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19th of april.... 19th of april.... aaaagh! :P

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This can't be true, can it?
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I didn't think a day would come when hermits would start begging devs to release console trash for PC.


Right because hermits = pc gamers? Trust me hermits still don't give a flying **** about this game, because hermits are FANBOYS. Most pc gamers on the otherhand are open to any great games coming their way and dark souls is no exception, you can keep your real trash though.

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Obviously people were saving their money to buy Skyrim XD The only reason I can think off why it's not on that list.
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looks good! I'll look into it thanks :)

edit: I may have found my new netbook. Reviews look good and the price is not bad at all. :)

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Western games may be a few steps ahead in terms of popularity and technology, but Japan will allways be ahead in terms of creativity.


Nope. West is more creative, both in gameplay and in settings. You're just making mistake of not playing PC games more.

Most ignorant statement of the day, we all know that pc games cater realism and not creativity, I mean look at Crysis, it's art direction is bland. One thing this topic seems to be missing is indie games like Limbo, Outland, From Dust, etc. all of them have a great art style.

Not sure if serious, because his statement isn't ignorant. Pc games lately have all been about creativity and setting, because games focusing on technology are losing against their console counterparts. You name crysis and that is actually a good example on why the pc is actually deviating from that trend. Anyway the mainstream western market and the mainstream japanese market both suck to me this generation. There have been a couple of great games on both sides, but you really need a DS or a PC if you really want to get the best of things from both sides. (The world ends with you is just such an amazing game)

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Hi everyone,

Recently my NC20 broke down and I'm currently looking for a similar sized replacement (11,6 to 12 inch). It has been surprisingly tough to find one as the size means it's a bit in between a netbook and a notebook. I'm really just looking for the best price/quality one available for around 400~600 euro's (equivelent in dollars). So far I've come across the sony Vaio VPC-YB1S1E, but I'm not quite so sure about it's overall quality just yet.

thanks in advance!

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no, especially because sony didnt tell anybody they were hacked for a while and valve told everybody immediately


They waited 3 days. Don't get me wrong though, but waiting before informing people is common practice because if it turns out to be a false alarm it could have huge consequences. Which oddly enough never happened as Steam ended up beating all their records this weekend lol

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As a Battlefield fan myself, I can speak on behalf of MOST of the PC board here...

We don't take too kindly to you folk around ere'


Now, Skeeter, he ain't hurtin' nobody.