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Just got my PSP

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I just got my PSP on the 13th and today i got 5 games for it, this thing is like an x-box graphics!


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Boy i hope i will become a moderator. I got a message from a guy named nightspiderXL and i am one of the people who might become a moderator

80 forum posts

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I have now reached the milestone of have written 80 forum posts

March 24

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March 24th is now the biggest upcoming day on my calendar!

Awrd= yipee!

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I just got an award for amount of freinds yipee!


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Woe is ye that buyeth the DS

PSP is so awesome you could eat it

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PSP is so awesome and it's coming out on March 24. I'm gonna buy the value pack, Spider-Man 2, Star Wars:Revenge of The Sith, and a 256 megabyte- 1 gigabyte memory card. And maybe a couple extra accessories.