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King of Fighting I Tournament

Well, this coming Sunday, I'll be hosting in my apartment the King of Fighting Tournament, sponsored by my store (EB Games)

Since this is the first of 3 KOF tournaments, I'm only using 7 games this coming Sunday...Let me know what you think.

  • Virtual Fighter Evolutions PS2
  • Tekken Tag PS2
  • Street Fighter Hyper Fighting PS2
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 PS2
  • Bloody Roar Primal Fury GC
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee GC
  • Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 SNES

I am aware there are a lot more games that should be there, but keep in mind, there are 2 more KOF's on the way. 

Nintendo United members, you get a special treat, I will post the offical "Menu" design and invite in the threads.  I wish some of you could be present to represent NU.  Peace.

TMY: Marvel vs Capcom 2

Well, in this Tell Me Why.

I'm stuck in a bind.  This coming Feb 18 (Sunday), I'll be hosting a fighting game genre tournament in my apartment dubbed the "King of Fighting".  So far I'll be have games in the likes of Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros., Tekken, Soul Caliber.

I am fully aware there are more series out there, but I'll be having at most 6 games on tournament day.  One of the games in question is Marvel vs Capcom 2.

I heavily prefer SF Alpha 2 or SF 3rd Strick over this game.  I was the big underdog in my store, by a vote of 12 to 3.

What is it with Marvel vs Capcom 2?

Tell Me Why: Super Smash Bros. Melee

K, so I'll start my new blog for 2007 as a rant dubbed TMW...tell me why.

Tell me why, some people are overly obsessed over SSBM!?  Now the reason I ask, is because, I used to be a core fighting genre fan...so you know that includes SF series, MK, Soul Caliber, Tekken, VF.  And some other notable greats.  But at my 3rd job (EB/Gamestop) we have a dispute over the best fighting games.

Now, set things straight, yea I'm a Nintendo fan...but that doesn't mean I HAVE to like everything Nintendo...that is a fan(boy).  But, fanboy's are good too in my opinion, because they are just being loyal to there team/product.  (Like ie, Yankee fans are hardcore fanboys...Boston anyone!? lol)

Anyway, I don't think SSBM is a great fighting game...I think it's fun...but I also think it falls under a 'party' game.  It's not a pure fighter in my views.

So, tell me your views.

Friday the 13th

Looks like that time of year is coming back, Friday the 13th.

Has anything every happened to you on this superstitious day?

The only thing that has happened to me that I can recall was losing my first cell phone.  :(

Response to a Response

here is the link the the last state of the union response from a recruit...it was one of the best responses since it caused me to respond back with my response.

just because i lead Nintendo United, doesn't mean i am closed to opposing opinion or veiws...just get ready to defend em.

here's the link, look at the very bottom, disamercia and a99asix.

( 3/22/06, this blog was before the GS change, once the GS was changed all links died, so therefore, the link is also not working anymore...sorry)

State of the Union up

well, my state of the union address is now up...i can only wonder the effects it will take on my members? will it? has it? is there a use to my state of the union addresses? well, only my members can answer that, or any one for that matter who reads it.

and as long as it gets a comment, i will continue to state the union every month.

What did you think of the state of the union?


Pre-State of the Union

well, we were at our highest point of success representing Nintendo in GS, we were at peak level 7. and slowly, as summer arrived, we fell back to 12.

i kinda of figured all unions would have a "halt" in their boost...but i was wrong. it seems that not all fell to the summer blues. but i'm not too "mad" about it, just concerened. i dont' want this union to fall into the black of GS shadows and such. nintendo needs to shine, even if it is the name itself. i mean, it's summer, what more can one do...who stays inside now-a-days. heck, even as a union leader i haven't been on as much...even to other unions that granted me the "mod" status...please don't demote me...i will keep to my word stated in my past state of the union. i will be helping all unions i am mod in, and those affiliated with Nintendo United.

i haven't answered much questionaire either from some new members...the pms are overflowing. please, if you are one who pmed me, i will get in touch with you asap. (you can sak mods the same question too)

well that's enough for now. ttyl.

Nintendo United/Work

man, it's really time consuming. I'm not complaining, and don't want to sound like it. but, i am trying to see the success of Nintendo United. I am sure my members, my officers, of my Union want to see it's success also. I really don't want to let them down. If only I can have a co-leader, with the same wave length as I, so that I am fully comfortable to not visit GS for a day or two, and still come back to the Union running good. i have some good officers right now that do that. kinda disappointed in 1 of them. i thought that person would be a bigger contributor than some of my other officers. but i was wrong. but hey, mistakes do happen. till next time.

My new Staff at Nintendo United

i have to say, i'm particularly thrilled with my new staff...since promoting the 3 new officers, a quick spur of bulletins and board topics came about. the energy is much different now, so is the union banner by BTN. if only GS had an other type of promotional level, because there are 2 officers in mind that i wish i can show them more, of how much appreciation i have for what they have done. but i am at a constant end of just saying thank you.

Adario, Nintendork2, and Tsuihoruo, (i dunno if i spelt it wrong...lol, sorry) i am very happy to have them on board as officers...don't make me proud though, make N United and the members proud.

Check us out Nintendo United

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