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Name: Amy

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Animal Crossing New Leaf

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Hey guys, so I'm thinking about picking up the Destiny Bundle. I have the White PS3 and think it would be perfect to add to the collection. Does anyone know of any current deals or promotions going on with the bundle? Also, have enough exclusives been released at this time to justify paying this much for a console? Keep in mind, I have a Vita AND a PS3. Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, I ended up getting the Transformer T100 and am typing on it now. Love it! :)

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Hey guys, I've had this undying urge to catch up on all the great Pokemon games I've missed. I haven't really played since yellow was out! I'm looking for the best cost effective way to catch up.. I'm thinking maybe a DS Lite since it has the GBA Slot too. Let me know y'alls opinions..thanks!

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Been looking at a few but want to get one for work that has Office home and student installed already. I've mainly been looking at the Microsoft Surface and the Asus Transformer 100.. which one of these would be the best deal? The surface pro 2 is outrageously high!

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@pillarrocks: Of those two, I would get the vita. The fat ps3's are awesome for backwards compatibility, but I had two give out on me. I ended up just returning the last one (had a gamestop warranty) and got the white super slim. I just picked up a vita yesterday and am loving it!

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Hey all, does anyone know if Gamestop is still doing the trade in bonus promotion towards the PS4's? I have a 500Gig Crystal White and am wanting to know about how much I can expect from them for it. I know I would be better off just selling it private party, but if anyone knows the trade-in value I would appreciate it!

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As everyone else has already said, get Fire Emblem, you won't regret it. Resident Evil: Revelations and Final Fantasy Theatrerhythm if you're a fan. 

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Heck, I still like the original Black OPs. Haven't spent too much time on Black Ops2, although I was glad I purchased it for less than 60 bucks. They're all the same in my opinion, with a fresh coat of paint for each "new" one!