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New emblem and a New banner

Don't worry guys, I won't take much time of yours. So, just couple of small things to read:

1. I've received this new emblem , that's probably because I've been tracked by a lot of people. I really like the idea of making friends in here, but if I don't know you well; please don't expect me to track you back. I'm sorry if I sound rude, but I don't want to track too many people and can't manage time to read your blogs or reviews. Don't stop tracking me, cos it looks better :P but do show up at my blogs on a regular basis, I'll be at yours as I've mentioned at my last blog (this part isn't for my existing friends)

2. You probably haven't seen my new blog header. So here it is. The banner's also new :)

3. I'm doing night shifts at office from last week and i'm mostly at gamespot, so if you want to chat on MSN; here's my id vednor@live.com. I won't be very active at MSN though and plz don't send spams :P

4. Someone please help me get that damn outlier emblem…I'm dying to get that one, but it won't show up no matter what I do:x (canana, Dan_Lero plz help, if you read this).

5. That's it fan fun everyone and thanks for reading :)

Time for a new blog -on Gaming, Gamespot and Work

Haven't written any blog about myself yet. But I think it's time to write one, specially after reading FetusZeros' last blog.

What I've been doing:

At gamespot: totally hitting the forums and specially blogs..just to get more hits and make myself known to the community (though a very small part of it :P ) and get to know more people to make more friends. Well, honestly I've totally liked this site and i think this site worth the money we're paying. I haven't seen a single site with such disciplined moderators and decent people every part of the site. People are friendly and supporting and specially you got to know very updated gamers all around. I really am happy to be with you guys :D

What I've been playing:

I can't believe what I've been playing last couple of weeks. Cos, I'm playing Halo, which I thought i'd never play; only because I didn't like the look of the Master Cheifs' character :P (sorry Chris and other halo fans J ). And now I know I really have missed a very good tactical battle FPS. I'm not impressed with the graphics, compared to Assassins Creed or Crysis but compared to other FPS, Halo graphics a bit more degraded (not to mention I'm playing Halo PC).

Also playing FIFA08 as usual. I've totally memorized the game and I can beat anybody thinks he's a good FIFA gamers ;) :P seriously, I've playing real good these days. I'll upload some videos soon for sure, only if you guys watch…lol

At Work:

My company is publishing a new social networking site and it's mostly for local potentials. If any of you guys have seen the Hot or Not show on AXN, you might can imagine who a similar site can be. but that's not it, this site will have video, music and community which is planning to have more than 50,000 users in couple of months. A lots of online and offline marketing will be done and mostly offline marketing is going on. As some of you guys know that, I'm working as a Marketing Coordinator; I've always been busy these days…not too much time for myself. The only little time I get, I pour into gamespot..it's just like my new family now :) oh! Buy the way, if you guys want to get a gift for winning a flash game or atleast play for fun, here's the link take a pick if you want ;)

-----------------don't read if you hate arrogance------------------

By the way guys, it's not a complain but plz show up at my blogs, cos I do at yours all the time when you post a new blog and even when you reply my comment.

Community Interview ~ with KnightofFreedom

This site hasn't been easier for this person. He's struggled hard to build up his reputation and then introduced an awesome game to different forums. And honestly I'm surprised to see his skills on making story or writing 'em. He's no one else but KnightofFreedom. I hope you enjoy reading his answers as much as I did while asking. Here you go everyone, I give you KnightofFreedom.

ved What's your real name and where you live? Tell us something about your place.

knight Well my name is Ricardo. I'm from Portugal, but as of now im living in the US. I live in Pennsylvania as of now, it's a quite lil state and it's also there only state that starts with P.

What's the first impression about yourself when you look at the mirror?

Um, my Ego says Awesome, but me myself, well i would say someone how knows what he's doing.

A very important question..why do you like this site?

Well i first joined this site because i wanted access to some information on this game. after i had it, i tool a look around the threads and well i bumped in to this guy name dev_ron, well he told me about his union and how it was starting to grow. and since i never knew what unions were i just followed him. I guess what im trying to say is that I met alot of great people and I'm proud to have changed the lives of so many others.

I know this sounds stupid, but why do you like games?

Well most because they allow me to expand on my life, they let me expressive. There also alot of fun. (it's also fun being better than my father at something)

Any memory that you want to forget?

Um, yea happened last year but it's best i not talk about it.

Any memory that you never want to forget?

Well the only Great memory i know of so far is coming here and meeting all of you. other than that nothing really struck me as never want to forget.

Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you could've escaped?

None :)

What do you do for living? And do you like your job?

For a living. Well as of now i have a Job at a bar. I tend to work the coatroom, or im a waiter. But once in a blue moon I am a bartender. I don't get paid but thats cus i rely on tips. Yes i love my job, only weekends and i get to do almost anything. Also if any of you pass by my bar, be sure to say hi and plz tip your waiters, cus we really need it.

Beside all your hobbies, what makes you feel good?

Well I've always loved the presence of another body near me, you know kind when your with you lady and you snuggle. just to have a girl that loves me lay by me makes me happy. also babies, i don't know why but there so cute.

Everyone must have some sort of goal behind the amount of time they are inputting here. Do you expect anything form this community?

Well i Have alot of things in plan for my union. but Goal wise. I just want to make friends and change live. I don't have many friends in my area, only a few.

What's your idea about life?

Well if any of you read my Rules, you would know. but in life general it's the rules. My life? well I'm happy with it to the point that if i were to die right this moment after answering your question. I would be ok with it.

What's your favorite quote?

Sometimes, when you do something right, people will think you have done nothing at all. unknown

If you were asked to interview someone form this community, who'd be that person?

Well i would say dev_ron but he is no longer here. so I'm going to say the Interviewer of me.

What do you think of the interviewer?

A dear close friend of mine.

Thanks for your time Knight, I'm sure people'll enjoy reading about you

thanks to you to for having me.

Enter the Xbox 360 ~ Part - I

As the game industry is moving rapidly into the next generation of video game technology, Microsoft is always determined to overthrow Sony's PlayStation or any other console that that has successfully came closer to gamers. They've rebuilt the Xbox from the ground up. From the name to the look to hardware and features, the Xbox 360 is a radically different and more powerful machine than its predecessor. Far more than a video game console, the Xbox 360 is a total media center that allows users to play, network, rip and stream and download all types of media, including high-definition movies, music, digital pictures and game contents.

So what's the future of this fabulous gaming engine over the next couple of years?

My imagination says that the next Microsoft Xbox (the 361) will include HD Receiver satellite capabilities. Maybe they'll partner with Motorola, or buy that division, to deliver it. Even better - they could partner with the cable companies so that you get a free Xbox 361 free with Hi-Def cable or vice versa … this would be HUGE.

Counting on its' current accessories there is scope for the Xbox 360 to take over more living room technology functions.With its Hard Drive, it could act as a PVR, and perhaps provide extended TV guide features for Xbox live subscribers.

There's no arguing with the success of Microsoft's Xbox Live online gaming service. Xbox Live has created the first unified online console-gaming community, boasting more than millions of subscribers. The older PlayStation 2 can take multiplayer games online too, but users needed to buy an extra network adapter to do so. Also, Sony left it up to each game company to build and host its own online gaming community, so the PlayStation 2 never offered the online structure like the way Xbox does.

Nothing's perfect and neither is Xbox. Most of the good features though for the 360 are sold separately as add-ons (HD-DVD tells you anything?) which to me is a shame. They claim it to be a perfect multimedia machine yet it fails at doing so for the simple fact that it comes even more expensive than a full complete PS3 if you want to experience the same type of multimedia plat-forming.

Since if you don't care for the add-ons in question, you don't need to own them and therefore you save money instead of adding a few extra bucks to have something useless to you. The 360 to my eyes is filled with contradictions in one way or another. Powerful engine but often faulty from what we have seen. Good multimedia plat-forming but you need the wallet that goes with it. Seems to have good online play, but you need a subscription and pay to play online, which isn't the case with any other consoles as of now. Which I think can be resolved with the flow of time.

Xbox has great potential and have what it needs for a successful future if they work around these tiny contradictions, which in today's gaming can mean a lot. But they will always offer a great service if you have a problem. I've never been down with most Microsoft products since they are filled with flaws and easily leaked, they don't have the best security we can say, but if there's something I have to give them is the service. Numerous time did I have to contact them on the internet for minor problems with their products and rare would I wait even an entire day for a complete solution to my problem. They know how to treat their customers and probably are the reasons as to why they've gotten so far in every project they started.


level gained and sorry

Hi guys..i'm sure you had fun last two days and i'm sorry that i couldn't be active on that time. i was busy with a project and only came at gs to check my pms and blog comment. i really thank you guys for liking the interview with canana and i'm glad that you've showed up to support me :) and i also have a good news as you all can see that i've gained a new level Phoenix Down :P

Community Interview with canana

Hello everyone. This is my first community interview and my first guest is canana. I don't have to speck much about him, as he's one of those names at GS who are familiar to many. To some he's a great leader (specially at sector 7), to some he's an active community person/blogger and to many he's a good friend. I'm really glad that he's agreed to do this interview with me…so I won't keep you guys waiting for more form cananas' life :)

-What's your real name and where you live? Tell us something about your place.

canana My real name is Marco.Well,i live in a small town in the south interior of Portugal,Estremoz.Everyone knows everyone,and i also work there.Just google it,it's there :)

- What's the first impression about yourself when you look at the mirror?

canana Well,short and sweet:I'm geting old :)

- A very important question..why do you like this site?

canana I've found GS by simply luck,i was searching for some info about a game.I visit GS since 2003,but i've only register in Oct 6,2006.I was too active and i didn't knew nothing how great GS was,all the comunity,all the great information about new games.

- I know this sounds stupid, but why do you like games?

canana I'm a gamer since 1985.When my father bought me a ZX-Spectrum i wasn't expecting too much,but,then there was a N64,SNES,NES,Dreamcast,PSone,PS2,Xbox and now a PS3.I like games because it takes you to another world,complitly diferent from the real one.

- Any memory that you want to forget?

canana I've made some mistakes that i would like to erase in my memory,but i can't delete them,so you have to live with them.

- Any memory that you never want to forget?

canana I have some great memories in my youth,for example when i was a teenager

- What do you do for living? And do you like your job?

canana I'm in the Armed forces,i'm a Para-Trooper.I was a recruit in 1995,i was in the cavalary.Then i've made a decision.I've comeback in 1998 until now.

I have 5 berets that i'm proud of it.Black-Joining the normal troop with a specialty:Cavalary.Red-Commandos-This was just a bet with some guy(he's one of my bests friends,he said"You don't have the gutz to join the Commandos,you are skiny and you just can't make it",well it was hard,but i've made it.Light Green:Ranger,this traning was just a challenge for me,more mental then fisical.Green :P ara-Tropper.I'm afraid of heights,and believe,when you jump off a plane,the only thing you can think is:Is this going to open?" Blue:That was beacuse i was in many conflict zones,you are in the U.N.,you have to be proud of that.I was in Kosovo,East Timor(Twice),Afganhistan,Iraq,Turkey.

- Beside all your hobbies, what makes you feel good?

canana Arriving home at the end of the day.

- Everyone must have some sort of goal behind the amount of time they are inputting here. Do you expect anything form this community?

canana My current goal is just to become a GS moderator,it will take some hard work for me.

- What's your idea about life?

canana It's like a cycle:We all have to die some day.

- What's your favorite quote?

canana None.

- If you were asked to interview someone form this community, who'd be that person?

canana I would say _veDnoR

- What do you think of the interviewer?

canana He's a recent GS member,and he's in my union.I've helped him a few times,i've told him how GS works.It's hard to describe him,it will take some time to know him,but i will make it :P ,after all he's also my friend.

- Thanks for your time canana, I'm sure people'll enjoy reading about you :)

most of the unions are nothing but waste of time [sorry leaders]

there's no doubt that this is a great site and anyone can have fun if he's a gamer. when i first came at this site and visited some forums, i thought people are really active in there. but to speak the truth..they are broken into many many many unions. i'm a bit frustrated for that. can't we just stick to one big place and have fun.

the worst computer viruses of all time

If you haven't experienced a computer virus yet, just wait -- you probably will.

Fortunately, you missed the real heyday of computer viruses when anti-virus software wasn't very widely used, and virus attacks caused millions of dollars in damages overnight. Today's viruses can still be nightmarish, but for the average user, cleanup is considerably easier than it was just a few years ago, when the only solution in many cases was reformatting your hard drive and starting from scratch (and even that didn't do the trick sometimes).

So join me on a trip down memory lane as we revisit some of the worst viruses of all time and count our blessings that our computers are still up and running despite it all. (Though, please note, "worst" is a matter of considerable debate in the security industry, as the number of infected machines and amount of financial loss is always estimated. If you think another virus was worse than these, please post it in the comments to remind us!)

The worst viruses of all time

Brain, 1986
It all started here: Brain was the first "real" virus ever discovered, back in 1986. Brain didn't really hurt your PC, but it launched the malware industry with a bang and gave bad ideas to over 100,000 virus creators for the next 2 decades.

Michelangelo, 1991
The worst MS-DOS virus ever, Michelangelo attacked the boot sector of your hard drive and any floppy drive inserted into the computer, which caused the virus to spread rapidly. After spreading quietly for months, the virus "activated" on March 6, and promptly started destroying data on tens of thousands of computers.

Melissa, 1999
Technically a worm, Melissa (named after a stripper) collapsed entire email systems by causing computers to send mountains of messages to each other. The author of the virus was eventually caught and sentenced to 20 months in prison.

This was notable for being one of the first viruses to trick users into opening a file, which in this case claimed to be a love letter sent to the recipient. In reality, the file was a VBS script that sent mountains of junk mail and deleted thousands of files. The results were terribly devastating- one estimate holds that 10 percent of all computers were affected, to a cost of $5.5 billion. It remains perhaps the worst worm of all time.

Code Red, 2001
An early "blended threat" attack, Code Red targeted Web servers instead of user machines, defacing websites and later launching denial-of-service attacks on a host of IP addresses, including those of the White House.

Nimda, 2001
Built on Code Red's attack system of finding multiple avenues into machines (email, websites, network connections, and others), Nimda infected both Web servers and user machines. It found paths into computers so effectively that, 22 minutes after it was released, it became the Internet's most widespread virus at the time.

Klez, 2001
An email virus, Klez pioneered spoofing the "From" field in email messages it sent, making it impossible to tell if Bill Gates did or did not really send you that information about getting free money.

Slammer, 2003
Another fast spreader, this worm infected about 75,000 systems in just 10 minutes, slowing the Internet to a crawl (much like Code Red) and shutting down thousands of websites.

MyDoom, 2004
Notable as the fastest-spreading email virus of all time, MyDoom infected computers so they would, in turn, send even more junk mail. In a strange twist, MyDoom was also used to attack the website of SCO Group, a very unpopular company that was suing other companies over its code being used in Linux distributions.

Storm, 2007
The worst recent virus, Storm spread via email spam with a fake attachment and ultimately infected up to 10 million computers, causing them to join its zombie botnet.


Source: yahoo [http://tech.yahoo.com/]
Thu Mar 20, 2008 12:11PM EDT
Thanks to Symantec for helping to compile this list.

Emmanuelle Vaugier or Nikki

I'm sure you guys have played NFS Carbon and must be impressed with their tradition of animating real life models. I've recently finished Carbon and really liked what they've done with mmanuelle Vaugier. She's not a very popular star; specially in real life acts but at the game she's done real good. So, guys vote for whom did you like the most… ;)

Nikki form the Game

From Game

Emmanuelle Vaugier in real


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