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Game passed: Gears of war on hardcore

The last few weeks ive started playing Geow after I heard all the news on Geow 2 and ive finally passed hardcore. Now im going to play some online a get a few more of the achievments before it becomes a ghost town. Then im gonna go threw campaign on insane:o.

Im also wanting to start playing crysis, Im going to install it on my laptop and see how it runs on it. (probably end up just playing it on my desktop mainly becuase it can play it on very high)

Another game ive been playing is fable: TLC I never got around it passing it evan though ive passed the original one plenty of times. Its also because Fable 2 Is coming out this october and I want to refresh the story line so I have a full understanding (Although I don't think the story continues) And thats pretty much all of whats going on in terms of games.


To help me pass games....

Well I am one of those people who play games about halfway threw and then forget about them or get distracted and I hate that, So what ive decided to do is put my whole collection into my now playing list and then every-time I pass a game I can remove it. This will help me get threw my collection and actually play some of the great games I have. Right now I'm working on passing forza motorsport 2 and by pass I mean beat career and arcade mode not 1000/1000 achievement points. Although I do try and get as much as I can I don't consider you only passed the game when you have 1000/1000.


FInally its up!

Well after about half a year from me saying my table tennis review would be done Finally I got around to finishing it. All it needed was a conclusion where I last left off in January! So have a read if you want its my best review so far. For my next one I was thinking maybe on GH3? but I dont know yet.

Well Im back

After taking about a months break from GS. Im back! Things have slowed down and I more time. So your stuck with me now!!:P If you want to chat I hang around the OCC. I don't really post that much at other places anymore...

I might be able to get threw level 20 soon ive maxed out these past few days so we will see.

Anyways short blog im off8)


My guitar hero 2 disc has a huge stratch on it!!!!!!! now only half the songs work:( Im thinking off buying a new disc because I play the game alot. Well im going to be on Gamespot alot more because of my operation do you will see me around a bit. and your probably wondering what happened to my game review and month:P well when school started I had tones of work and was very busy with alot of things I might be able to get my table tennis review done while im house riden.

Another thing Ive reached level 20 hopefully it wont be as bad if im fairly active in the near future and if I avoid moderation. Also Ive almost reached 4k!!! yep its taken me the last few months to get from 3k to 4k but im almost finally there!!!!!!!:p.

Anyway im off:)8)

Just an update #3

I haven't made a blog in awhile so I decided to make one now:)

Haven't been really active in awhile I have been making daily visits here but I haven't been posting more then 10 a day.

I am now level 15 and should be at 16 in a few days:D. I have around 3700 posts and should be at 4k in a few weeks if I start to feel like posting again.

I have decided the way I'm gonna write games reviews are I will write up a game review once a month that will give me enough time to make a good long-ish review and enough time to explore all area's of the game. My next review will be on Rockstar table tennis for the xbox 360. I haven't started writing it yet but Ive played it allot lately so it should be done by around the 4 to 7th of February.

The bad news is I start school tomorrow:cry: So I won't be around here when GS is the most active.

That's all I have got to say. Cya around in the forums8)

New games and a review

Well there are some great bargins now and I went out and bought

NBA live 2007


For my xbox 360:D. I look foward to playing them.

I also just wrote my first review Its about the simpsons game. I hope you can have a quick read of it:D.

Thats it from me, Cya around8)

Dead rising

With all the big sales Happening Around Australia I went and bought Dead rising for the xbox 360. Seems like a great game But havent had a good go of it yet. I plan to play alot of it tonight. And im planning to buy some more xbox 360 games:D

EDIT: I also picked up Gears of war. Its the best FPS ive played.

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