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Censorship on Gamespot

The moderators run wild.

I can't even mention the word pirate? (Illegal activities)
I can't even mention a well known imageboard?
I can't even call something pathetic? (It got deleted cause it was "offensive")

Didn't know GS headquarters was based in North Korea



Haven't posted in 1,5 year so I thought let's give all my fans a brief update..

First things first: games, since this is Gamespot.
Well, I stopped buying games rly, cause I'm hooked on DOTA. It's the only game I play and I never get bored with it.
That doesn't mean I'm not interested in other games, but the games I really want to play will come later this year.
I'm really psyched for Diablo III! Also Mass Effect 3 and DOTA 2 (yes!) are on my list.
This last title, Dota 2 is gonna be really awesome and finally it's gonna be a game on it's own and not just a mapmaker warcraft III thingy. Check it out! > http://www.dota2.com/

And maybe some people would like to know who I actually am irl and what I'm doing so here goes:
I'm a 22 year old student, I study political science at the University of Amsterdam. (The Netherlands)
I like movies, music, madness and mischief! And for things not starting with the letter M: I like going out! Mostly to nice little bars but also to concerts and such.

Here's some other stuff:
Mischief: **** o/

ALSO I got a new phone :D:D:D It's a htc wildfire white.

That's all folks, see you in 1.5 year or something!



So yeah I got my pc back. After loads of repairs and f*ing around it's up and running again and I gotta say: It feels good. And to be honest.. It wasn't the games I missed most. I missed being able to look something up real fast, chatting with friends, all my music, movies and in the end GAMES. But I guess I got some cathing up to do =) Looks like alot of good games are coming my way this fall! Some games I definetly wanna play:

Borderlands, DragonAge, Modern Warfare 2 and The Saboteur (I also missed RE5 and RFG)

anyway, I'm back in the "game" ^^