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Golf Oscar Lima India Alfa Tango Hotel

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Hello everyone... This is as much a blog post as a little survey to see who is still here. This is about me and what has happened to me in the previous 12 months or so. A little more than a year ago I decided that economics wasnt for me... it was something I liked in college but in university my grades sucked so did my teachers, I had no freakin idea what I was gonna do with that bachelors and doing a masters afterwards was kind of remote. I was in the fog. And so I decided to follow an old dream of mine of becoming a pilot. Flying. Oh were my parents against it... especially my mom. I broke her heart for a moment there... but she got used to the idea. At 22 I can take decisions on my own, especially when it comes to what I'll be doing for the rest of my life. This is an important one. It's a fragile domain. All it takes is a crash. A terrorist attack. And people stop trusting airlines, planes, pilots. But being a dream for me I am confident that no matter what happens, I'll reach my goal of becoming an airline pilot. For the time being, I am a private pilot, studying for my commercial license with 110 hours of flight. Hopefully I will reach the 200 hours I need this year and start looking for a job. God I can't wait. IS ANYONE STILL HERE? :)

WOOHOO Blog Post!

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well im here for Crysis and it actually did help cause i found out on the forums that tomorrow's demo has been leaked today... so w00t, im downloading it! i cant wait to see my brand new rig struggle to run it :| how's everyone?

Perhaps a turning point...

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I'm done with the bs that my last 4 final exams were... i cant say for any of them that i did good. and it makes me wonder about my future... should i continue this bachelors degree in economics? maybe studying isnt for me, maybe im more of a manual type of guy... whatever, ill keep thinking about it and discussing with people around me, we'll see what happens. Tomorrow i'm taking the plane for Romania. staying there about 2 weeks and on the way back, staying 4 days in rome, 4 days in paris. I can't wait, this should take my mind off university and set me in the mood for summer. How's everyone?

One week left!

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Studying, final exam... X4 until the 23rd. on the 24th, im leaving. ...does anyone know where im going? for now, back to my studying.

WTF Mid-April storm???

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...the **** is this???  all the snow had melted, now everything is covered again...i dont even have my winter tires anymore!!! (although this calls for some drifting, its annoying as hell) teh funny part of the blog:  in other news, i think i might have a date this weekend.

New shoes - Puma Future Cat Lo

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They're the most expensive shoes I ever bought - $120 CAD. Let's see if they're worth it. So far, i love the design and theyre very comfortable.

A few facts about me

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yeah so after seeing Canuck3000's post on facts about him videogamer456 talking about my gf, i thought i should make such a post...especially since ive been single for the past 3 months...

Name: Mihai

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Relationship status: Single

Education: Currently doing a bachelors degree in Economics

Work: Messenger at a hospital

Music: House, Trance, Disco, Reggaeton, Rap, Hip Hop.

Personnality: Too lazy to add more points to this...kthxforreadingbye


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calipers painted black, 18" mags.

oh yeah.

party HARD!

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w0000t!!! i went out last night with a couple of friends...we were supposed to go to a nightclub but the lineup was too long by the time we got there, so we decided to go downtown to some pub/bar...the area was FULL of americans on their spring break and probably for St. Patrick's day...we met 2 girls from Boston...we invited them to join us. on the dancefloor a nice tall girl (just how i like them) tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to dance...from somehwere in the US as well, cant remember where exactly...there was a fight across the street and everyone started shouting FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT! :lol: this is life 8) got home around 4 right after getting a big mac (i was damn hungry) and doing probably the last drift in the snow of the winter :( lol...now, back to studying for my math exam...CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEKEND :D:D:D

Level 34 - Paramecium

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Once again, having barely posted lately, I'm still passing levels. It seems fast, but it took me 3 months for this one...that 20k is DAMN far at this rate :lol:

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On a different note, I just changed the windshield, I paid 100$ and the insurance the rest. They did a pretty nice job, im happy. Now, off to playing some CS. (Screw that math assignment)