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Final Fantasy VII

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OK i was so lucky getting this game, it was almost impossible to find, my dad just came home with a used ps1 with some games (it was so random, i didn't even ask for it) then i thought there might be some cool game i never played. I had a ps1 before but i mainly played the tekken series and oddworld abe, i loved those games, they were so awesome, i can play them now and i'll enjoy them. Well anyway i check through the games by dad had bought, i saw lots of games that didn't appeal to me like pacman, well that's like the only one i really remember but there were some more. I never really was a fan of pacman. After i check through these games i find two games at the very bottom of the bundle, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, i was like sweet, i've heard some good things about these games. I played Final Fantasy VII earlier and i beat like half the game and i loved it soo much, sadly my save corrupted. Now i get a new chance to play this game. It's so awesome and I am so happy :D I'm going to only play this game and make multiple save files so it doesn't corrupt, i made a promise to myself, i must only play this game until i beat it, well thats it for my awesome day :P

10 Random Facts

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Ok i was tagged by RoseFlambe169, im supposed to write 10 random facts about myself, seems kinda hard but ill give it a shot :P

1) I love my DS more than I love my PS3

2) My all time two favourite games are Golden Sun Lost Age and Diablo II Lord Of Destruction.

3) I hate Chemistry and totally suck at it

4) I dont like cell phones, they really bother me :(

5) I'm going to move to South America cause I love spanish (dont like the spanish in Spain)

6) I like being independant

7) I used to box and love watching boxing

8) Hate basketball sooo much

9) I like reggae and spanish music and instrumentals and hate mainstream Hip Hop and R&B because nowadays they don't make any sense, i like old school hip hop :)

10) We're 5 boys in my family and im the third oldest

ok that wasn't too hard, now i guess it's my turn to tag three people

i tag




Good luck to you guys :P

Long ago Have I written A blog

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It's been a while since I've written a blog. I finally bought my new NDS, I got a Lite, didn't feel like getting the DSi, have been playing lots of games, i beat SMT Devil Survivor, probably gonna write a review now or sometime soon. Holiday is coming to an end, so sad, i'm gonna have to do all my homework this weekend, no more enjoyment, well maybe some gaming, it sux that teachers give homework over holidays, it so stupid, we get enough work during school. I've had a great week otherwise. Met with lots of friends, played lots of games. Today my brother came home with a new PS3 game, I usually never play the PS3 but this time was an exception, he brought Tekken 6! I had to play it, I've always loved the Tekken series, been playing them since i was 5 and i loved it. It's an awesome game, if you're thinking of buying it, dont think just buy it! I'll be off now and probably study some chemistry, and then some awesome tekken ;)


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Ok, i finally got my new joystick for my psp since somehow mine broke, i blame it on my younger bros, anyways as soon as i got it i had to fix my psp cause i couldnt play any games, the character would move on its own even though i removed the joystick so i've spent my whole day just playing this very awesome game Motorstorm Arctic Edge, i was studying throughout this whole week due to tests and whatnot so finally i get SOME free time so i played and it was awesome, graphics were awesome, i checked the gamespot review and i think it deserved more than 7,5/10, same with gran turismo, i havent played GT but it looks pretty cool, and what he said about the Motorstorm online has not happened to me yet but it is a little laggy and hard to play online but still enjoyable, i just won my first online race and it was so awesome :D Right now i think i gotta go to sleep so i can wake up early and not come late for school and i will see you later my friends (well not really) ;)

Level up :)

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yes at last i have leveled up, i havent been online on gamespot for a while due to massive amounts of school work but anyways its the weekend so i just plan to chill. I've been playing my little bro's ds a little but i want my own, its not the same borrowing his plus it would actually be kinda cool playing with him too.

I just got my monthly 270 $ so i plan on buying a new ds, im having trouble deciding whether or not it should be the DS Lite or DSi, i wanna play online without having to change my router encryption to WEP and plus if the DSi's hinge doesn't crack i'm probably gonna get that but then i cant buy anything else this month, ill be poor :(

ok wow..

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OK to begin with my day has been so bad, i didnt go to school cause i felt bad, instead while i was at home i decided to work on my DS since the shell was broken and all, and my replacement thing came the earlier day. I look up these guides and all and found 2 awesome ones. I worked for so long, about 5 hours give or take probably give. I was so frustrated all these little sensitive wires and all. I tried my best but you know doing your best isn't always enough and yeah in this case it wasn't, i messed up and bricked my ds, i got so mad, after working for 5 hours i brick my ds, i mean im not that angry cause ill get a new one at the end of the month ( i get like monthly income from government for going to school, everyone gets it around here after ninth grade) anyways with that money i can afford a new DS and i really need a DS since i've got games that i wanna complete and dont wanna sell and i thought it was the greatest console. Anyways my dad has been bad, tomorrow i have no school so i guess im just gonna study since i cant do much else, my psp's joystick is messed up and haven't been bothered fixing that.

Put all that aside there has been something that has relaxed me after all that trouble, first i sent this anonymous text to this girl in my class since i was bored, excited to find out what has happened as something chaotic happens everytime xD second Three Days Grace just released their new album Life Starts Now and have been listening to that for the day, anyways thanks for reading about my bad day, gonna go study now :(


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I dont like Sundays very much, theyre quite lame, i always spend my sundays doing my homework, im always hanging with friends playing games and such on other days, not much to do around here in the small city i live in, its been kind of a nice day, did some of my homework and played games, not much to do really but it was nice, just chilling. My brothers and parents weren't home so it was nice and peaceful around the house, got to just sit on my bed and play my ds without someone coming into my room telling me what i should be doing rather than playing.

I also just finally finished this awesome book "Catcher in the Rye", cant get it off my head, it was so good, its about a guy, 17 years old, Holden Caulfield who cares less about school than others would, he doesnt want to succeed in school because he doesn't really want to become a responsible adult (he finds them phony) he hates everything that is phony, he finds a lot of things phony as well, i expected a different end to the book but this end was better than i expected, its a great book, read it if you have time, some people really hate this book and some just love it, i just loved it :)

Emblem! :)

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sweet, my first emblem :P, i cant believe it, i've been a member so long and i get my first emblem now, i'd say its cause i really havent been into gaming until i started high school which is kinda wrong but you gotta have something to relieve your stress and for me thats gaming :D we get homework like everyday so im basically studying all the way till the night so i cant really go out since i need to sleep early and all so i just play some awesome ds games :D and finally my new shell replacement has arrived and i will now try to change it! (my ds hinge cracked) :(

Jaaay Ah!

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Ok finally my chemistry test is over, didnt go too well but it doesn't really matter since i wont take it next year, but at last i get to just chill and play some awesome games, gonna go with some friends later though, dont know if i should do that or play ds :P nah just kidding of course ill go with friends, not that addicted :D but then of course when i get back home ill play ;) well its nice writing this cause i feel so free :)


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Ok school is really beginning to become boring, my friend is traveling to barcelona for the week, tomorrow we have a chemistry test, i dont really understand anything cause my teacher is so freaking boring and she doesnt even speak proper english so its kinda hard understanding her. Well anyways i tried to study, hopefully i dont fail :( and I REALLY HATE CHEMISTRY, been studying so much, cant play all these awesome games i've gotten lately, cant wait till the weekend, school will be over and i just get to play (DEVIL SURVIVOR&SCRIBBLENAUTS) and hang with friends :) AND NEXT WEEK WE GET A DAY OFF WOOHOO! but then we get another test on friday, about politics, another subject i dont like ...... oh well the world is filled with things people dont like, you just gotta get used to them

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