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iphone theme

i have a jailbroken iphone and ipod touch. and i am wanting to make a theme for it, but im not good with photoshop so if anyone would help out that would be awsome. i am wanting to make a buso renkin theme. so if anyone wouldnt mind helping it would be appreciated. thx


this has to be one of the best christmases ever. i got my own acer laptop, a new hat, sweat shirt, a new M&M jacket, a iorn gym pull up bar, punching bag, and some other nic nac crap. since i have my own laptop i will probably be on a lot more. but then again i might be working out so mabye not. have a good christmas everybody.

my xbox got the rrod

About three weeks ago i got the rrod a.k.a red ring of death. i have one of the very first original xbox 360's so its surprising that now is the first time i have had a problem with my xbox. but anyway i sent it in to microsoft and i just got it back yesterday. i was so happy!!! I set it up in my room and then turned it on but i had to wait lie a half hour becuz of the new dashboard update. i will admit it is pretty cool but a half hour was to long of a wait. my avatar on xbl looks like a pimp lol. i also had a broken disk drive when i sent it in and microsft fixed that to. so that was really nice of them and they didnt charge for the disk drive. :D i started playing halo 3 and i got exstremly bored within like ten min. becuz it wouldnt transfer my dlc maps to my new account so i couldnt do machmaking :( if anyone knows how to fix this so i dont have to pay for them again please tell me. and microsft sent me a one month xbl card becuz of having to wait for my xbox. i only went with out my xbox for about three weeks. i have herd a ton of horror stories about people waiting like six months for their xbox back so i was really scared sending it in but i guess i got lucky or something.


I am obsesed with stargate. i think it is the best show ever i really like SG-1, and then i watched atlantis and that is by far the best show ever. it may be a spin off but its better than SG-1. i herd that their is a new seires called stargate universe is comming out in 2009 but atlantis is getting cannceled. i am so pissed atlantis only went 5 season when SG-1 went 10 seasons.

Stargate universe is about earth finaly unlocks the ninth sceveron on the stargate and it takes them to a atlantian ship that was sent out millions of years befor atlantis was even built. the ship was sent out to put stargate's on inhabeted planets through out the universe. a team goes up to investigate the ship and realizes that they cant get home to earth. i dont think the show sounds bad but it reminds me of star trek.

Gateworld.com did say their will be more Atlantis TV moives, and some more SG-1 they didnt say to much about it so im not sure if they r talking about more SG-1 movies or tv shows but either sounds good to me.

need KH birth by sleep banners and avatars

i started a KH birth by sleep union a while back and still dont have a banner or avatar if some one would be nice enough to make me one that would be greatly appreciated. if u send me a messege with a banner or avatar and i dont reply i probably didnt get the messege. Gamesots messege system is really screwed up at the moment. so if u send a messege and i dont reply send me a freind request on either my PS3 or my Xbox 360. My XBL is Saber Keyblade, and My PS3 ID is ShereKhanX. thx

Ipod touch

Hey evey body i got a ipod touch 16gb for christmas:D i was on youtube one day and i had modded my xbox, and my PSP so i was wandering if u could mod a ipod touch. i was exstremly shocked that their was a way to modd a ipod touch. the term is jailbreaking. i had a ipod version 1.1.4 so befor i jail broke it i had to downgrade it to 1.1.1. So after 3 hours of hard work i finaly was able to downgrade my ipod and jail break it and re-upgrade back to 1.1.4 and jail break it again. if u have a ipod touch and want to jail break it or your not shure if u want to or not just send me a PM and il answer any questions u have. I swear i have to be the luckest kid in the world the day after i jail broke my ipod i had a english project due. the project was to make a video on how to do something so i recorded myself jailbreaking my ipod and turned it in as a english project. i an going to put that video on youtube for anyone and everyone to se my video i hope to get it up soon my accont name is greyhounds24 so i hope u all enjoy my video thx

Megaman Starforce bro.

i am a lv 43 dragon looking for bros. i am especily looking for a pegases and leo my FC is 365200851248 if anyone wishes to be in my brother band pls send me a pm with your FC

KHBBS union is up

KHBBS union is up and open for anyone who wants to join if anyone has any avatars or banners please send them to me in a PM and i might put them up on the union sry its taking so long to get a banner and avatar if any one has any ones about kingdom hearts birth by sleep pls pls pls send them to me

KHBBS union

Hey everybody i just made the Kingdom hearts birth by sleep union and i would appreciat it if everyone on my freinds list would join as soon as i get the union started my freind ShadowXsora has made me a banner and will send it to me ASAP she says. I hope to get it stated by tommaro but i dont know how long it will take. so pls join ASAP thx

City of Heroes/Villans

hey if any one on my freinds list or off has this game pls help me becuz its ticking me off it wont exept anyting i tell it to do it wont even let me sign in it wont exept my account information. if someone knows how to fix this pls comment or send me a PM
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