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Good ol Medal of honr

Well i got this game at mid night (i cant remember the date) but it was my first mid night release. But when i got home and played it, i was amazed at how much they improved on the multiplayer. Also, i think that this was the first game that the single player got me so attracted to the characters (not like the gay type of attraction lol). But i felt like i had to do everything not to get shot and help out my "brothers".

but ya i dont have much time to write about it so i will jsut leave it at ..... its better than Cod MW2

My new trophy status

well since i have been here i have gained a lot of trophies. I ahve 6 platnium trophies which consist of CoD MW2, CoD WAW, 007 quantom of solice, anarchy: rush hour, terminator salvation, and Ratchet and Clank crack in time.

also i ahve about 900 trophies so i m not doing to bad with my trophy to platnium ratio lol

level 21

after not being here for a long time and when i left i was at begging oflevel 20. so all my points have been from my like 1 post a week lol it only took me 2 months to get to it

MY birthday present

even though my birthday is a month away i got my present. i was a new 250 gig internal harddrive for my ps3.......and i love it. i got all my stuff downloaded even though it took my about 6 hours to get everything re downloaded and for some reason my map packs didnt download either........but all in all it was money well spent

trophies and my absence

well i have have really slowed down on posting here because i have went to a diffrent website.....

and of some updates

i got my first paltnuim trophy in terminator salvation and i am going for my second in COD WAW i jsut have to beat all the levels on vetern and i am almost half done so i should get it by the end of summer. and i ahve about 460 trophies gained about 200 over the summer and i dont even play a lot.

so thats about it anything new wiht you guys

my ps3's birthday

well my ps3 is one year old today.its had many hours and will ahve many more. i have collected close to 21 games 2 controllers and thats about wish happy birthday to her lol.