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It's been a year since I've visited, figured I'd check in.

Hey guys! :) So it's been over a year now since I last visited, been busy with a lot of other things. Not sure how many of you are still active here, but for those that still are this is for you haha.

In the past year, I have moved up at my job at my local newspaper. I'm still an intern, but I've been assigned a lot more stories lately and my name's been in print numerous times. Pretty sweet.

I secured a position as contributing editor at the popular technology blog OkayGeek writing reviews (previously news until we went 100% reviews only).

I've built up my personal podcast to 19 episodes, and later this month we're moving to YouTube with HD video/audio. We even have a professional video producer who has offered to make us an intro. So that's cool.

So, what's new with you guys? :D

PS: Not sure if I blogged about this here or not, but I got a PS3 last April. If any of you have PSN, be sure to add me (my ID is "Seilak"). Make sure you include your GS username so I know who you are!

EDIT: I've deleted all of the blog posts here. Lots of good memories, but some are as old as ~2009 so I've decided to clean house.