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10th Anniversary

On Gamespot.

This would be a great occasion if I actually came here as much as I used to. Now it just feels kinda weird.

I remember back in 2008-ish I thought the idea of a 10th anniversary on here was exciting, but weird as hell. Now (from what I can tell) GS is a husk of its former self. I know the redesign killed it for a lot of people, but I thought it would pick back up. I'd guess not, but then again I have barely browsed around.

Go me for not quite making it 10 years.

No, Gamespot, I do not want to post this to any forums.

I Forgot That I Am 9

Also known as my Gamespot Anniversary. I think it was the 29th of September just passed, so go me for having a long, long e-penis.

I fully expect this blog to not go through as the NEW NEO-GAMESPOT is fucking nuts and buggy as shit. I'm not even sure I can write in that kind of explicit language. All will be known when I hit the mighty orange button that says "I'm Done, Publish!" (bitch)

So edgy.

I'd say I'll probably post more, but every time I've said that in the past it hasn't ever come to fruition. So, should I say I won't post more...?

Who's even reading blogs anymore?

Composing Mail and Dispersing Blogs

So I haven't blogged in what... four months? WELL IT'S HARD TO BLOG WHEN NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Nothing at all has really happened in the past four months. I'm still wasting away. Still sitting about doing nothing when I have all the free time in the world. I'm still making music with my band and our new EP just came out. The link's below.

I did however write a letter today. Something I don't think I've done since 2003 ish. Before the dawn of the internets anyway. I don't know why I did it, but I did. Who knows if it'll get sent where it's going... that's one thing Email has over normal Mail. You know it's gonna get there.

What's happening with you Gamespotters? I haven't commented in many blogs really, even though I'm here every day. I guess I'll go through a few now. 

Link to the EP

Also, writing is hard.


I suppose I could link my Twitter too. Be warned as a lot of my tweets are nonsensical. Linktothelank.

New Years and a Whole Lotta Films

At the start of 2012 I gave myself a task and it was to watch 365 films in 365 days. I didn't mean like literally watch one a day, as any number of things could come up and prevent that. I just meant at the end of the year I'd have watched the same number of films as there was days.

and I did it.

Shown here are every single film I've watched in 2012. It begun with a JGL film '50/50' and ended with another called 'Premium Rush'. It was actually slightly easier than I thought it'd be once I got my head around 2 a day at least (in the past month), but for a few months around September I started slacking. It's not a thing I hope to do again any time soon, but it was a fun little task I set for myself.

Now, 2013... I'm planning on completing/dedicating (See: Raptr) at least 52 games this year. That's one for every week. Again, something might turn up any random week so I'm just going to reach 52 at any pace. It'll be updated by my Giant Bomb lists and my Raptr Profile. Wish me luck.

Thanks to Foolz3handKingkilla3 for the idea. THEY MAH BROS

Whatever you guys do tonight or today, have a good one. See you guys in 2013!

Since Last Time..

  • I've leveled up once.
  • Both Halloween and Christmas have passed.
  • I've passed my driving theory
  • I've watched many, many films.
  • I've sent out applications to various Universities

Some minor, some major but stuff happened all the same. I don't know why I haven't blogged much, but I'm still here. My parents bought me a new computer for Christmas, and I can finally properly game on this machine.

Very excitedI'll keep this one short, so what did you guys get for Christmas?

Mr. Big's Now Eight

Since the last blog I have leveled up to the rank of "Mr. Big" which is coincidental as it is also my 8th anniversary on Gamespot.Things have changed so much since I first started coming here. Oddly enough the site has gotten glitchier somehow.. not sure how they messed that up.

It's actually kind of weird how long I've been coming to this website. I basically spent my whole high school experience browsing the forums and posting in unions. I've seen many faces come and go, and recently it seems more people are going, but I think I'll stick it out.

Here's to 10 years?

Thanks for reading.

...and now I'm 20

So it's my birthday and I'm 20 years old. It feels the same of course, but it's weird that 10 years ago I was still in Primary School, completely unlike my current self. The past 20 years have been pretty great (especially the past 10) and here's to 20 more.

I'll post my haul later this week, assuming I get anything. Thanks for reading.

A Year Out

Long time (a month ish) no blog, so here's one just before school starts.

September 1st starts my year out of school and I will spend it doing a few tasks I've set for myself. These include (but not limited to)..

  • Learn to drive
  • Get fit
  • Get a job
  • Get UCAS done (a thing for University)
  • Create a portfolio (also for Uni)
  • Get Maths GCSE

The last one will be a night class every Tuesday down in my old college, so it's something to do at least. Pretty much everyone I know has been pretty encouraging for me to keep going with the list so I think it'll be a fun enough year.

I hope I don't just waste it away by doing nothing all day as that'd be extremely boring and tiring. I got a taste of that Tuesday and Wednesday of this week and it was not fun in any way.

I also plan on finishing my quadruple+ album with my band Slave Beaver Revolt. Here's a link to our soundcloud to hear our crazy, crazy songs. No shame :3

Until next time, GS.

Why Can't I (Come Up With a Good Title)

Speaking of titles, I see they've fixed leveling up finally. I'm not sure when they did it, but they took their time. Speaking of time... there's only half of the summer left to laze around before I decide on getting a job for a year, or continue on with my college courses. Tough choice, but I'm leaning towards the former.

Since this is Gamespot I should mention that during the Steam Summer Sale I acquired (through the help of my kind brother) Torchwood and Mount & Blade: Warband. I haven't started Torchwood, but Warband is extremely fun. I sunk 4 hours into it last night just figuring out the main campaign stuff.

I am also close to finishing A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin. It's really foreshadowing/leading towards something big that may be in this book or the next ( 1300 pages D: ) but I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Personal life if the same as usual. Nothing much happening besides a few planned camping trips in the coming weeks. That'll be something different indeed.

QUICK! Here's a funny gif from Reddit...