Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn - immediate thoughts on 2. beta

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I've always had a troubled relationship with MMO-RPGs. Mainly because I have a hard time "learning" and accepting the genre. These games are mainly for the computer console, but lately a few have popped up on the next generation consoles such as "DC Universe Online" and now, in beta form, "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn".

I have played a few free-to-play MMORPGs on the pc, but never quite fallen in love with them. I remember solely getting some games due to the awesome character creation-system; "APB" and "EVE: Online", but my computer couldn't really handle those games. The real uncomfortable bit lies within the rpg-gameplay, I think. Games like WOW, Star Wars: Online, and most other typical MMORPG scare me with their micro management (hotbars, set lists, real-time combat and queing up actions). I downloaded this beta, just for the hell of it ; I thought to myself, I need a new "big" game to focus on...why not try this [Final Fantasy XIV: ARR] game?.

I can't say that I've always been a "fan" of the FF-series, but I will say this; I have played the earliest iterations and truly loved 'em. Most of the time the combat remains uncomplicated and yet still with a sense of urgency. The last game I played was FF7 on a crappy pc without a 3D-card (as we called it "back in the days"). This meant the game barely worked and a lot of the screen was mainly black. I still played the demo over and over and over again. Following the later iterations of the series the worlds and lore have always impressed me (watching reviews, playthroughs and previews) - they seem so rich! Square Enix's games have also most of the time had an impressive production value with great graphics, lovely soundtracks, and a rich lore. This is why I figured, hey, let's give it a try!

I had some trouble getting the beta started, but eventually found out that the beta was available Friday to Monday. On Friday, I got up early and started the game. I always spend a lot of time with the character customization. This because I feel it is important to be "unique" in these games. Besides, it is pretty fun to play with the different character archtypes. It's a good character creation, but not the best. Though there were different hairstyles and "face" types, there could easily have been more options. After spending a lot of time creating a fun character, I started the game. The game IS very lore rich, and I, being very interested in lore and backstory, got a bit confused at some points. Don't get me wrong - it was a "good" kind of confused. I have to say that because of the time limit of the beta, I couldn't absorb every bit of detail that was given to me by the incredible cast of NPC's. The game offers many classes and I was amazed by the share oppertunities - you can be a miner, fisher and leatherworker (all while saving the world). I even found it cool that you could dye your armor and clothes - this works great if you are like me and pay very much attention to how your character looks. I'll admit that I didn't get to dye my armor as I never got that far in the game (level 15 Main Quest).

I could spend more "pages" writing about my experience, but I feel I have to conclude with this message:

I tried this game without an intention of buying it, but today, when I woke up and tried to start the game, I was honestly sad that the beta was over. This prompted me to actually buy the game when it arrives on 15. of April. The game, as far as I followed, has plenty of lore and a rich world, no stunning next gen. graphics (it looks decent- monsters and character faces look great), a great soundtrack, a great amount of eager players ("the Octant was constantly riddled with people mending armor, creating weapons, making food, casting spells etc.), and, what I felt as a great way of implementing the DualShock 4s touch-pad by making it work like a pc-mouse. Maybe I'll comment more in the future, but as for now I am truely sad the beta period is over.

Indie must stay Indie

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The next gen. of consoles have shown themselves, so has the next "console wars" among the trusty fan-boys.

I'll admit it, I'm an easy-going PS4 "fan-boy". I've been loyal to Sony since PS2. I watched with awe as the PS4 was announced and when the unveiling was done I was happy. The console both looks great, and supports a myriad of games (being presented throughout 2014).

PS4 was also quite early in being an advocate of Indie games and indie developers have a go in their market. The world of consoles need indie-games; they are so important, and more importantly; they must stay INDIE!

Let me explain; I were one of those guys that heralded the game "The Last of Us" for it's movie-like qualities and adult themes. I also applaude games such as "The Witcher"-series and ...partially the "Mass Effect"-series, dut to their inclusion of adult "situations".

If Video Games wish to be considered culture by the norm (the regular guys, non-gamers), some boundries need to be crossed. Give the players a glimpse of boobs, show us some (softcore) sex-scenes, and make the fighting gory. Don't get me wrong! I am not some perverted lover of animated pornography - I just mean to say; if it fits, it fits! This would make some games feel more adult'ish. Immersive! I remember playing "Oblivion" for the first time and took all the clothes of my avatar and ran around the city just to hear the reaction I got. It was good. See there! A game such as Oblivion/Skyrim - such great open-world games should have some dark secrets to hide away - such as rapes, nudity (achieved without mods), and foul language, and generally be more tainted. I like how they included some sort of "racism" in Skyrim, not because I am for it, but because it made it feel more "real" and like a living, breathing world.

If I ever where to create a (real) game, It would contain lots of nudity, and lots of violence. As a aside; I always pondered about this facial-recognition protocol that would scan the symmetry and other facial features of your in-game avatar. This scan would be used as a template and compared with each races' face "acceptence"-protocol. So, the game would make a mold of your face and compare it towards the faces that each race prefered, kind of a beautiful checker, or an attractive meter. Perhaps "redguards" prefered small, thin faces with pursed lips and big eyes, while "imperials" prefered round faces, small noses, small eyes and dark hair. I don't know how this would be implemented but I liked the idea :) anyway, back on track...

If the AAA games keep closing the gap towards culture, indie games will keep the Mario legacy. Indie developers give us the lovely games of yore which we all growed up playing. They are important to keep the videogames "videogames". I love both games; I love the adult games that KNOW who their audience is, and I also love the fantastic indie-games such as "Fez" and "Niddhogg". I would LOVE for some non-gamers to pick up a copy of "The Last of Us" and saying to his spouse : I've heard this game is suppose to be good. They go home and they spend the saturday night playing "The Last of Us".

Saints Row IV - my first few hours with this game

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When I got bored of playing GTA IV, I searched the internet to find a suitable open-world shooter replacement. GTA IV didn't really impress me. The internet told me about a game series called "Saints Row". A friend of mine told me that the first game was truly "gangsta" and had that great GTA-vibe. I read a few reviews and finally bought "Saints Row 2".

I loved the game at first sight - it was both serious and funny/comedic at the same time. By comedic I mean that, in a way, it wasn't afraid to make fun of itself and, at times, be completely crazy. If the game would have trophies/achcievements I would have gotten 'em all. At times I found myself laughing at the over-the-top gangsta'ness of this game, but at the same time found it kind of cool. I was now a fan of the series.

"Saints Row: The Third" got a lot of hype and was very well covered on sites like GameSpot and other gaming-news sites. This game seriously upped the craziness of the series by adding over-the-top hollywood-action to the mix. The game offered a better graphics engine at the cost of a slightly "disappointing" clothing system. The character customization, which to me is very important, is very robust (not like "Mass Effect 2" where I felt that every created character ends up looking more or less the same) and a visit to the website of the game shows  numerous creations that can be downloaded directly to ones system (Xbox 360 or PS3). Over all, I liked "The Third" slightly better than the 2nd.

When the first couple of Saints Row IV-trailers started appearing, I was disappointed. I didn't like the way Volition was steering the gameplay into. I was hoping it would stay very true to the gangsta formula, something I think, albeit aged, is important to the series. I felt the new superpowers removed the use of cars, weapons, helicopters and generally would make the game unenjoyable. I was wrong.

I have now played about 5-6 hours of Saints Row IV and the game is, actually, as stellar as always. The superpowers are awesome and make you a hard target indeed, but the regeneration of your health has been removed. You can no longer run for cover and wait for your health to regenerate. It is fun to jump over skyscrapers and run up walls. I also believe the game gives a strong homeage towards the previous installments of the series as well as sci-fi culture in general. My first point will become more evident as I keep playing, I believe. The second point is pretty evident from the first hour of gameplay. The player has the ability to choose different skins for their weapons. These skins include many famous weapons from popular sci-fi movies and entertainment, for example Han Solo's blaster, Rick Deckard's (Blade Runner) revolver-pistol, the pulse rifle from Aliens, Mal Reynold's (Firefly) space revolver, and the phaser from Star Trek. So far in the game I have witnessed countless homeages to films such has "The Matrix" (this one is obvious), "Star Wars" , "Star Trek" and games such as "Mass Effect" and "Fallout".

I will keep playing this game and I think I will enjoy it more and more being a sci-fi nut.

FIFA 14 -- what I wish for

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This is a recollection of my thoughts on FIFA 13 and what I wish to see in FIFA 14. I play FIFA 13 regularly in a Pro Club with 5-6 of my friends. It is great fun and a truly great concept! We are 2 of the 7 that truly care for, and pay attention to, real world football. The funny thing is when 7 people join forces on a football team-- seven people with seven thoughts on how football should be played-- the chemistry will not be perfect. We play mainly to have fun as friends, but some of us (usually the ones that follow football IRL) tend to get annoyed and irritated with some of our team mates. I guess it is the competetive side of us.

Anyway, on to my main message. These are things that I would like to draw attention to considering FIFA 13 and things that I wish will be better in FIFA 14.


The FIFA 13 Pro-Club is a great game mode; pick 10 of your best friends and create a team, each taking up one position on the field. Formations and tactics can be altered as the team develops. Play in divisions and fight your way to the top tier or compete in cups to earn trophies. Most of my suggestions will revolve around this mode as this is the mode I play the most.

-Game Face; this is good fun, but due to some flaw, error or "mistake" the game face cannot be shown to other players. All game faces will appear as a "generic" face to others than yourself, which is quite sad. In previous FIFA's you could download the game face of your friends so that you would be able to see them while playing FIFA Pro Club. This is no longer the case. I wish they would bring back this option.

-Off-ball animations; players shows emotion after a failed effort or when scoring a goal. This is pretty cool, but I would like to extend this by adding some selectable emotions. Like when receving a great pass from a friend, and you manage to place it in the keeper's hands-- there should be a key-press that prompted some basic animations, like "thumbs up" to the passer, clapping animation (good effort, mate), point to the passer (good ball! Keep it coming!). Also animations of frustrations -- yelling at the passer of the ball, arms gesturing towards boots (THIS is where I want the pass, mate!), and other ways of showing how you wish the previous action was done better. This could also be applied when, after a good chance the camera sometimes zooms in on your player, to show to the passer what you thought of it. This would be great to apply to Drop-In Matches where not everybody has mics.

-Greater defense; FIFA 13 has some appalling defense (CPU), and this needs to be fixed. The computer controlling the defense will sometimes do super-silly stuff, like suddenly stopping their marking of a player, when chasing and scuffling for the ball (with the opposite team's striker), leaving the striker to get a one-on-one. Other things include suddenly stopping their current action and just staring at the ball, heading the ball into dangerous areas, and many other stupid stuff.

-Playing using automatic controls; can be a truly horrendous ordeal. When there are a lot of passing options available (ex. coming from wing position close to the deadline in on goal), the automatic pass seems to never pass where you want it to pass. EA should add a button that if pressed, the controls switched to manual as long as that button is pressed, possibly with a transparent line indicating where the pass will go (my controller is a bit..."uncalibrated").

-Training option for pro-clubs; This should be added so that the club could have simple training sessions where we could train on passing, formations, tactics, one-on-one defense, goal attempts, cross-ins and..just generally train together. An easy interface could tell how to set up the training (player vs. player, players vs. cpu, etc.) set-plays practice and so on. This could also be used when waiting for a game instead of just the arena.

-Better stability; me and my friends have constant stability issues. Often the game semi-freezes which results in a restart of the game. Sometimes, it feels like playing football in an ice-rink as the controls are a bit laggy (the player will keep going for a short few steps before following your controllers new direction). When doing cross-ins the game sometimes doesn't recognize my tripple taps on [Square] which means that my cross will not be what I intended.

I am looking forward to a new season of FIFA 14 and hopefully the pro-club game mode will be even better.

Rpg Rpg!

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This can't be the first example of this kind of humor? :D In the words of Kenny Bania: "This is Gold, Jerry! GOLD!"


Trophy Hunting: Re-visiting older games

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Trophy Hunting

Lately I've been playing some older games that I have to try and finish off some trophies and possibly going for that big platinum trophy. Only downside is that many games have a) a couple online trophies that are pretty hard to obtain, and b) some new trophies connected to a dlc of some kind. The games I have been playing are some games that have been laying around. This oppertunity has given me a chance to re-evaluate the games.

These are the games I have been playing:

1) Top Spin 4

This game I bought used at my local "Game" store. The reason why I bought it is that I really enjoy tennis on tv and try to pay attention to the major events e.g. Rolland Garros, Wimbeldon etc.
Another reason I bought it was that I was told that it had a really awesome character creator, or face creator. This is true; when creating a character you can choose to use simple, advanced or expert face creating. The simple selection allows the player to choose a preset face and simply edit the face options. The advanced lets you pick different types of noses and tweak 'em with bars. The expert introduces a system with nodes which you can adjust in many ways to create the face you want. I enjoyed this, but the faces usually came out the same.

I remember playing "Virtua Tennis" for the Dreamcast and I was stunned by the graphics. I couldn't believe it and at that point I thought "this is as good as it gets". I kept following the VT games and enjoyed the arcade feel of the gameplay -simplistic tennis with all the shot types and control schemes. When I played "Top Spin 4" I was introduced to a new control system. It took plenty of time getting used too, but I really enjoy it now; it feels more realistic and more skill dependant. I do miss some of the funny mini games from the VT series, but "Top Spin 4" is a great tennis game and I wonder what the next game will bring to the series.

This game features a wide array of trophies, many which are tied to the career mode of the game concerning levelling up and beating pro players. None which seem to hard and I will try to get most of 'em.

2) Skate 3

One regret I have in life is that I never learned how to skate. The art of skating is so awesome, so badass, and one of the greatest things ever! I started really enjoying the art in "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3". This game got me really into the skating games. It was, and still is, a great arcade skater game and had a fantastic soundtrack. I haven't played "Skate" or "Skate 2". The reason for this is because while in the store I suddenly noticed "Skate 3" in the bargain bin. I picked it up because it's a skating game. I did help alot that I had recently seed some hilarious footage of "Skate 3" bloopers on a very known video site.

I love this game. There are no stats involved meaning every skater can do the same things which seems right. Only the player evolve; I had such a hard time getting any vert skating done, but now I am slowly getting to grips with it and getting bigger air. I personally enjoy the street skating more. I love to do grinds and the very pleasable flip tricks. The only thing I am having a problem with is the flick-it controls. The older skating games used x to ollie, but in Skate 3 they use a new inovative flick-it system. All ollies and flip tricks are done using the right analoge stick which can be frustrating at times, but I guess you get used to it.

This game has something every game should include: and awesome replay editor. The game always keeps your last 25 secs. recorded. When you press 'select' the game launches you into a replay editor. Here you can trim and edit the last 25 secs. played. This is awesome. The editor is simple and easy to use, but advanced enough to create awesome clips of skateboarding and bloopers. Every game should include this. So many times silly stuff has happened to me as I have been playing and many times I wished for a feature like this.

3) Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Let me start of by saying; Yes, I am a huge Resident Evil fan, but I am not a "fan-boy". I have enjoyed every game of the series until the latest edition which I haven't even bought yet (RE 6). I still don't think the game deserved the low score it got here on GameSpot. I have however noticed one thing that is silly and I think it was addressed by Mr. Van Ord in his review: the bullet sponge thing. Enemies, even humans, take a lot of bullets before they die, but I have figured out why. When the soldiers are hit, they usually have a little animation to show they have been shot. If you keep firing on the soldier during this animation, your bullets won't count. If you wait till the animation is over, THEN fire at the soldier, the bullet sponge effect will be gone. I just discovered this recently while replaying the game. This is the only flaw with the game I find.

I find the graphics of this game pretty great. The character models for the Wolfpack gang is great, and the animations is also pretty cool. I love the panic in the face of Willow when grappled by a zombie, and I enjoy the badass CQC animations. The texture of Bertha's clothe scream latex while you can clearly see that Four Eyes' clothes are of a different texture. Also I find the camera setup ideal for a third-person shooter game (here "Army of Two" could learn a few things). The character is not "in the way" and offers a great view of your character as well as the battlefield.

This game has some hard trophies though, many online trophies. I won't go platinum of this trophy though, but I will try to get as many as I can while enjoying the game.

What games are the easiest games to get platinum trophies on?
What trophies did you most enjoy to get?

Thanks if you read this very blog-like blog.

If I were to create a game...

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If I were to create a game...

When I was younger I created plenty of games. I would use tools such as Clickteam's "Click & Play" and "The Games Factory". At the start of my 'career' I would import jpeg's into 'Paint' (usually images of South Park-characters) and then slightly alter them to look like me and my friends. The games would start of with simple platformers -these were especially 'easy' to create using these engines. To those that are not familiar with any of these; they were 'simple' programs where you created levels, 'actors' and goals in a super-easy interface. I spent lots of time creating many games depicting alien takeover of my local school, evil teachers and gun fights etc. It was so much fun.

As I grew older, I experimented... with making more rpg'ish games. This formula was not easy to reproduce with the simple tools you got with any of these programs. I am not bashing these programs, it seems they were better suited for making certain game types. I started putting hours into my games; perfected reloading animations, shooting mechanics, intro sequences, and other artwork. Basically everything art and I left the story part out...
I grew quite agile at making different games though the FPS-games turned out to be quite silly, but my real passion was making and painting animations and characters. I've always been fond of drawing and maybe this is where It came from.

I guess many of the viewers at GameSpot have played with the idea of making their own games, maybe even some have done so. I have no skills with C++ or any other programming techniques that are applied in todays industry, but I've got many ideas and often picture the games in my head (often when thinking how games i play could be better). I have no problem of believing many of the gamers out there could join forces and create some truely epic games. This is no application or job search, I'm just rambling/building up to my ideas.

The last game I played that I was really disappointed with was actually The Elder Scrolls 5:Skyrim. The combat system, I think, makes this game feels ancient, along with a basket of smaller things.

MY GAME would be a Skyrim-esque game, but at the same time wildly different in many ways. This game will never be made, but humour me; this is just my idea.... ONE of my ideas. The story or plot has not yet been determined.

It would be a epic scale fantasy-game meant for an adult audience. It would have a robust and intelligent character creator. It would include an in-depth face and body editor. The hair options would be vast and would include both female and male hair-types for both sexes. Also a 'curvatious' or 'sex'-slider would be available; as male the curvatious or sex-slider would emphasize typical gender features such as boosom and behind for females and other 'similiar' options for the males. Bear in mind: this is a game for adults, but not in a cheesy way. The bodies could be altered using height and weight-options. Voice options would be available to include a fully voiced character for both sexes. Also several options for stances, walking animations (resembling "Dragon's Dogma") and possibly an attitude selection or behaviour type. Tattoos and 'war paint' would also be available as well as naming of character. A nickname could be chosen at a later stage when it was earned. Options concerning deity and beliefs also a possibility - maybe also background to alter the story line.

Another though (maybe impossible to implement) would be a handsome/attractive-detector. This would be a way of detecting the player's appearance and make the game respond based on this. For example if the player was a good looking female character the player could be asked to join a brothel or get out of certain situations by...ehm.. performing actions or have speech options based on the attraction rate. The same would be available for the males. I hate it how some games have male NPC's comment on the 'good looks' of the female PC when that PC looks horrid... just a total small detail but still immersion breaking. This could be done with implementing some kind of face/body 'mold' that would express the game worlds ideal partner/focus, and the closer the player matches the 'mold' with an invisible percentage rating the higher attraction rating (just an idea).

The gameplay would be similiar to Skyrim/Dark Souls; a third-person (with possible option for first-person?) action RPG-game. The player would have the option of backgrounds dependant on race and choices that would alter the starting position and possibly have later effects on the game. The game would be brutal in difficulty. It would urge the player to pay attention to details and to missions giving as there would be NO marker on maps (you could put your own markers though). There would be a hunger/thirst/rest-system that if not payd attention to would drain the players attributes and possibly, if really starving or thirsty, make the player delusional (e.g. seeing things, hearing sounds, sudden odd animations). The choice between man and woman would also be significant. The stats would be very different (also concerning character build) from a starting position (men start of stronger, women start of smarter). The game would revolve around a fairly dynamic plot line, that would change with the player: failing one mission would alter the path further creating a unique way of replay value and memorable moments. There would be cities to visit, mountains to climb, illegal areas to sneak into, unchartered territory to discover, and other kind of operations.

The combat system would be awesome, and not very forgiving. Swords and axes and weapons are DEADLY and not many chops, swings or thrusts would be needed to kill highly dependant on armor. It would be a very dynamic system where patience is needed (like 'Dark Souls'). If the PC was ambushed by 2 or more fighters, the fight would be almost impossible to win. Limbs could be cut off aswell, but it doesn't prove to be the end of the PC or the enemy. If the PC got away from the battle either by killing his opponent (trophy?) or fleeing, he could recopurate, but not get his hand back (maybe an option to graft weapons into the stump... shields, or staffs). The combat system would try and make every fight EPIC and fun, and the knowledge that most fights could kill you if you weren't careful. Timing and a button-holding system, maybe. The character could also be knocked out by blows to the head, and women could get raped by ambushers and left naked in the road with no equipment and low health losing confidence stats and possible gaining a disease (the game would feature lots of stats...stats for everything! Confidence stats, reputation stats, stats with every weapon type, attraction stats). When the character was naked, he or she would have a special set of animations (depending on confidence and attraction-stats) that would have his/her arms cover certain areas (e.g. shielding bosom or groin from view).
If a character was ambushed and scared, the stats would determine if the PC would panic! In panic-mode the stamina bar would be frozen and the player could use more stamina for a short period while weapon effect would be lowered (e.g. more sword swings could be administered but with poor damage rate).
Facial animations would also be a great part of the characters.

There would also be lots of cinematics featuring your character -this is something I miss from all the Elder Scrolls-games. I just feel in games you create you character, you want to spend some time looking at him/her in cinematics.

The game would be quite huge, but maybe use a similiar fast-travel system as "Dragon's Dogma" or Morrowind -have boat rides that go to some destinations and another mode of transport inlands. Encounters with animals would be similiar to that of "Far Cry 3" e.g. if the animals get to close and attack an animation would ensue. There would be sharks and whales in the ocean that would kill a low-level player within seconds. There would also be the addition of some firearms (additional to bow-and-arrows and crossbows) such as handheld mini cannos, a few rifles possessed by some noblemen, but ammunition for these would be very low.

I don't know if creating this game would be possible, but it sure sounds epic (to me). The main quest or plot would possible take it's idea of a real world dilemma (once) and making it more radical perhaps, present some obnoxious antagonist and include a surprise ending, but most of all: It has to be super-dynamic!

Do I have any friends on here? :p If not; it feels good to get my 'idea' down on paper.
Thanks for your time if you bothered to read this, but keep in mind: it is just a rough idea and I probably left many, many things out.

X-Com: Enemy Unknown -wishlist and silly bugs

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It's been a long time since I've played an X-Com game, but then it was called UFO something-something. I have to admit that I didn't really clock in a lot of time playing UFO as I sat watching it... at the time, I didn't speak much English and wasn't very tech savvy. I remember staring at a screen showing a space ship and a planet and some kind of counter. I didn't understand it... and I haven't replayed it since. It's one of those games that you want to play again, but never get around to. This is why i was eagerly awaiting this new game of the series (rebirth?).

The game is pretty awesome, and the lack of -good- strategic games for the PS3 is vast. This game does great to incorporate the PS3-controller into the TBC (turn-based Combat) setting, and I guess this is where many of these games that are primarily created for the pc, fail.

Now I have put a lot of hours into the game and starting to get attached to my veteran soldiers, just like GameSpot's Cam Robinson said in a preview of this game. I love customization! The options already available are great (What's up with the Guile-hair option?), but I would like to see a little more variety when it comes to the aesthetics and the gun play, here is a short list :

Appearance and soldier customization:

More hair options for men (and women) -this is strictly aesthetic-based as I feel many of the soldiers look the same even though they are 'kitted' out with different facial hair and 'heads'. I was looking forward to having a dude with dreadlocks running around with a lmg. Also add perhaps ponytails for men as well to, plese forgive the stereotyping, complete the look of those 'Italian stallions'. Also I would like a bigger beard for my awesome characters.

Face paint - This would be pretty cool for those super-bad ass colonels -really would make 'em look veteran'ish.

Voice options - how about providing a more varied amount of voice choices? I would like my Russian tank to speak with a Russian accent, and my before-mentioned non-dreadlocked 'heavy' to speak with a Jamaican accent. A couple of choices of some accents would be nice- and No! I'm not talking about two-three options for every country in the world...

Armor style - I really like the art choices for the armors, but what about adding some 'urban style camoflage'?

More head options - atleast give each race 10 head options? And maybe add some berets or old school WW2-helmets?

Other changes and bugs :

More diverse weaponry selection - I would really like it if they added a bigger arsenal, and atleast gave the soldiers a couple of choices when it comes to 'ordinary' weapons. Like e.g. a choice of two assault rifles from the start one with longer range, perhaps, and the other with shorter range but higher damage - you get the picture. Shotguns could choose between regular shotgun or a double-barrel shotgun that deals a ton of damage at close range, but needs to reload after every shot. Perhaps two kinds of sniper rifle, one that is the current one, and perhaps one super-heavy variant that needs to be deployed, but have superior range and damage.

Loadout freedom - the freedom to outfit our soldiers with what we wanted. E.g. give the soldier 4 slots (1 main and 1 sec. weapon and 1 armor max) and choose to give him anything. E.g one could decide to have one soldier only carry One weapon (assault rifle) and fill-up the sec. weapon slot with an additional grenade, or medkit, or arc thrower,and the third slot equip a S.C.O.P.E.

Pillar- or Rock-armor - just an idea for an armor that has the option to become 'deployed' in a siege-mode, much like the hunker down-option. This soldier could 'siege' somewhere on the map taking No damage, but not being able to move (option to leave siege mode enabled of course) so other soldiers could hide and seek shelter behind this 'rock'.

Maybe not bugs, but weird things happening :

Cover and overwatch - I often use the overwatch option, and is many times bafled (but happy) to see my soldiers taking shots at aliens moving behind walls and KILLING them! Sometimes further away behind more debris like cars, gas-station pumps, houses and my soldier still takes the overwatch-shot and kills the alien.

Aliens popping-up - I don't know if this is a cloaking ability or just a bug, but I have often walked through an area, and have my soldiers in a breach position, when suddenly an alien pops out from an area my soldiers easily had control over and shoots one of my soldiers dead.

Super overpowered berserker - These guys are tough as hell.At first glimpse of these mutons, I set-up my soldiers in overwatch to take him on. I know he will be charging for my guys, so I keep em passive and on overwatch. I expect him to be annihilated when he comes close to my 4-5 overwatch guys, only to see many of them miss! And if he is hit, he gets additional running time and charges at my soldiers... oh wait... I'm just whining :p

I love this game and...gonna go play it now :D
Wouldn't mind any of these additions making it into the game! Please give me DLC!

The Future of Survival Horror, the End of Resident Evil...

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I played the demo of RE 6 about a week ago. After finishing two of the three optional campaigns, I turned off my PlayStation 3 and called my local game store. This is the first time I've cancelled a pre-ordered game.

The RE-games have many hardcore fans, and I used to be one of them. The first Resident Evil-game I played at a friends house because our 'family pc' didn't have the hardware to run it. Even though I was sitting and playing this game while my friend sat watching tv, the game truly scared and frightened me. I didn't complete it until I got a better pc and could sit and play it in the dark. Sometimes I wish I never played the earlier RE-games. Because then I could play these amazing games Now! For the first time and again discover the greatness of RE 1 and 2.

Many fans of the series hailed RE4 as a great new element, a new angle to the RE-name. My opinion of the game is still divided. On the one hand it is a great action game and still offers many typical RE scares. It still has some of that older RE atmosphere which I have always loved. I didn't like the fact that zombies where no more or less replaced by more alien-looking parasites: all Resident Evil-games should have zombies in them.

On the other hand I was kind of worried for the future of the RE-games already at this point. I knew Capcom wouldn't revert to the standard fixed-camera angle on the future installations of the series, and that this point-of-view was probably the new standard of the series. This causes the scare mechanics to dwindle abit and function in another way. The fixed camera angle of the older games really set-up for scary situations and by altering the camera position you remove many of the scary elements. By giving the player a screen with a fixed angle you create an 'unknown' factor and this factor is where the 'scaryness' comes in: afraid of the unknown, afraid of the dark. We don't know what the darkness holds, and to lose this control we start to stress and become scared.

To turn a well loved gaming franchise from survival horror into a third-person action game is how you lose long-time fans of the series. After I hung up the phone from cancelling my copy of the game, I felt like I had betrayed Capcom. Is it really me that has become betrayed? I eagerly anticipated RE5 and watched the videos, interviews and reviews of the game. After playing the game, I was disappointed again. But at that time, it didn't matter. I was like : 'Hey, it is a RE-game. That's reason enough to own it'.
A week ago I cancelled RE6...

I was one of those gamers that actually enjoyed RE:ORC because it took complete control of the action and was a little side-adventure of the RE-name. I played it several times and truly enjoyed the game. The great characters, the funny abilities that suited the game, and I thought the animations were pretty cool. This game was meant as a co-op game so that players could link up their abilities and dominate on multiplayer or together on single player. Only thing I missed was the option to play the single player campaign split-screen - to few games include this option.

With this in my mind, I thought 'RE6 will not be like this game. It will be way more survival oriented'. I was wrong...
I'll admit that since I haven't played the entire game and only tested the demo, my opinion and comments may not be so strong, but I knew just as I finished Chris' campaign-demo that this wasn't the RE-game I wanted..

Recently I have been enjoying the Arma2-mod "dayZ" for pc. This is like the game I have always waited for and finally it has been made. A true survival situation that pits the players in a sand-box world where food and weapons are scarce. Players play this game entirely how they want and this causes lots of players hunting each other instead of uniting for a common goal. This is the true future of the survival horror genre, and I am glad to see other similiar games being made (e.g. "The War Z").

I will be hoping to see new HD-versions of the old RE-games. Recently there has been talks about Capcom remaking "Resident Evil 2" with improved graphics. This would be amazing and I really hope this information is true. Let's just hope they don't make the remake a third-person action game. A remake of the old Resident Evil-games and possible enable "Resident Evil Zero" and/or the remake of "Resident Evil 1" available for PSN is what I wish for. I don't have any plans or hopes for RE7...

Resident Evil and a visit back to Raccoon City

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I can't wait for Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City.

I've always been a die-hard Resident Evil-fan. I played the first game on my parents computer. The computer lacked a 3dfx-card, so I actually started playing it at a friends house. The game gave me a thrilling and scary experience, and my first time playing a survival horror-game. I was already infected. I started grabbing all the survival horror-games I could at the time : Dino Crisis, Silent Hill, re-playing Alone in the Dark, and I could feelk the virus growing inside me.

Resident Evil 2 came out and proved to be one of the best sequels I had, and maybe to this day(?), ever played. This game I played on my Nintendo 64, and I even had to buy a ram-upgrade to play it. The game had evolved and upgraded itself, just like it's main antagonist, William Birkin. This was a game I really played to death -if there had been trophies to the Nintendo 64, I would've gotten the Platinum trophy. I even remember the crazy Scenario-modes.

I enjoyed Resident Evil 3, and to explore Raccoon City was something I had always "dreamt" of doing; from the safe comfort-zone of my very own room, though. I also invested in a DreamCast and played Code Veronica, which was pretty awesome for it's time -I still don't understand why the Sega Dreamcast failed...

I will admit that there are some games I haven't played in the franchise (Dead Aim, handheld games, Resident Evil:Zero), and I would REALLY like to play the RE1 remake. Let's hope that it gets ported for PS3 :)
I like Raccoon City, and I am a big fan of the Resident Evil-franchise, I even gave the movies a watch, but when I found out they where only loosly connected to the movies, and the fact that they weren't any good, did not make my RE-favourite list.

After the revolution of RE4 and RE5, the Resident Evil-franchise has lost some of it's so-perfect core elements, such as survival horror. I for one, am not a big fan of these new directions that Capcom has taken. I played and enjoyed both Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 and 2, but when you take away the very element that makes Resident Evil Resident Evil, the game loses some of its appeal. But it doesn't matter - I still played the games, and I love the universe. The Resident Evil-games have turned from Survival Horro into pure fantastic (universe-vise)action games with heavy feature of the uncanny. That is why I am really looking forward to revisiting Raccoon City again. This game promises to take me back to those familiar areas and see old and known locations and give the Resident Evil-universe a very liquid "what if"-scenario.

I am very much looking forward to this game :)

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