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State of Affairs (personal blog)

So, in the past 90 days, shit has happened. Those of you that know me personally know that I haven't exactly had the most exciting life. However, as it stands now, things have started to (seemingly) improve so I'm willing to be open and honest about things that have happened to me as of recent.

First off, a big thank you to the one guy who's truly been there for me every single step of the way - charizard1605 has been my rock through out this ordeal. Thank you. I love you.

Last Summer I made the controversial choice to move out of my place and move out of KY completely. Long story short? I'm back here in KY. I moved away to be with someone who I met on this website who turned out to be an asshole. After being physically and mentally abused I completely dropped contact with nearly everyone on this website. Well, on December 18th (the day before my birthday!) I decided I had enough and started the moving process and after spending a month back in KY I've decided that I'm finally happy with my life again. Anyway, I'm back and ready to get back into what I do best; trolling some fanboys and playing some games.

To all that I've neglected; I'm sorry but please understand I've had my reasons. No one will ever come between me and my beloved friends and games again.

My immediate thoughts on the PS4

Hey, I hyped today, I really did. I was genuinely excited for the PS4 announcement today. I even got snacks and set up my laptop to my 65" TruLED TV with theater-quality surround sound. Yeah, I was that excited. Did it live up to the hype for me?

...yes... and no... don't worry, it's mostly yes...

I'll start with games. They "looked" fantastic, and they ran smoothly, but a lot remains unanswered, which I'll discuss below in the hardware section. So, yeah, they games from a technical aspect looked absolutely insane. For the first time since.. well, ever.. I'm genuinely excited for a KillZone game! I'm mostly interested to see what Square Enix's new IP does on the platform. Truth be told, what sold me on the console, was the fact that Blizzard in on board with the console. Yeah, it may be just Diablo III, but if Blizzard stands behind the console before it's even released then so will I. Period. Also, I'll be getting Destiny on PS4, so I'll have to change my preorder from PS3 to PS4. Looked good, played smooth, played well. Not bad

Now regarding the games, here's some things I'm going to question; I'm going to go out and say that the vast majority of the third-party games announced today have the possbility of being multiplat. Also, what was the point in giving so much screen time to Watch Dogs? We're all fully aware of what that game is and the fact that it's coming to the PS4 will not change how consumers feel about it. At least, it shouldn't.


As far as the hardware goes, it's essentially what I expected. Sony did exactly what they needed to do regarding the hardware. They admitted that the PS3 had it's shortcomings, they worked directly alongside first and third-party developers to make sure they were going in the right direction with the PS4. This is exactly what Sony needed to do and it's exactly what they did. Very pro, very ace, I'm impressed. The Octa-Core AMD processor should do what we want it do especially since it communicates with the system's GPU as well as Sony claims. I would like to see the clock/bus speed on that CPU though. 8 GB of DRR5 ram was in the leaks and was expected by many, I won't comment on this other than to say, it's enough to do what Sony wants.

The main issue for me being all that power will need a suit of armor capable of keeping the machine from overheating. Sony has normally been pretty good with this, but the PS1 was prone to overheating so I hope they'll remember that. Think of Goku in Dragon Ball GT, he was completely unable to hold his Super Saiyan 3 form while he was a child. The same concept could be applied to the PS4... even if it is in a more realistic way.


The Dualshock 4 looks fantastic and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I know it's only a prototype, but as a whole it already looks like a controller that I can easily see myself using for hours on in. I like it.

The other stuff simply doesn't do it for me. Don't care if it's Move campatible. The "share" feature is what it is. If it's there, cool; If not, cool. It doesn't justify the purchase for me. If you're into that then that's fine but as a hardcore gamer, I'd rather play something good as opposed to sharing videos of mediocre titles. Also, cross-platform play doesn't do it for me either. You need to own a PS4, which I'm guessing will be priced at $500 and you also need a $250 handheld that's not even selling. This may seem like a cheap way to capitalize on what Nintendo has been doing, but it won't work nearly as well since you need to buy two seperate pieces of hardware just to even attempt remote play.

I would've liked to have seen the hardware in it's entirely so we can see if we'll have an issue with the hardware overheating. This also would have solved a few more questions, like is it going to use... USB 3.0? Ethernet? SD-Card Slots? All these questions can be important to consumers and they need to be answered at E3. Also, given the Holiday 2013 release, I would say we'll see a finalized contoller, official release date, and a price point all at E3 2013.


Overall, I'd give the conference a B+. It was definitely impressive from a technical aspect, and Sony has shown that they can learn from their mistakes. The only issue? It spawned more questions than I would've liked. Then again, I'm picky so who knows?

Feel free to chime in.

My own personal Top 10 favorite video game consoles.

No long-winded speeches as to why. No overly opinionated bullsh*t. Just consoles. Oh, and favorite and best have two different meanings.


10) Nintendo 64



9) Sega Saturn



8) 3DO



7) Atari 2600



6) PlayStation 2



5) Nintendo Entertainment System



4) PlayStation



3) Sega Genesis w/ Sega CD attachment



2) Nintendo GameCube



1) Super Nintendo Entertainment System


2012 Year in review

Yeah, we had a decent year. Nintendo releasing the Wii U was one of the highlights of the year. Regardless of what System Wars is telling you, the Wii U is a solid piece of hardware that's only going to get better. Nintendo has definitely done this console properly and hopefully Nintendo will continue to push software for the console. Even the almighty PS3 kind of fell short this year, with the exception of Journey. As far as console gaming went? Yeah, 2012 kind of sucked. We had some decent third-party games hit the shelves (Dishonored, Black Ops 2, Borderlands 2, Mass Effect 3, Max Payne 3) but other than that, consoles were a bust. I'd go out and say the Wii probably had the two best console-exclusive games I've played all year with Xenoblade and The Last Story. Both games deserve at least a 9.0.

The 3DS was all right, it had a few Mario games that were pretty good and Kid Icarus which was awesome. I'd even go as far as to say Theaterythm Final Fantasy would get my vote for "sleeper title of the year." The Vita launched as well but it simply doesn't have any games. Every Sony fanboy on System Wars hyped Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and even Resistance. All of these games fell short of what should've been an five-star year for the PSVita. Seriously Sony, get your sh*t together. All of those exclusive titles that should've been absolutely incredible but yet they're all subpar at best. Really?

PC gaming dominated this year. Haters be damned, but Diablo III sold extremely well dispite some launch hiccups. The game wasn't bad either despite what people are saying. Yes, the game is terribly flawed but it's still better than most of the other games that came out this year. Torchlight II (yes, it's multiplat) came out as well and it was fantastic. Mists of Pandaria is the best expansion WoW has had yet, Tera is awesome and should be Free to Play as of now. Speaking of Free to Play, what kind of joke is BioWare trying to prove the SWTOR's F2P? It's definietly free, but it's such a joke. They've gimped F2P players that's it's not even worth trying. PlanetSide 2 came out as well which is probably the best F2P game I've seen in a long time.

Can't think of much else to say. Feel free to chime in.

Windows 8 Review

Windows 8 doesn't simply reinvent the Windows operating system, it completely redefines everything we thought we knew an operating system could be. If Windows 7 was, indeed, "my idea" then Windows 8 is simply "my idea... perfected." Very rarely does an operating system manage to completely reinvent itself, while remaining the same as it was before.

Welcome to Windows 8.


Accessibility; View my desktop here. Let's be honest here, we all thought Windows 8 looked bad and I imagine a lot of people still think it does. Even after hanging around a store demo for a good hour or so, I couldn't get into Windows 8. However, a few weeks, $40, and a rather quick installation later, I found myself getting everything set up and ready to go. Microsoft tablet and Xbox 360 will have the easiest time setting up as you can simply tie in all these accounts together. Windows 8 immediately detected my hardware and obtained all the current drivers necessary to make my PC run at top speed.

Once that was done, I was allowed to play with the new Start menu. I can uninstall, move, shrink, and expand any application directly from the Start menu. Uninstalling programs can be done through this menu too, no longer are you required to go to Add/Remove Programs. The Desktop menu can be accessed directly from the Start menu and you can use that once-useless Windows key on your keyboard to return directly to the Start menu. It's a lot easier than I had expected. Applications can be closed directly from the Start menu (this includes the desktop), to help with managing your applications and closing them.

I didn't start to truly appreciate what Windows 8 had to offer me until I started playing with the Windows Store and started to download Applications. Oh my God, the Applications. They're simply made everything about Windows so much better. As you can tell from my screen capture that I don't have too many applications, but the ones I do have are very useful. There's an Application for nearly everything and I'm interested to see how these evolve within the next couple of months. Yes, I said months.


Performance; This. Isn't. A. Resource. Hog. It runs like an absolute dream! Call me crazy, but Windows 8 runs remarkably faster than Windows 7. It boots faster, it runs processes faster, it runs games better, and it's simply a gorgeous piece of work. The colors are much more vivid across the board, not just with the OS itself. All of my programs are much more colorful than they ever were with Windows 7.

The OS itself is very slick and responsive. Applications and processes load like a breeze and run extremely well once they're up and loaded. Everything I used to do on Windows 7 simply runs better and it runs faster on Windows 8. Literally, everything to the OS to running Skyrim simply runs better. Much better.

But, this is GameSpot. How does it run games? It runs them amazingly well! All of my games run at minimum 9% better than they ever did with Windows 7. To be fair, I was running and maxing the most advanced PC games on Windows 7, but this stands out since it runs them so much faster. It loads them faster, runs them better, and closes them faster. It's something I truly didn't expect.


Overall; Windows 8, at it's core is the same exact thing as the other Windows operation systems. But it makes things so much better since things are much easier to access now. My only complaint is it's a little clunky when you're navigating the menus using a mouse/keyboard combo. It's definitely built of a touchscreen monitor which is something I don't see myself using. Ever.

Don't let yourself be fooled by it's seemingly drastic departure from the operation systems that came before it. It's truly something that has to be experienced in order to truly appreciate what Microsoft has created.


Assassin's Creed III Review

Assassin's Creed III is the sequel to probably the greatest trilogy produced this generation, or last generation depending on your prospective. It's worth noting that the Ezio trilogy, which consist of Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations. In a lot of ways, Assassin's Creed III is much larger and more ambitious than the trilogy that it follows. In some ways this is a good thing, but most of the time the game just falls flat.

Assassin's Creed III requires you to be patient, as it takes at least three hours before things even start getting interesting from a storytelling prospective. This is unfortunate because of this, the main character has no time to mature, and I will touch on this subject next. Even after the three hour mark, it still takes another two hours beyond that for the action to start picking up. It's truly saddening that Ubisoft decided to go this route, even though the trilogy that this is supposed to follow-up with is to say the least, much more fast paced.

You'll go through most of the game as Connor and like Ezio before him, a series of unfortunate events unfold and Connor is thrown into the role of becoming and being an Assassin. However, Connor is not immediately likable, he's naive and at times foolish. Even after he takes on the responsibility of being an Assassin, it takes a long time for him to simply grow up. You'll find Connor deliberately talking back to his mentor and even going so far as to flat-out insult the individuals who are trying to teach him. That's not to say that Connor doesn't mature, as this certainly isn't the case. However, it takes a long time before Connor even remotely comes close to being the Assassin that he so claims to be. He allows his feelings to cloud his judgement which leads to even more problems than he started out with. Connor has a lot of potential, but he spends most of the time being ignorant. This is unfortunate because Connor could have been an amazing character, given the seeds that Ubisoft planted. It's a shame they didn't choose a more badass way to progress this character.

Sequences that should be a breeze are plagued with odd camera angles and strange graphical errors that should have never made the final cut. For example, you'll find yourself in the middle of a fast-paced chase segment, only to have the pace interuppted when Conner zigs instead of zags. More than once I found Connor doing something completely different than the button commands I entered, he'll climb a wall instead of sliding, he'll jump to the side rather than maneuvering around an obstacle like you told him to. Combat is fluid and overly simple, but it's very satisfying. Connor's tomahawk is far more satisfying than any other weapon in the series thus far and all of the kill animations are brutal and very satisfing.

A highlight of Assassin's Creed III is how big the world is, and yes the world of a Revolutionary War setting is truly a sight to see and any history-bluff will surely be pleased with the setting that Ubisoft chose to go with this time. However, this isn't the canals of Venice anymore, you'll find yourself trekking through the woods of Massachusetts this time around and they would be so much more satisfying to explore if the trees were easier to climb. You'll find yourself dying half a dozen times due to simply jumping out of a tree when you're only trying to find your way to the top of the thing.

Another thing worth mentioning is the ending. I won't spoil anything but it's less than satisfying and the epilogue that follows doesn't exactly help anything. If Unisoft decides to make Assassin's Creed IV, which will need to truly satisfy in order to make up for what they did at the end of this game.

Assassin's Creed III is too ambicious for it's own good and tries to fix things that simply aren't broken and in return it makes them not as enjoyable. The high-points in Assassin's Creeed are very high, and there are some great moments to see here. But the low-points are the lowest of low and there's simply far too many of them here to justify what Assassin's Creed III is trying to accomplish.

Overall Score: 7.0

First day impressions of the Wii U

All thought and opinions are mine and mine alone.

--- --- ---


I feel lucky today, but I probably shouldn't. I should just feel smart, but I cannot help but feel lucky. I woke up at 7:30 AM on this day of Sabbath, and was at GameStop at 9:05 AM to pick up my brand new Wii U Deluxe Console and a copy of New Super Mario Bros. U. I gleefully get back to my house and immediately start unboxing my new console. Be it Nintendo, Microsoft, or even Sony, unboxing a new piece of hardware is always exciting.


The first thing I notice is a little display photo of the titled game on the spine of the game box. NintendoLand's symbol lays on NintendoLand's spine and the Mario brothers and Toad duo lay on the spine of Mario U. Other than the blue box and actual physical owner's manual, it's nothing out of the present-day usual. The bottom of the discs are surpringly black and I feel like I should research what format these discs are.

Anyway, I put it off long enough and carefully open the Wii U box. The first thing I get into are the console's wires and the surprises keep piling up. I was completely and totally aware of the HDMI cable that awaited me, what I wasn't ready for was the quality of that cable. The cable is quite long (has to be at least six feet) and the cable itself is very tough, it's definitely built to last. It doesn't have a gold-finish on it's tip but anyone who know's a thing or two about HDMI will tell you that gold is irrelevant. The system did not include a composite cable, this was another suprise for me. If you do not own an HDTV then you're SoL here. The AC adapter is what you'd expect and the "brick" seems larger than the one on the original Wii, it's still midget-sized compared the XB360's. The charging adapter for the controller is quite compact and should easily fit on most desks/entertainment systems. Ironically, it comes with less manuals than the first generation Nintendo 3DS. I got a good chuckle out of that.

On to the console itself. It was a little heavier than the Wii, but not by much. It was also about an inch-and-a-half longer and that wasn't surprising to me. Everything was compact and easy to set up. Then I get my first go at the now-famous Wii U GamePad. My immediate thought was "Wow, this thing is really light!" and the next thing was "Wow, this thing is surprisingly comforting!" Needless to say, I was shocked, I expected it to be at least the weight of the original Xbox controller, not the small one, but the Whopper burger. This wasn't the case as it seems to feel no lighter than the present-day Xbox360 controller, don't quote me on that though. The controller was comforting and it's definitely built for hardcore use as I don't foresee my hands cramping while holding it. If I had to complain, and I'm trying extremely hard to do so right now, then I would complain about it's gloss-finish. This thing is just asking for finger prints.

Initial Setup

If you're expecting me to rant about the infamous day one patch, then stop reading. I had no issues. I expected to be able to push the Power button on the controller and have the system immediately boot. Yeah, I was wrong. On the initial boot, you need to manually turn on the console and the gamepad. I felt like it should have came synced to the console already, minor complaint. Syncing the gamepad to my television/cable box was a complete breeze, all I had to do was select both manufacturers and the gamepad did the rest. Setting up with Nintendo Network was easy as well, I just imported my Mii from my DS. Onto the patch, it took about 30-45 minutes for it to download/install. Seemed a bit much for me, but I could hardly complain as it was at least 10AM and I hadn't had any food at all just yet. After breakfast and a little internet surfing, I was good to go. Mii, patched, synced, synced (yeah, I put it twice), Nintendo Network, all were check and I was good to go.

The First Game

At this point, I already had friends showing up to play. 11 PM and it was already time for beer. Oh boy. Luckily I still had some Oktoberfest from last month stashed away. Give me a break, I can't do what you men drink, it turns me into a very unlikable person. Oh? The Wii U? Oh, I'm sorry I had to wait for NintendoLand to download something and install it, yeah.. oh well.. Anyway, we go through the motions and it's ultimately decided that I would take the gamepad since it was my console (and my beer.) We play a few rounds of the Zelda game and it was okay, it wasn't anything too special or nothing that we couldn't enjoy already. They got to swing their Wii Remotes to kill stuff with Link's sword and I used the gamepad to shoot arrows at the enemies. I would've just taken the Wii Remotes at this point. Next. We try Metroid Blast and it was fun game, although we didn't play it for very long. I took control of Samus's gunship while my friends were on the ground shooting. Seemed like a lot of fun, but we were curious as to what else NintendoLand had to offer us. Next we find Mario Chase which is easily the best multiplayer game of the bunch. At least, it seemed that way since we were already buzzing. I take the role of Mario and play a game of tag with my four friends who played as Toad. The camera on the gamepad showed my face on the TV screen and we all had a great laugh out of some of my facial expressions as they drew closer to me. Yeah, this was what it was all about, we were having genuine fun that we simply couldn't have on any other console and that sold me. It was well worth my money at that point. We play a few rounds of the Luigi's Mansion game and we had a blast with it as well, another unique experience but we still went back to Mario Chase more. Animal Crossing game was okay, but the player using the gamepad seems to have an extreme disadvantage when you're playing with four other people. No joke.

After a few.. no.. a lot more rounds of Mario Chase, we decide it's time for lunch and then Mario U. I skip the download/install and the console simply downloads it in the background and allows me to play the game. However, it's worth noting that on my next boot of the game from the Mii Plaza that it did it manditory install of whatever it was that it downloaded. Whatever. So, I once again take up my gamepad and my friends play as the Mario brothers and the Toad duo. The graphics are a step up from the Wii, you definitely couldn't have done what Mario U has done on the Wii. However, it seemed like more of the same to me. My friends were getting themselves killed and I was trying to place blocks in their path so they wouldn't meet that untimely death. We loved Mario U but it wasn't long before we went back to Mario Chase again. Did I mention Mario Chase is insanely fun?

First Solo Play

I haven't touched any of the single player NintendoLand games. Maybe sometime this week. I surf the menu for a bit and I hope Nintendo does something about the loading time on the games Mii Plaza. Going from the Mii Plaza to.. well.. most anything can seem like a bit of a chore. I fail to make sense out of this considering the Wii U is using quadruple the RAM of the PS3/XB360. I'm hoping it's just a bug that will be fixed in the future. The web browser is probably the best web browser available on a console right now, but it's still no substitute for a PC. The ability to stream YouTube on my gamepad and immediately shoot it over to my TV is a big plus. I don't have a Netflix subscription so I couldn't test that, although I've been told that it works fine. Nintendo TVii isn't available at the time of this writing. Nor is Hulu Plus (not a subscriber, don't care), or Amazon Instant Video (I do use this.) It's a little disappointing that Nintendo seemed to be banking on Nintendo TVii (especially when Reggie announced it alongside the price/release date.) I guess I cannot complain too much since I bought the console to game on, but it still kind of bums me out to a certain level. It'll be irrelevant once these features go live in December, but I'm a day one buyer.

I surprisingly like the Miiverse feature. Haven't done any online multiplayer yet, cannot comment on this one. It seems to be an advanced social network that's obviously influenced by Facebook (comment/like on a post.) It's a great way to share your achievements, frustrations, and overall thoughts. It's also a great place to socialize about the game you're currently playing since it gives the author the option to label their post as "spoiler." How cool is that?! The ability to draw and express yourself on Miiverse is really cool and I like what they're trying to do here. If you're having a good conversation with someone over Miiverse then you can add them as a friend, and talk or even game with them on a later date. Stuck on a part in Mario U? No problem, go to the Miiverse and ask a question or simply browse through the discussions that are ongoing. It's a genius way to share you single player experience with people. A lot of potential with this feature and I hope it takes off. It's genuinely awesome.

I took a few glances at the eShop Channel to see if any demos were available (they weren't) but what I saw had me very excited. You're able to not only view Wii U games, but 3DS and Indie games as well. You can also purchase full-length titles through the eShop and the interface is very sleak and compact. I didn't spend too much time on the eShop as I have nothing to buy on there and there were no demos. It seemed all right overall.

I got some upclose and personal time with Mario U. I've gotten a few hours into the main game and that's all I've had the chance to explore. It's what you'd expect out of Mario. It's genuine fun but the challenge here is definitely apparent right out of the game. This game is much harder than and of the other "New" Mario titles. It's enjoyable though, and the fact that I was able to play it at the table brought upon me a new form of freedom that is nearly mindblowing when you think of how much potential this feature has.

Overall Thoughts

Well, my initial impression is pretty positive. There's some definite flaws though, the main one being the load time from the Mii Plaza and it's pretty killer. Other than that, it's difficult for me to find things to complain about. The interface is slick and easy to use. The online capibilities are much better than I expected. The gamepad is lightweight, but also durable while being comfortable. Although, I did find the sound on it to be a little low in volume but the quality of that sound was good. The graphics are pretty, the games that I have played are enjoyable, and the overall experience is very positive. Unfortunately the lack of Nintendo TVii still bums me out, but it's something that will be remedied next month, so it's not really worth diving into all that much.

Would I recommend the Wii U? I want to say "Yes!" but it's still too soon to say. Everything from the overall capabilities of the Wii U to the absolutely astonishing potential that console has, it's really hard for me to give it anything other than a recommendation. Especially if you're into local multiplayer. This is definitely the home console for local multiplayer. It simply cannot be beaten in that aspect, especially with games as fun as NintendoLand.

Right now, I like the console, if not love it. But it's really soon, but I hope it takes off and does well for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. Nintendo has definitely gotten it right this time. Very nicely done ...

2011 Games/Companies of the Year

My games of the year!

Overall - Star Wars: The Old Republic

PC - Star Wars: The Old Republic

Console - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Handheld - Super Mario 3D Land

PS3 - LittleBigPlanet 2

Xbox 360 - Gears of War 3

Wii - The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword


Top 3 developers/publishers

1) Activision-Blizzard - Last Year; #1

2) Nintendo - Last Year; #2

3) EA - Last Year; #5+

Diablo III Beta - First Impressions.

First off; OOOOOHHHHHH MAH GODDDD!! The reaction I had when I saw THIS;



Anyway, I'm an old-school Diablo fan. I played the first one on Battle.net religiously and I still play Diablo II on occasion. To me, Diablo II was the perfect game for me. When D2 hit stores, I honestly thought they couldn't possibly improve or perfect D2 anymore than it already was. D2 was polished to a fine-point and was only topped when Lord of Destruction hit shelves, which ultimately set the standard for what games of that genre should be.

LoD was the perfect evolution of D2, and D2 just so happened to be the perfect evolution of D1. Now, I had to ask myself; Can Blizzard possibly make Diablo III the perfect evolution of LoD? The answer is; Absolutely, without a doubt, without question, and finally; YES! D3 is the absolute perfect sequel to my favorite multiplayer game ever.

Even though I'm only playing the Beta and it's only a few hours in length, I can honestly say that this is the game I've wanted/waited for for a very long time.


First and probably most important; D3 feels like a Diablo game. I cannot describe it any better than that. D3 just.. feels.. right and it's something you have to experience in order to get what I'm saying. The gameplay is smooth and satisfying and the addition of "massacre bonuses" makes me want to keep the slaughter going as fast as I can. The graphics are absolutely amazing and while they're not the best you'll find by any means, they're absolutely gorgeous to look at and it truly sets the standard for dungeon-crawling games to come. The outdoors are lush and colorful and the dungeons are dark and mysterious. The soundtrack is something I really didn't like in D2 and it was something I normally disabled, but now the music is absolutely awesome and it truly adds to the game's sinister atmosphere.

So far, I've only played the Monk and she's level 10 (the cap in Beta is 12) and I'll post my thoughts on each individual ****as I finish up with them. Since the beta's story and questline actually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to complete, but I finished it up at level 10 with zero issues. I still have the beta's level-cap and artisans to fool around with. I've also done all my work as a solo player and I've yet to experience how to multiplayer truly works.


I still have much to do and much to accomplish! However, as I type this, Diablo III is the absloute perfect evolution of the Diablo series and it's on it's way to being one of the single greatest gaming experiences I have ever had.


God speed, readers, I'll keep posting as I get more playtime.