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Alright so I love CoD4, but seriously, i wish they would fix the m16. i know its in the game and anyone can use it, but its just ridiculous that like 1 and a half bullets from that gun can hit you in the foot and you die instantly. thats just retarded lol. anyways, gta IV tomorrow and i absolutely cannot wait. its kinda like christmas, only its GTA yeah that was pretty stupid.

alright so about something a little more serious. next semester im planning on starting my degree in game development. this is pretty much my dream job. i love videogames, and now ill get to make them, thats just awesome. im gonna go to a school in florida called Full Sail. the school is really high tech, and EGM rated its game development program in the top 5 in the US. so, if any of you are wanting to get into game development, and im sure that alot of people on this site would be interested, you should check this school out,

alright well if u read this, thanks. later

Dallas Cowboys '08-'09 superbowl champs, write that down lol.