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No resurrection for my Xbox 360

So my beloved 360 is RIP as of 45mins ago....GRRRRR! just before the week-end!!!!

On the upside it will give me an excuse to pick up the ELITE.

Also, I just called MS... they will replace it for me free of charge. However, I have to pay shipping. Once I get the replacement back, I'll sell it and use the $$ toward my anticipated Elite.

Sometimes crap happens, but what can I do? Either I go all bonkers and be bitter about it, or learn to go with it.

I hope you all enjoy your 360 this week-end......

Do parents even care?

Well, lately I've been addicted to Gears of War online multiplayer (I know, I know...it was about time...), lo and behold, the game is filled with young children.

Now it's not a hidden secret that the game got the obvious ESRB M rating. However what baffles me the most, is that after asking these kids how they got the game, most replied that their parents got it for them!?

I know some will deal the card of "maturity" and whatnot, but seriously, what kind of parent would want their kids exposed to violence (whether fictional or not) that has been, for all intend and purposes, designed for a Mature audience?

Maybe I'm old school, but still...I wonder what will be of our next generation of children: emo kids? teen angst?....I think such behaviors will become more prominent, and unfortunatly, we'll see more and more of them. 

Today, I became a SuperHero for 10 seconds

I was playing Raibow Six Vegas online. We were the last two people left- him looking to shoot me, and me looking to shoot him. We couldn't find each other for the longest time.

And then it happened.....

I rapelled down the building on the outside, only to see him crouching inside the building waiting/camping. I flip my guy upside down. Gives him the nicest headshot in history of pistols, and then smash through the window for the victory dance.

This moment alone, for some reason, made me feel like a super hero.

oui, oui, oui!

People that camp for a console launch

With the imminent release of the PS3, more and more news are showing the new and improved youth system of our time: camp for hours on end to be the first to get a product.

Don't get me wrong, I respect anyone with their own decisions. However, I'm having such a hard time understanding why would anyone want to camp, in the cold, for about 72 hours or more, without showering, etc....for a gaming system.

I know the terms hardcore gamers has been thrown around, but this, is something beyond being hardcore. Would the terms "Fanatical/Extremists/Fundamentalists Gamers" fit the bill?

Now for most of these campers, they camp in the hope to get a system early to make $$$ on eBay. However, counting the cost, does it make sense?

Example: Someone who camps for 72-80 hours, this is roughly 2 weeks worth of work. The time being spent is exactly the same amount of time being spread out in a 9-5 type job. The profit to make for a sold PS3 on Ebay is approx $1000.

So making only $1000 for a period of camping that equals 2 weeks of a regualr job...is it worth it?

You decide....

Feedback to their hearts

The intricacies of UI design can represent a significant challenge to even the most attentive of developers. Yet, good UI design is even worse.

The XBox 360 Dashboard is no exception, being the centerpiece of interactivity within Microsoft’s Xbox 360 platform. With gameplayers being among the most critical and least forgiving audience in the world, designing interaction within the UI manifests a mind-boggling challenge.

Enter Paolo Malabuyo, User Experience Lead for Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Division. Obviously, his responsibilities are vast, but he’s gone one step further to ensure that his UI meets the high demands of its users.

He’s asked the gamers themselves.

Interested users or developers are invited to visit his blog, Wildchicken’s MSN Livespace, and make their suggestions to the Xbox 360 UX team. The conversation should prove to be particularly spirited!

No more thank you's???

I'm suprised that after all those years, Capcom is the only company that still THANKS the buyers of their games. You can always find that nice warm message in the first or second page of their booklets. Whoever said that their booklets was a waste?

I surely fetl special knowing that Capcom is thanking me for buying their latest sweet game, Okami.

You make my HEADSPIN

Lukas Rossi....won the popular TVshow Rockstar Supernova. The old bands he was in were: Cleavage and Rise Electric.

So now he'll be joining Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clark (Guns n Roses) in the new supergroup, SuperNova.

I love his rocking music! I highly recommend you guys to check it out.

Here's his original song, HEADSPIN - the now worldwide hit from the show: http://www.lukas-rossi.com/Rise%20Electric%20-%20Headspin.mp3