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Do you count calories?

If you do, I hate you. I hate how this new movement of "watch what you eat" is spreading. To me, it's common sense not to be unhealthy. But because of everyone else, now I have to watch what I eat. I'll explain. I went grocery shopping the other day and had a little extra money on me so things like cookies and snacks were okay on this trip. Since I don't watch what I eat, I just pick whatever looks good. Cookies, specifically Chips Ahoy, are always good, so why look? Just grab and go. Big mistake. I get home, put up the groceries, and decide to reward myself with some cookies and milk. These cookies turn out to be 25% fat free (which I didn't see because it's well disguised above the more appealing image of a cookie). Well, that can't be too bad right? And it's healthier also. They tasted like cardboard ****. ARRGGHH, I was furious! "I don't need this healthy nonsense ********!" I said. My metabolism is so crazy, I can eat whatever I want and not gain a pound. Sucks. Now I have to pay attention to what I buy because I'm not sacrificing good taste for cardboard anymore. :evil: Please stop counting calories so all our food can be unhealthy again is all I'm saying. :P

My BEEF with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

I still haven't beaten yet... :cry: I played it during Christmas break and got to the part where you have to start collecting batteries. I was like, "I'll come back to this part later." I take my Wii with me to campus for the spring semester and the only game my friends and I play on it is MK64 (VC) and Super Smash Bros Melee. Spring Break comes up and I realize I still haven''t beat MP3 so I play it for a bit, then I stop because I don't have any memory of the areas I explored before or what new weapon I just got that will let me open a new area. So I go home for Spring Break and guess what game decides to come out that Sunday? BRAWL! This means I had the Friday and Saturday to do as much as I could in MP3. This ended up not working because I slept the entire two days. :P So now Brawl comes out during my Spring Break weekend. I play and beat the SSE and unlock all the other remaining characters before my brother has a chance to (we're rivals like that :P) and then I play on Wifi the rest of the week. I'm left with the decision to take the Gamecube and leave the Wii and Brawl at home so my brothers can play during their spring break or I can take the Wii back to campus and have another chance at MP3 leaving the Cube back at home. I kinda felt guilty having the Wii to myself for my Spring break while my brothers were in school and then taking it from them just as their break starts; so I left it. :cry: Now I'm Brawless, Kart64less, and MP3less and my friends are disappointed with me because they hate Melee (I usually stomped them) and they hate Double Dash (too different from MK64 which constitutes them hating it for some reason) and they wanted to play Brawl and MKWii when they came out. So I go the rest of the semester with no Wii (though I manage to do better in my classes :lol: ) and now summer comes. I haven't played Brawl in forever and my brother claims he's BETTER than me at it now!?!?! Ludicrous! He beats me. I practice for about a day or two to get my footing and then proceed to beat my brother. Now I don't like being good with one character so I play with everyone to know everything they can do which makes me decide upon a main character to use - Mr. Game & Watch. Then I join a wifi union and win a tourney there. I join another tourney and place second there. All this is going on while I'm taking a chemistry II class and an American Literature class at a community college - I manage to get an A and a B in both respectively. Well summer is two weeks from being over and yup, MP3 is still sitting there. Looking at me. I pop it in and I'm more lost than before and I refuse to use a guide so I resolve to starting over. Then I remember all the arduous and boring parts I didn't want to do again so that plan is a no go. So I wander around almost aimlessly and come across something I haven't accessed yet that is now accessible. Progression! At last! Now a new clue is given to me and it tells me to go somewhere to do something. I must not have been paying attention because I forgot where I was supposed to go. So I look for the question mark hint to no avail. Then something comes up and I have to leave, so - like an idiot - I save the game. Now when I returned to play it again, I did not receive the hint again and when I went to my logbook, it told me the freakin name of the room I had to go to. I don't effing know!! Well there's good news, I ended up walking around enough for the game to give me the same hint again lol. So I go to this room and teleport? to a new room where there's a bunch of eyeball looking things that squirm and make a weird noise when I shoot them. Also in this room is a control mechanism of some sort that I can interact with. I press A like it tells me to and my arm cannon does somethings and then it's done. Nothing. I do it again. And again. maybe I have to use my X-ray visor or something. Hypermode? Shoot all the eyeballs to make all their eyes closed at the same time? NOPE. I leave and suddenly remember from that Christmas break that I have to get the batteries to power it - at least I think so. THEN I remember that this is exactly why I stopped playing back then!! I had been to the room, shot the eyeballs, figured out what I needed to do and didn't do it then. It's like the part MP1 where it tells you to go to the shrine in Tallon Overworld (Impact Crater), but you really need all the artifacts to get anything to happen there - I know MP1 backwards and forwards. I love that game. Okay, horrible tangent... back to MP3. I turned the game off and played Brawl. :( Now summer is over and I am again left with the decision to take the Wii or leave it at home. This time it was easier because I was all Brawled and Karted out and didn't need it; I decided to leave it at home until Thanksgiving Break and take it with me for November and December. Consequently when classes are almost done and finals take place - I wonder how this will all play out? :lol: I feel as though I'm not as a much of a hardcore gamer as I used to be - beating games without any help or prolonged completion such as this one. I bought three DS games (Ninja Gaiden, Yoshi's Island, and Contra 4) when Toys R Us had their little deal at about the middle of summer and to this day I have only completed Yoshi's Island. I didn't even complete Yoshi's Island, I just beat the game. There's so much extra stuff I can do in that game and I'm the kind of guy who likes to beat things as close to 100% as humanly possible - at least I used to be. :( So I moved on to Ninja Gaiden and I currently have three of eight Dragon Stones (or whatever they're called) and haven't touched the game in about two weeks. I REALLY want to play Contra 4 - why I saved it for last - but I hate starting games while I'm playing other games. Except for MP3 apparently. So now I'm stuck on what to do on MP3, I can't let a full year pass before beating that game. That's where I draw the line. I think I'll just wander around and scan things to jog my memory and stuff. Let's hope I can beat this game before Animal Crossing comes out or we'll see another blog about my two year MP3 plan. It isn't like me to leave games in lieu like this. Maybe it's all the crap I have to do nowadays. Ah well. Can you believe I was initially going to put all that in this thread? It was gonna be a short little story, then I got to typing and multiple paragraphs magically appeared. So I was like, "meh, better blog this novella, no one will read the whole thing in a topic anyway. Let alone respond to it lol." Thought it'd have a better chance here for people who read things all the way through.

Do you and I see things differently?

Something I've thought about while daydreaming or whatever is how everyone in the world views different colors. Is my red your red? is my blue your blue? Is there a way to prove this? Bear with me here folks. :P Let's say that as I was a kid, I was taught that my blue (the blue I see) was your red (the red I say), If I was asked what color apples are, I'd say "red" but see it as blue not knowing the difference. I wouldn't know any better, because that is what I grew up thinking. You following me here? Do we interpret colors as everyone else does? Would your blue jeans and white tee match as well as they do if they were really my blue jeans and white tee? Since colors all exist at different wavelengths of light, that may be one way to prove we all see the same colors but what if we were all born differently and our retinas perceive things differently? And if we do indeed all see the same colors, is there a way to prove it? ...what do you think?

Super Mario Micro?

People keep asking where Mario is going next. He just conquered the galaxies leaving many to believe he must now take on the universe. I personally do not think Nintendo should dish out another outer space game. So what do you do do when you can't get any bigger? Get small...super small.... super Mario small :D Mario somehow shrinks to microscopic size and trounces enemies mini style. Transversing on Bowser's skin and defeating him on the inside could be cool I guess. your thoughts?

I don't Blog

blog is such a wierd word...it seems to lose meaning after you repeat it in your head a lot.....(see!) Well i guess if someone is tracking me they can see this 'blog'