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I just revived one of my favourite games!

For a while now I have wanted to play Crash Bash (for those who don't know it is a Crash Bandicoot game witch is pritty old and for PS1) but unfortuly I had this game when I was little so I didn't look after it and one day it got really scratched it didn't work I tryed meny things to fix it but none worked. But now I found a download for it were I can play it on my PC and I am super happy. Just thought I tell you guys because I havn't been ative on this site for awhile.

Call of The Dead

Im dowloading Call of The Dead at the momment (well really im downloading Escalation but only for Call of The Dead really) but I feel like i'ved riped my self off really I have just payed 1200 MS Points for 1 map there is the 4 online maps but I don'y care about online like most people now I was going to wait for a sale till I bought it but I really wanted to play it now. I did have some MS Points just sitting in my account doing nothing just wait for me to buy some thing so really it was not that much of a waste and I do like CoD Zombies alot so mabey it's not so bad.

Sooo any of you getting these maps? (Im expeting alot of you to say no but why not ask any way?)

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