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Currently an Iphone4 but thinking about upgrading to an Iphone 6, HTC one m8, Note 4, or LG G3 can anyone help?

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After playing the Fifa 15 demo I'm having a tough time deciding whether or not to get fifa or wait for pes, I was initially going to get pes but this demo so far has amazed me

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No EASHL no buy sorry EA y'all suck

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Sociology - Family/ Intimate relationships

Cultural Anthropology

English 101

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Okay first off why are you still with her when she cheated on you? Second that dude isn't your friend.. friends don't do that to each other.

This party is being thrown for you why wouldn't you go? Because she doesn't want you to go? Seems a bit controlling.. If I were you I would tell her I'm going to the party then I'd tell her that I'm breaking up with her for having sex with my friend something that seems long overdue last but not least if this friend is at the party I'd punch him right in the face.. Then announce to the everyone "NOW WE DRINK" but it's up to you lol

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Keep the PS4 and save up for an X1 you'll thank everyone later

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MK4 VW GTi looks like this (I'm not the girl lol)

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12 years a slave


Watch Dogs

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Anyone here have a problem finishing games these days? Too many games, busy, school, families?

I used to be able to finish any game I played, but now a days it seems like I rarely finish a game that I start before I get bored, hyped for an upcoming game, or maybe stop playing for a bit and come back only to realize I forgot what's going on in the game and then my interest goes away almost completely and I sell for newer games. This is probably due to school and being in a relationship for a while now, but I don't think it's the reason for all of it.

Recently I bought

Watch Dogs - Bored/ halfway through

Killzone Shadow.. - Bored/ same

God Of War Ascension - Bored in the beginning

Battlefield 4 - Bored

NBA 2k14 - rarely play (don't think you can finish a sports game?)

Dark Souls - Rage lol

Last game I finished I think was GTA 5 took around a month and a half..

Especially with Destiny coming out next month I'm weary of justifying a purchase :( Anyone else have or had this problem now or in the past? If so what did you do? or any advice is cool thanks :)

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Yes Organic all the way