taking turns playing through Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, which has become somewhat of a tradition thanks to me. After I introduced the Kingdom Hearts series to them, they've all been obsessed with it, quite like me. :D Since they've left this past Friday, I've been pretty much just chillin' at home and catching up on all of my lost sleep.

Gaming News

In the past few days, I've run a few errands including some college stuff, some cleaning up around the house, and some gaming stuff too. I made the annoying 30 minute drive to GameCrazy to replace the corrupted Assassin's Creed disc I got there last fall on my buying spree, and I went to Blockbuster to use my $10 gift card before it expired.

I found The Club used there for $10 and thought why not? I don't normally ever shop at Blockbuster since I'm not one to rent games or movies, so I just went with the first good deal I saw. I've wanted to get The Club since I played the demo a while back, and $10 was definitely a sweet price, but I essentially got it for free. :P

I haven't played it yet because I just picked it up yesterday and I wanted to make sure Assassin's Creed was working. It is, and I played it for a little while. I also finally got my first platinum medal in inFamous, and once I complete Uncharted on Crushing difficulty, I'll officially close the book on my second platinum medal.

However, it's my second playthrough of the Crushing difficulty, and my fifth playthrough of Uncharted overall, so my patience is starting to get thinner since I'm not enjoying the game like I once did, which means that I can't play more than a chapter at a time without losing my sanity and I'm in the middle of chapter 5. So yeah, it's gonna take a while. :P

I'm fine with this though since it gives me time to play other games during breaks of Uncharted. I've learned the hard way with the MGS series that I can burn myself out if I play games that require my full concentration and focus for too long. After playing MGS1 and MGS2 consecutively, I haven't touched MGS since. I need some nonsense games in between so I can avoid getting sick of the more-demanding games.

Until next time ...

Hopefully, I'll find it in me to post up another blog before school starts because I'm definitely not gonna be blogging during any semesters, which last for 15 weeks at a time. :o

But if I don't, I wish you all a great summer and a successful start to the new school year (if you're [unfortunately] still in school :P).

Until next time, thanks for reading my blog.

- Patrick :)

Not another Michael Jackson blog...

While I do acknowledge his immense contributions to pop music, dance, and culture, I don't consider any perverts or accused child molesters to be great people. He's a legend, yes, but I'm not a big fan of his music, so it's a sad truth that I'll remember him more for being mentally ill than for his musical and cultural legacy. This is just my opinion regarding the person who is universally referred to as the king of pop, and I won't be discussing this subject further.As the title suggests, this blog is not about Michael Jackson, so moving on...

Where has the time gone?

It's been a little more than 4 months since my last blog, the first 2 of which were spent focusing on my spirituality and my academics. The latter 2 were spent finishing up high school for good (graduated this past Tuesday - hooray for me!! :D) and just enjoying the company of my friends and family.

I've thought a lot about "coming back" to Gamespot in terms of my level of activity and blogging and I've been torn on this. During the Great Lent, I "left" Gamespot in order to focus more on my spirituality and scholastics, and even after all the extra time I spent on those two things, I still had some free time left. I began spending that time entertaining myself with things other than Gamespot, such as my friends at school and church, and I very much enjoyed that time.

After Easter came and passed, I no longer had the same desire for Gamespot that I used to, last summer for example. I just preferred to spend more time with my friends in our senior year. I also started working weekends to fund my entertainment outside my house, new games, and gas for my new car, (2007 Civic LX - hooray for me!! :D). This job took away the time that I would've likely spent blogging or being on Gamespot, and I didn't want to sacrifice anymore of my time to make room for GS ... so I waited.

That's not to say I had been completely absent as I still did make an effort to post on the forum every now and again, update my PS3 FAQ Thread as needed, and yes, I did keep up with most of my friends' blogs, even though I only commented on a scarce few. I was here for E3 and heard all of the big news, from MGS: Rising (360/PS3) and MGS: Peace Walker (PSP), to the PSP Go (which was leaked), to Project Natal, to FFXIV. I'm looking forward to Uncharted 2, God of War III, the new Metal Gears, and Assassin's Creed 2.

Now that high school is officially over, this past week marked the beginning of what should be the best summer of my life so far. And the best part is ... no ****ing schoolwork during summer ... EVER AGAIN!!! Hooray for me!! :D

What's changed?

Like I noted earlier, I now have my own car and I've officially graduated high school. Also, in an effort to further better my life, I've started taking my weight and my health seriously. At 5 foot 4 inches tall and 205 pounds, I believe I'm a 35 on the BMI chart, placing me well into the scope of obesity. I've accumulated all this weight after years of literally eating whatever I wanted without worrying about the consequences. I never worried too much about my body image and happily accepted the fat jokes from everyone I knew and even pitched in sometimes. I have a laid back attitude towards such jokes and I've never had any emotional issues regarding my body image.

Although I've always loved playing basketball and football with my friends, the rest of my life****was very inactive as my hobbies besides playing ball included watching TV, playing videogames, surfing the web / GS, and hanging out at a friend's house, all of which are rather sedentary activities. Working at Dunkin' Donuts the past two summers hasn't helped either. :P Now, I'm on a diet - it's not any specific plan - I'm just watching and limiting what I eat and making an effort to exercise more and be more active.

That's part of the reason why I probably won't ever be as active as I once was on GS, as I'm making a conscience effort to choose more active hobbies and make exercise a part of my day-to-day life. Helping me do this is my new 16GB iPod Touch and a Griffin case with armband that I now use when I run on the treadmill. My goal is to reach my target weight of about 150 pounds by summer's end. Hooray for me!! :D

Gaming News

In gaming related changes, I broke my promise to myself (which was that I wouldn't make any new game purchases until I completed all of my games at least once) and preordered inFamous in order to secure a copy of the Uncharted 2 MP Beta, and also get the Gigawatt blades. As most of you on my PSN friends list already, I love inFamous and have been playing it exclusively since the day I bought it. I completed the hero campaign after about 40 hours, and upon successful completion of the infamous campaign, I will have my first ever Platinum Trophy!!

Not that I'm some trophy enthusiast all-of-a-sudden, but after tracking down all 350 blast shards on my own, I think there's cause for celebration. Hooray for me!! :D Also, the fact that I'm usually a completionist when it comes to games, a Platinum Trophy really means I'm actually 100% done. I'm thinking of revisiting Uncharted for a Platinum Trophy in anticipation of Uncharted 2, and as insane as it sounds, I'm also gonna try for an R2 Platinum. :o

While it sounds like I've completely ignored the Uncharted 2 Beta, I have played it on one occasion. I played a few short rounds of cooperative play and immediately fell in love, as it's quite genius in its execution and its call for teamwork. The rest of my time with it was obviously spent in competitive play, and while it was of high quality, let me just say that I personally didn't enjoy it very much. It was far from bad or broken, but just not my styIe. I won't divulge any further information as I know quite a bit of you purposefully passed on this beta in order to wait until the full game to experience it.

I'm back ... sort of

I'm hesitant to say "I'm back" because I know I will never again be as active as I once was, but I am back in the sense that you should expect to see me: on the forums from time to time, commenting on your blogs every now and again, and posting blogs more often than once every few months. I've also wanted to make some more game reviews for the games that I love and I've even been mulling over an idea on how and when to do my own "Top 10 Games" blog series.

But hey, let me try not to get ahead of myself here and focus on being a little more active first. :P

Until next time, (which is hopefully shorter than 4 months :P), have a great summer. 8)

- Patrick :)

It's that time of year again...

Those of you who know me well know that my religion is the most important aspect of how I live, of how I act, and most importantly, of who I am. My life is defined by my beliefs. Well, tomorrow marks the first day of the Great Lent this year - a 55 day fast before the Feast of the Resurrection, (or Easter as it commonly referred to :P), during which I must make an effort to grow spirituality and further my relationship with God. One of many ways to accomplish this is to control the body by refraining from eating dairy products, meat prodcuts, and seafood. Another way is to sacrifice "fun-time" for the sake of spiritual activities such as reading the bible, praying, or praising God with hymns and spiritual songs.

Included in these sacrifices, for me at least, will be time spent: watching TV, playing videogames, and surfing the web / Gamespot. That doesn't mean I'll be completely gone for 55 days, but expect to see me here a lot less often than I usually am. I'll try my best not to miss any of your blogs, but don't expect to see many blogs from me, and don't expect to see me roaming the forums much. In fact, if you don't notice any difference that means I'm not doing enough.

You'll also notice that I've changed my avatar to a picture of Jesus as a constant reminder of the time of year. I've also changed my banner to a picture of the last supper with a beautiful quote I saw while searching for the picture. The quote reads "Are the things you're living for worth Christ dying for?" Apparently, it is the epitaph of Leonard Ravenhill - I don't know who that is but it really is an amazing quote that puts everything in perspective similarly to "What would Jesus do?" (WWJD). It's a great saying to keep in mind from now on. :)

Now regarding my previous blog, you'll notice I didn't make my usual comment(s) in response to the comments that you guys made. I was busy for several days after I made that blog, and once I got some time, I started typing up the comment only to have my internet browser crash on me half-way through and I got discouraged from typing it up again. Anyway, thanks for the comments and the advice. I did read all the comments, and Hazel's comment in particular spoke to me. I decided to try his "do whatever you want" advice and it's been going pretty well that way for the past couple of weeks. However, now is the time for me to exert a little more sefl-control as we enter the fast of the Great Lent this year.

Typically, it's been a tradition that my family, along with my close friends and relatives, go out to eat at a nice restaurant the last day before the fast to get our fill of meat, dairy, and/or seafood before we give them up for the better part of two months, so I may be gone later today. I'll try and respond to any comments I get for the rest of the day so they don't pile up on me again because I probably won't catch up again if they do.

God be with you all. :)

- Patrick

Videogames vs Gamespot; the epic struggle between playing and posting

Videogames and Gamespot; how do you balance the two?

Ever since I joined Gamespot, I've been more excited about games, but I've been gaming less, as ironic as sounds. Sure, I've learned about (and purchased) so many of the amazing PS2 era games that I missed out on, most notably the Metal Gear Solid series, but all the time I spend on Gamespot takes time away from actually playing the games themselves.

The decline in the time I spend gaming has also been a result of the fact that my life is getting busier in the past couple of years with school, work, church, and friends - and I can drive on my own too so I'm out of the house much more often than my freshman or sophomore year in college.

However, the point still stands that my free time at home is spent doing one of 3 things: watching TV, surfing Gamespot, or gaming. I'm ignoring the TV because I actually don't watch as much TV as I used to - I only watch when there's something on (yeah, I used to be a loser who would just really watch anything). Therefore, my time spent on Gamespot is the thing that most directly takes away from my time gaming. And so when I look at those long lists of games I own but haven't played yet and games that I want but haven't bought yet, I'm saddened by my severe lack of gaming recently.

Now that my PS3 is in the basement, being on Gamespot is more convenient than playing games because my computer is right in my room on the second floor. Considering that I didn't play all that much when the PS3 was in the loft area, (second floor right next to my room), it's gotten really bad with the PS3 in the basement because of my laziness.

Ever since I started gaming, I very rarely would play on weekdays, and now that I'm on Gamespot, my free time on the weekdays (not watching TV / doing HW) has now gone to Gamespot completely. I usually plan to play on Fridays after school (4:00) until church (7:30) and Saturdays (3:00 if I have work - if not, then noon) until church (6:30) because I always leave my homework for Sundays anyway.

But with my social life really picking up in the past year, (again, because I drive myself everywhere now), a lot of that time is spent on my friends in real life. As a result of all of this, I'm really at a loss because my gaming time has now been reduced to almost nothing and if I were to cut back somewhere else in order to play more often, I would have to cut back on my time on Gamespot.

What's more, I'm writing this blog just a week after complaining about the general lack of activity on Gamespot recently, so I really feel hypocritical about this. As Green said, the irony is strong with me. But since many of you are active more during the weekends than the weekdays, I think it would be fine if I switched to gaming in my free time during the week, and going on Gamespot on weekends.

But for all of you reading this; I would like your opinion on this issue. Now that you all know about my situation, what would you all recommend me to do? Do you think it's a good idea to game on weekdays and post on weekends? I wouldn't be completely absent during the week either, but I wouldn't be on that much.

One last thing - I can finally see my banner again! :D Hooray! :P

You know where to leave your comments. ;)

- Patrick :)

Because I was bored ...

Yup, that's why I was moderated. Last weekend, I was so bored that I just started going from forum to forum trolling and flaming sarcastically. I wasn't really trying to get myself moderated, but I definitely knew it was coming.

But silly me, I forgot about System War's "flaming = automatic 7 day suspension" rule, and I went into this thread about "teh MOD'S ubyoos of paowar" because I get pissed when to see that there are still people on this site who think "teh MODS" are out to get them or out to abuse their power. If anything, they should be pissed at the people who wrote the ridiculous TOU, not the moderators who are there simply to enforce those silly (in my opinion) rules.

Of course sometimes the moderators do misjudge (again, in my opinion) some infractions, but that can be dealt with in the "Ask the Mods" forum ... not System Wars. However, the moderators are, for the most part, right in their judgment and are able and willing to explain their position or point of view to anyone inquiring.

Besides, in the vast majority of moderations, someone else must have thought your post was offensive / insulting / disruptive / off-topic / etc. and reported you. If the moderator agrees, then you get that little envelope in your PM box that everyone looks forward to.

But back to the thread at hand. So I go into the thread to defend the mods, (ironic, isn't it), and I see someone posted "I agree, the mods here are very biased, I get modded for the lamest things" to which I responded "Maybe that's because you're the lamest thing. :|"

Apparently, my sense of humor was lost on Emaldon69 who was so offended that he reported me ... but he didn't stop there. He was dumb enough to keep coming back to the thread to insult me, and I reported him every single time. You won't see any of his posts or the one I was moderated for because they were all deleted.

His punishment for being offended by sarcasm and overreacting was a permanent ban, meanwhile I was only slapped on the wrist with a 7-day suspension ... which just goes to show - don't mess with me. :P

Anyway, the suspension was a nice vacation in what was an important and fairly busy week of school for me. Since my main distraction from homework (and even gaming sometimes) is Gamespot, I got some me-time to do some more of both. But now I'm back to reign my special brand of sarcastic terror on the forums again (well, maybe the next time I get that bored anyway :P).

I just want to address something before I end this blog: the reason I've been so bored on GS lately is because me, Jt, Green, Scianix, and N-REAL seem to be the only people who post blogs with any frequency anymore.

The rest of you (Hazel, Vyse, Chaos, Symphony, and Tombo to name a few) haven't posted blogs in several weeks, and some even a month or two (I'm looking at you Hazel and Tombo). I haven't even been seeing you guys in the forums much either with the exception of Hazel. Not to mention that Fangs surprisingly still has not made a GS appearance since I saw him on PSN a couple of weeks ago. :o

I'm aware that most of you guys are probably busy with school and life and what-not, but I can't remember that last time so many of you have absent for this long at the same time. That, plus the lack of any interesting topics in the PS3 forums have resulted in me roaming the Off Topic board and even System Wars too. :(

One last note to end this blog:
To all those who will be tuning in tomorrow, enjoy the Super Bowl. :D
I won't be cheering for either team because my Eagles were eliminated. :(

- Patrick

Welcome to my Basement (56K Warning)

Ever since we got our basement finished in the fall, I've been meaning to post pictures of my humble setup for you all to enjoy. Then the digital camera I got my mom on Black Friday gave me the means to do so. So, with some time this morning, I took a few pictures and uploaded them here to show you how I game!

Here is what you see when you first step into the room:
January2009074-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
32" Sony Flatscreen SDTV
60GB PS3
2 SIXAXIS controllers
2 Dualshock 3 controllers
Jabra BT125 Bluetooth Headset
Logitech wireless USB keyboard & mouse
first two seasons of House on DVD
1 PS1 game
36 PS2 games
10 PS3 games

Here is what you'll see sitting on the couch directly in front of the TV:
January2009075-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
it's really a fantastic view
I love playing my PS3 here
it's nice and toasty down there
in this cold cold winter

Here is a close-up of my PS3, controllers, keyboard & mouse:
January2009076-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
excuse the messy USB wires,
I like to keep them in my PS3,
so they're always right there
when I need to charge my controllers

Here is a close-up of all my Playstation games (excluding Assassin's Creed which doesn't work):
January2009077-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
again, excuse the messy USB wires in the background
I think you can even make out the names of all my games
I ordered them how I felt like it

Here is a picture of me logged into PSN on my TV as proof that it's me:

for some reason,
the screen looks curved and blurry in the picture,
but it's flat and clear in person,
so I don't know what could be wrong

Here is another angle of the whole basement:
January2009078-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
you can see pretty much everything
except for the TV
and the extra chair

Finally, here is what the setup looked like when my cousin brought over his Xbox 360 over winter break:
January2009019-1.jpg picture by abdelmessih101
this one is absolute WIN
the TV does progressive scan over component cables
so my cousin's 360 had crisp, HD-looking graphics
it was a blast playing Halo 3 online

That's all for today. I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough of my new basement! :D

- Patrick