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never mind

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I confirmed the mic does actually work on my PC. I go into a party and there is no microphone symbol by my name...are there some hidden settings somewhere I have to change?

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will do..its actually getting better... i just want to snipe the hell outta people.. what good games are there for that?sm0k3dinYAfac5

farcry 2 is an amazing sniping game, but sometimes you do have to have a lot of patience waiting for a shot.

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commander shepard, if you play him right. shooting just about everyone you talk to in the face, genocide on TWO species, punching a reporter in an interview, interspecial sex...
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yeah vegas 2 has a weak story but the multiplayer is vastly greater than GRAW 2, although GRAW 2 is one of my all time favourite single player games.
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im sure a lot of you have heard of quantum computers - theyre pretty much computers that will be literaly thousands of times better than the current ones, although prototypes only produce a few bytes of RAM and are massive. but when they do become more efficient in space and effectivity, you can garantee microsoft will be one of the first to sell this technology to the masses. and this might carry over to their gaming industry. what do you think would be possible?
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bout half a botle of green absencedalafor

somebodys lying.

its absynthe

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im with you TC. farcry 2 ftw