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Just another zit-puss game developer who thinks its cool to be evil. I was getting worried as we got close to one month to go that there would be a delay. One explanation from the developer is that the Bone sucks and cant handle what was the standard for high definition LAST generation so therefore PS4 ownera ger the shaft. One more reason to hate on Microshaft.

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The accepted wisdom from the press is that the game is 6 months from release, simply because they dont want to release anywhere near Destiny. When Evolve got pushed back to Feb I figured GTA V was next. Purely a "marketing delay" and one more reason big dev houses stink. Dont care about the fans. Its like they are scared to enter THE NEW GENERATION. Whimps......

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I dont really know where this 2015 came from. My feeling is that Sony pushed HG to show the game big time at E3 2014 and now people think it's coming a lot sooner than it is. My feeling is this:Do a search for this game right now on Google and take a screenshot of the results. Do it again in 6 months. The results will be the same. They got the hype machine going about a year early and now its gonna be an issue.


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Looks like the monkeys in marketing and the finance departments at Take2 are at it again. Evolve just got delayed till February 2015 and GTA V Next Gen is still stuck with that "oh so not helpful" Fall 2014 date. They did this last year when they kept saying Spring and then delayed it 6 months.

Probably end up getting pushed back to next Summer.

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And I can see the self proclaimed Master Race (aka PC Gamers) are already crowing about how much better the game will be on their over priced rigs. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after the hot mess Watch_Dogs ended up being on the PC, but what ever. Some people find trying to find yet another graphics crad driver on line more fun than just playing the game.

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@Jaysonguy: I forgot about the flood, kinda my point about a small team. Small company =just one thing can do them in. They got very lucky with the Surrey flood. Who knows, maybe they are using the insurance cash to develop NMS ;-)

I would assume (rightly or unrighly so) that they will need to do some serious open beta testing before it "ships". Or perhaps it will end up being an Early Access game on PSN like what steam does.

Another hypothesis is that the release of the game will be tied into the release of "Project Morpheus" since the first person view and expansive environs would be Tailor-made for VR.

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Dont get me wrong, i am waaaaay psyched. Only been wait for this game since my Elite days on my C64 thinking "wish i could land on the planets". Just really has that "check back in a year and we might have a new video" feel to it right now.

People always think it will be sooner that it is. Loom what happened with GTA V: First video (released about 6 months early imho) came out in October 2011, game ships almost 2 years to the day later. And that was a tried and true system, the "newest" thing was thw the 3 protagonists.

This game is "procedural generation" on steroids. And this company is so small, 10 ppl, one idiot running a red light could take out half of company. I fear either a big AAA company will buy them out or money problems will force them to look to get bought.

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No Mans Sky release date = 2nd or 3rd week of May 2016.

The company is still hiring people to work on the game. A looong way from done. Took 3 years for Spore to go from its first hype inducing showing to release.

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This game will not be out in 2014. I really have to wonder just what brand of high grade opiate compound the gaming press is on when they just assume this as fact. The game has no release date, Ubisoft cant hit its first release date to save its hide, so probably looking at mid to late 2015.

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But Ubisoft has really screwed itself up right now. Wait to much longer and they start to bump up against coughDESTINYcough. Should be cool for comedy relief.