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want a new game but which?

hello everyone!how is everyone doing?i been fine if i say so myself.lately i have been playing games by myself and also just got into a new game that i should've tried long ago at it's debut release.

assassin's creed 2:this is the first time that i actually played the game and i have to say i am very impressed in what this game has to offer.it feels like a bit of zelda which is why i love it.i would not mind getting assassin's creed brotherhood now but not until this one is beaten.i think ima also go for platnium but then that will mean i will have to search for all 100 of those feathers.i been all over the place and i only found 15 feathers so far so i kno that it's gonna be repetitive.i dont mind though,just another reason to keep the game longer.of course im gonna beat it b4 searching for everything else but that is just how many feathers i found while going through the storyline.i will eventually find them all.

castlevania lords of shadows update-have'nt been playing it too much since i brought the ac2 but i did beat the 2nd titan that throws a whole bunch of dam rocks at you.not too repetitive unless your're playing it on hardest like i am...:P

zelda link to the past update-have'nt been playing it but i am this weekend.

and not to 4get what the topic suggest,im thinking of getting a new game but im uncertain of which it should be.its out of dead space 2,dead rising 2,or gran turismo 5.hopefully one of you guys will be able to tell me which is real good so i dnt buy a game and it turn out becoming a disappointment.and also on a side note,expect an Dante's Inferno review real soon.i will greatly appreciate it if you all were to check it out once done.

well,i must attend to some important homework and then get into these games more.so till the next blog post!

''hedgehog out''

Lets Start Fresh Shall We?!

well my name is aal.i like applesauce and i really love to drink mickey D's ice tea!(sarcasm,its the most disguisting substance of a drink that has ever slipped down my esophagus!)i mean,i would really have to pour a whole bag of domingo's sugar into that cup just to get it sweet!lol.ok,that may be too many and kill me but im just exaggerating.:D anywho,how is my fellow gamers doing on this particular wonderful and pleasant day?on my end however,it is snow everywhere,im trapped in my house,its windy outside but hey!the sun is out a little bit so i guess all is well right?!(sarcasm...ima die out here!!!)well as the topic states,im making a fresh start to expect to see me alot now.my old piece of crap cpu that had a mind of it's own decided to let itself say hey!im just gonna permently shut down my monitor interface and get some enternal sleep.that cpu would literally just stay on for about 5 mins tops and then just shut right off.like comeon!my hamster runs more energy then this piece of crap!!!but yea,i finally decided to buy a cpu of my own for once and its a samsung n145 netbook.im not too fond of netbooks but i have to say that i am very impressed of all the crap that this little baby can handle!

And since i got this new cpu,i can blog my gamer butt off flawlessy without having to wait like 15mins just so the dam thing can submit a blog post.(it really seems that long tho so i cant even be sarcastic on that one...:()and we go onward to the part where i talk about my gamimg progress,yayy!!dnt we all love hearing of how we get thru our games?!:lol:

ps3 trophies-well as you may already know,i am a ps3 fanboy.i have around 880 trophies and currently a lv12 trophy hunter with 6 platniums.im still going aiming even higher!

ps3 specific game progress-currently playing castlevania lords of shadow.i really dnt like the 3d versions of any castlevania but this particular one happened to actually please me.im loving it alot so far and the momments are great,the gameplay is just awesome,and the graphics are just flawless!i can save that kind of talk for a review tho right?lol.im currently in chapter 2 on the second episode after you get the spike chain upgrade for your cross.hold up a sec...why do so many games have cross for weapons now?look at dante's inferno.great game but a overpowered cross.dnt get me wrong,if i jumped in hell to save a girl,i would want that power by my side at all times as well.even tho i dnt kno y anyone would jump in hell for anything...:? but there are many more games like that tho.

specific random game-downloaded the snes emulator and currently playing zelda link to the past since it was literally the only zelda game that i never beat.i always got stuck in the temple that was surrounded by sand that u can only get into by using that magical book.mark my words,i will beat this game!and u guys will be my witness!:D

well i think thats enough for one blog.i think my fingers just made a spark.i have to figure out how to copy and paste pics onto blogs on this netbook since the original way doesn't seem to work for some strange reason and thats not good.if anyone knows a solution to this,please fill me in.i will catch u gamers later!

''hedgehog out''!(and a sonic suppose to be here.dammit!!!):cry::shock:8)

been slacking off,lol.

wats up my fellow GS brethren?!it feels great to come back on here and still see all the old friends i have posting and commenting on eachother's blogs.where have i been exactly?well i been gaming and schooling my you know wat off,lol.been on my ps3 schooling the noobs and trash talkers putting them in there place!as in gaming wise,i have just about all of the latest games and even considering doing reviews of the games on particular days.here's what i been playing for the past months...

Call Of Duty-Black Ops-been playing the crap outta this game ever since it's release date.it's an ok game but there is more features they could've put towards it.currently rank 30 8th prestige.im real good too so expect beautiful k/d's from me!:D

Marvel V.s Capcom 3-really love the game but its missing a whole lot.wheres the extra modes like survival mode and a whole lotta characters should've made a cut.the dlc is coming out shortly but just shuma gorath and jill valentine.other than that,i really enjoy the game and can kick butt.ranked matches out of 13 matches i won 11 and my main team is zero,trish and wesker.

Naruto Storm 2-a beast in the game.got an online record of 50 and 20,favorite character is hidan,and got the platnium.getting a plat in the game is annoying since your total play time will be about 80 hours in total and alot of extra stuff has to be done.there's only one thing i dnt like about the game,and thats the fact that online doesn't have lobbies.if it had lobbies,it would be perfect.great game tho.

well,im off to game my butt off.feel free to add my psn and we can pop some heads or duke it out in sparring.

''hedgehog out'':)

only life can make a gamer disappear

wats up everyone!i sure hope nobody has forgotten about me,because i certainly have'nt forgot about any of you!i been pretty much ok,almost everything is the same except how my mom still acts when it comes to school grades(which obviously means i still get grounded for long periods of time for having pretty much good report cards.im 17,aint i a little too old to be getting grounded like im a 7 year old?!when this school year started,i failed the first marking period with 4 subjects and i got home only to find that my games and everything was taken away.the second marking period i failed 2 subjects and she still did'nt care.the 3rd,i failed 1 subject and she did'nt care.i happened to get my transcript to see how many credits i have and i have 16.20 credits.the second term started and i failed just 1 subject the first marking period,and the second marking period just ended yesterday.i got high hopes for this report card that i might actually pass all subjects this time,but it is always that one subject u have each year that just screws you over,in my situation it is math.but i am a sophmore and i need 20 credits by the end of the year.i dnt get credits in my math subject for some reason even if i pass it with a 65.only if passing the regents will i get 1 credit for it.my guidiance counseler said that if i pass all my other subjects for the rest of this term (which i am)i will have like 23 or 24 credits by the end of the school year which is passing to the next grade,so really school is not a issue,my home is wat the issue is.

Anywho,as for gaming,i cant play my games but i still remain a ps3 fanboy with all of the next-gen consoles at my disposal with all the best games.even though i cannot play my games,i decided on saving money to buying stuff for them and made it a habit until my punishment is subsided.with 7 month of punishment passed and still grounded,i brought a truckload of new things for my games.here is everything i got that i did'nt even get a chance to try out yet..


wireless keypad(attaches to controller)$50

playstation eye$40

turtle beach px21 headset(byfar the best headset u can get)$80

god of war 3$60

white knight chronicles$60


tekken 6$60

modern warfare 2(i played it on 360 alot oftimes,im really good!)$60

dragon ball z burst limit$20

dragon ball z raging blast$60

uncharted 2$60

super street fighter 4$40


tatsunoko v.s capcom(i lovethe v.s series and zero&viewtiful joe happens to be in this one!)$50

naruto shippuden clash of ninja revolution 3(the best fighter for wii,my opinion)$50

red steel 2(it used to take place in tokyo,now it's western.what the hell?!)$50

super mario bros wii(played it so many times,i dnt even want to play it no more)$50

no more heroes(im new to this franchise)$20


messenger kit $40

halo reach(reserved)$65

super street fighter 4$40

tekken 6(played it and im realgood.i can murder on the ps3 version)$60

army of 2 40th day(great with friends)$50

splinter cell conviction $60

nba 2k10(i dnt like sport games like that but im good in this one)$60

madden 10(the same with this,lol)$50

modern warfare 2(u kno i gotta get it for both systems!:D)$60

now as u can see,that is $1185 spent in the last 7 months that cant even be used.im pretty much set once i can game again.so many friends at skool are always asking what happened to me and that u got the most screwed up mom ever.some friends say that its gonna be like x-mas in the summer once u get gaming again.i am usually a very cool calm,and outta the way,dnt talk to anyone type of guy but i recently had a arguement with my mom saying that if u try to ground me for all of may,then im running away to live wit my grandfather.because believe it or not,i do absolutly everything for my mom.i clean the house,watch my 3 sisters for her like 5 days a week while she works,and even end up stuck with my sisters when she wants to go hang out and have fun at a party with her friends.before she leaves,she would say something like''feed my kids''and then leave the house.dam,i love my sisters an all but im their brother,not their freaking father!she just goes beyond herself all the time and takes complete advantage towards everything.i dnt expect anything from doing anything but there is a limit of how much i can take and i just about had enough.

see,now im sure everyone that reads this completely knows about my situation and im basically an angel burning in a customized hell right now.forgive me for my disappearance but now u kno the reason of it.expect to see alot of blogs from me now though because im gonna be on alot now.

(updates to look forward to)

*starting new game stories on my blogs again but starting it all over with a new look,title,and of course the pictures that give it it's unique touch for those who kno about how i can make a game related story!:D

*for games i have managed to play and beat,expect to see a ''Aal's game review''blog at least once or twice every 2 weeks.once i get off punishment,it will be on a specific day each week for a particular game that was beaten that week by Aal.

*also feel free to add my psn ''devilbrinnger''.i wont be able to accept the request for god knows when but when punishment is over,i will accept it on the spot.

*and like i said earlier,expect to see a message from me like every other day for now on because i am gonna be real active for now on.

ok,i think i wasted enough of yur time with my problems.send me comments whenever u guys getthe chancebecause i will be looking forward to them.

''hedgehog out''th2c963fea23ecedd4.gif sonic run image by xx_clauu

The Season Of Giving Is Here!!!

it's the season of giving!prepare for the fat chubby guy to come crashing down to your chimmney bringing every gift you could ever ask for and eating all of your cookies and milk while your sleep.dam,who wants a fat bugluar in red and white leaving toys under your tree and eating your snacks?me!if cookies and milk is what it takes to get any present you want then dam,who would'nt want to make a sacrifice like that?!:lol:.well back to reality,how was everyones thanksgiving?i know mines was great and i hope that it was the same for everyone else.i was so stuffed that it felt like i was gonna explode.i had like 13 different meals to choose from,had family over from my country,and my girlfriend and her family even came over to my house and had a get together with us for the thanksgiving,wat more can i ever ask for for a good thanksgiving?:D.

well as for gaming,i am currently punished until my next report card which will be december 9th because of my previous report card,so basically i have been punished for all of november.i recently brought modern warfare 2 for ps3 and naruto shippuuden clash of ninja 3 for wii and i have about a week left before i can finally try out both games for the first time.i failed 4subjects on my first marking period because i am always lazy on my first markng period and then always decide to do well on all my others.i feel that it is a perfect way to get to know what is going on in eachsubject without having to overstress yourself with mad work.well thats school for you,always outta your way an very tedious at times.

as for the holidays,i am looking forward to a whole lotta things.this is gonna be my last childhood christmas so im gonna make the best of it.being 17 and all,you can never be too old to not celebrate the spirit of christmas,and it's not just for the presents,its to remind you of the people you love and care about and spend your life with.as for the presents,i am gonna be getting a new psp 3000 with the dissidia bundle,a new xbox 360 elite,and 3 games for each system that i have.im also saving up $300 so that i can get somthing nice for my love:D.

well,everything has been good for me and i would love to hear how all of your thanksgivings went.well i will catch you guys later and happy holidays!:D

Sonic_Thanksgiving.jpg sonic party image by xtremebroly

AAL-Bak In Action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey guys!how u been?hav u forgotten about me?i kno i have'nt forgotten about any of u.lately i hav just been lazy and finally decided that i should just my lazy butt up and continue posting just like the good old times.well regards of my disappearances,there has been a whole lot of stuff goin on and alot of stuff that im looking forward to this year and the upcoming year.let me label some of them little by little...


2825606372_0d871ee08c.jpg ps3 headset image by zerozero23

according to my researching,sony developers are planning to make the ps3 have cross chat capability by the end of the month of october.was is cross chat you ask?well if u have live for your 360 then you should automatically kno what it is.its when you are able to freely voice chat with all of your friends regardless of whatever game you are playing.for example,i am playing sonic unleashed when my friend is playing call of duty 4,i can voice chat with him without having to be on the same game or having to be on the XMB screen just to voice chat with him.considering that i am a ps3 fanboy,i am definately looking forward to this!:D

wii speak compatible with all wii games???

WiiSpeak_01.jpg Wii Speak image by tekkno89

i honestly dont kno anything about this device but from what i think it is,it might be a headset for the wii or better yet,the wiiset.well all i kno about it is that u can talk to it to interact with the characters in that animal crossing wii game but on a wii website that i found,they said that they were gonna use this device in the future so that all wii users would be able to chat with eachother on online wii games.now if they could just change the dumb friend codes thing then the wii would be twice as fun.

psp go....AWAY!!!!!

sony_psp_go_3.jpg PSP Go 2 image by THE_HARIi really see no point in buying this version of the psp.it has no umd drive in the back,u cant change the differences in the brightness of the screen,and the fact that you can only play what you download off the internet really bites the dust.i personally rather the psp 3000 over this any day which i will be getting for christmas anyway!:Dmw2 & tekken 6,most anticipated games.1254905641.jpg call of duty modern warfare 2 image by sebasss112tekken6slider.jpg Tekken 6 Slider image by memeinitiativebelieve it or not,these are one of the 2 most anticipated games of this year,and the mumber 1 games on the top of my list to getting for both systems.i play call of duty alot and to be honest,the game is freaking addicting,but when i heard about a modern warfare 2,i was like wow i so have to get this game when it comes out.and as for the new tekken,i was even more excited about this game that i even took the time to reserve this game the second i heard about the release date of the game.i am super hype about these 2 games.well,i think i did enough for one blog,i am looking forward to comments though so feel free to show some luv!;)hedgehog out!:D

the animated ghostbuster returns???

Luigi.gif Luigi image by MASTERLINKXthough i was expecting this for quite some time now,joystiq said that luigi's mansion is working on a sequal for the nintendo wii.this news really suprised me but still,unless it actually appears on this website and i see someboxart or some kind of official proof that it is actually coming out,im in no kind of rush till then.like i said before in the past,i have no intention of selling my wii since i could probrably predict all of the new sequals that might come out for it,not to mention that new metroid created by team ninja or that new zelda title everyone is bragging about that is most likely a sequal to the (zelda-twilight princess)title.anyway i am really expecting this game's sequal to come out for the wii because it sounds like a great idea,and if it's not a good idea then i don't know what is.here is the link that i found that said that luigi's mansion is working on a sequal...


hope this is true so that i will have another excuse to spend 50 bucks!:lol:

ok,later gamers!:D

what do you find intruiging about gamespot???

although there are alot of people that love this website,there is always one question that pops into my mind,(what is the reason that most people even bother taking part of this website?)everyone has their reasons for taking part of this website.even myself of course have my own reasons for becoming a member of gamespot.all i want to know is what made YOU join gamespot?was it for friends?was it because you are a gamer and wanted to express your inner gamer to the world?or were you just so bored that you needed a virtual getaway?im sure everyone has a answer,so come on people fill me in!:D

i will express my own opinion as a comment later on!:)

so much to do once i start gaming again.............

wow where does the time go.so much can happen in just 8 months in the world of gaming.to be completely honest,ever since this year started,i have'nt touched a single game,yet more games for my ps3 and 360 keep coming in.how do i feel after a long 8 months and about 11 brand new games staring at my face begging to be played you ask?it is really taking a toll on me.what suks is that it's not just my privliges for playing video games that has been taken away,it's really just almost everything.i have to stay confounded in my room and the only things i can do is watch tv and go on the phone.i don't watch tv like that and im definately not a phone person so whats left to do,just sleep everyday.i can't even go outside when i want to,i literally have to ask everytime i want to and all i ever get is a no,so i never bother asking anymore.i checked both ps3 and 360 forums on the internet and so much has changed.8 months ago on playstation home,it was nothing but a beta and you could'nt even buy clothes,now you can buy clothes and they having scavenger hunts and stuff like that to get free expensive games.funny thing about x-box,i only got the 360 like a week before my punishment started which really suks because i was looking forward to playing some fable 2 or gears.i even know the exact day that my punishment started.if memory is correct,(december 22nd 2008 )real long time is'nt it?now put yourself in my shoes,how would this put a toll on you after all this time that has passed?btw,3 report cards ago,she told me that if i pass all of my subjects i can get my games back,yet i passed all of mysubjects on those 3 report cards and it is still confiscated.there is another report card coming this friday and i have to go to the school friday just to pick it up.i dont even care if she does'nt even give it to me anymore after this because mothers can be so confusing.you always do what they ask,and then when the time comes,they turn on you.well,see you guys next blog,i gotta go before i hear a yell to get off the computer.lol.

8 month punishment,and still going on................:(

hey guys,miss me?it's nice to come here and see you guys again cause i have'nt been here for months.as for what happened to me,i've been busy,busy dealing with my punishment.whats the reason you ask?it's because of school but it was no big deal,only failed 2subjects with a 65(which is not even failing).sounds pretty dumb but because i got 2 65's on 2 of my subjects,i lost my privliges to play any of my video games and could rarely go on the computer.how long has this been going on?for about 8 months now and it's still going on.i literally had to sneak on the computer when my mother went out just so i could get on here.dude this suks for me and i don't think anyone could have it harder than me.the average gamer probrably would've gone insane from bordomness after 8 months,especially when new games are still coming in for me and i have yet to play them.and then i play my 360,ps3 and sometimes wii online too.i got mad new games like infamous,prototype and remember the other games i got like street fighter 4 and killzone 2?i still did'nt get to play them just because of punishment.i still owe kcwsk8 a little one-on-one in call of duty 4,so dont think i forgot!:evil: so,how are things going for all of you guys after a long 8 months?i hope alot because if so,fill me in!:D