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The Programming Journey Begins...

I've done tons of Game Maker (practically mastered it), started working with C++...But now, I'm starting to really buckle down to learn C++. I'll be starting at Full Sail in 5 months now, and I have that time to learn C++ as well as possible, along with finishing my last game I'm making with Game Maker. So wish me luck, for a while my journals will be prodominantly programming/video game design based.

Ever gotten a surprise reward from doing a good deed?

It was the greatest thing the other day. I work at Target, and there was this lady that came in with her son. She had to be like 80 something because her son was in his 60's, so she didn't know anything about cell phones. They need this phone activated really badly, because they are out on the road and need to keep in contact with their family for directions. So doing the right thing, even though I'd never activated a cell phone before, I went through the instructions they had with it, called the company and so forth. After almost not being able to get it activated like 3 times during the process, and 40 minutes of being on the phone, we finished it! The lady thanked me I told them to have a good night, and that was it....or so it seemed. I went back to start zoning the toys section and all of the sudden the lady walks up, almost with tears of joy in her eyes, and she places money in my hand as she has her arm around me and says, "Thank you so much, here's some money for dinner for tonight, bless your soul, it's $10, but your worth so much more than that, thank you again so much." I was kind of shocked, even though it was only $10, but to us minimum wage working folk we know that's like 2 free hours of work with taxes taken out and all.

It was just a great feeling seeing someone so happy, and the fact that I didn't waist my time, since it helped me out even more, and I still got my section all perfect just after we closed, so that was cool too. Anyone else do something that they later got rewarded for by surprise?

Better than I ever hoped....Just wow...

Holey ****. Thanks to all that are now supporting the Relationship Union. I owe it to you guys. In the last 6 days,with only 60 members, we have had over 100 posts each day in the union. Not only that, but people continue to create interesting threads and topics that help the union stray away from being dull like a lot of gs unions are starting to do now.

So here's a shout out for making the Relationship Union the best union I've ever been in collaberation with! And for those of you who would like to try it, here's the Link!

Download my new game!!!! =)

(ATTENTION, HOLD DOWN SPACE BAR, DON'T TAP IT! lol, the biggest problem I found people have in the demo, thought you should know)

Hey guys, I've got a demo of the game I'm working on for ya. I threw the game on the back burner for like 5 months, but I'm working on it again. Just as soon as I get my union going real good, which can't happen until gs enables pics.

Proximity Gone Postal is a side scrolling shooter, not like anything you've played before persay; so don't expect some contra remake or anything. I guess you'll have to play it yourself to get the full experience rather than me talking about it.

Download Proximity Gone Postal Demo

(end of the demo not updated, has wrong info)
The full version will actually have:

20 waves! ( with new enemies and increasing difficulty each wave)

Updated Grapics! (background generating engines, multilayered backgrounds, more special effects)

Over 60 songs to choose from on the fly! (songs from Megaman X to Castlevania, it's all there)

Updated enemy AI! Never experience the same thing twice! (Enemies will attack different ways in different patterns for the full, also there will be a enemy generating engine for the full as well)

Due to release some time the end of February, enjoy the demo, any and all feedback is welcome! Thanks!

Yo! to the new people on my friends list!

Hey, just like to say thank you for accepting me on your friends list. If you know me from the past you know I always like to get tons of people on my friends list and then make friendships by getting into conversations with people that I never thought I'd talk to before. So thanks, and have a freak'n awesome day!

Top100Reviewers Badge! Woot!

Damn, I got the top100 badge for my reviews. I used to have it a while back before I took my break from gs, but now that I'm back I got it again, that's awesome!

What's up guys?

Hey, this is Burly come'n back from a few month break from gs. This is my first journal on my brand new start here. And come to think of it, I've also got a new union with Josh and the whole freak'n gang, it's called the Relationship Union (oh yeah, you know, girls) and it's crazy fun so check it out peeps. Anyways, I've got to go work on that forum to get it up and going. And I just noticed I got the 100 top reviewers badge! Yeeeeeeeeessss. Anyways, hey everyone, hope you come check out the union!

Go to The Relationship Union!