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Damn, it's been a while

Well, I'm back again. Not really sure how many times I've said that but I'll probably be saying it a few more times in the future. It's been like a year and a bit since I last made a post, doesn't even feel like it was that long ago, weird how time just goes by I guess but yeah. Stuff has happened since then, schools gotten to be more of a pain. This town is still dead besides the occasional events and all that but overall boring as hell.

For the people who remember me who still use the site a bit, just wanna say thanks. I probably posted a lot of random crap over the years and you were the people who read through it. I probably never really said too much about myself and I can't exactly be bothered going through my old posts to find out what I did say so I might as well just re-introduce myself or whatever. I'm 16 at the moment, started this blog thing when I was preeeetty young which is why I'm assuming a lot of what I posted was bad. I'd like to say I remember why I started it but I honestly don't. I was born in New York and moved to NZ like 5~6 years ago. Feels like a lifetime ago and I'm starting to forget my life there, still miss it a bit though. Would have been nice to stay there but anyways, carrying on, I'm in Year 12 at the moment and that's pretty much re-introduction there. Nothing really to say, don't exactly have many noteworthy achievements or anything.

I'll probably be updating this blog slightly more frequently now. I'm writing this while procrastinating a photography assessment I have to work on and since I'll be piled with work constantly I'll end up procrastinating a bit more and that could end up with more posts :P I heard somewhere that having a blog or whatever can help with depression and stuff too so that's always a good thing. Depression sucks.

Welp, I've got work to do. Can't really avoid it forever so I might as well get it over with. I'm pretty sure there was something I used to end all my blog posts with. Can't really remember it and can't be bothered finding out xD Might as well start a new thing.

See ya pepz


Well, it's Christmas so Merry Christmas people :D

So far it's been pretty crappy for me though. I'm in Sri Lanka at the moment. I've spent a few weeks here already. My grandparents are getting really old so my mom saved enough money to take us here for a month. I can't wait till I get back to New Zealand :P It's way too hot here :/

Anyways, so there's this stray cat which comes by the house almost every day. Today, it decided to come into my room and "mark" its territory. We had to go the lunch at a relatives' place right after though and couldn't clean it up. I got some pretty crappy presents there. A tennis ball, a pen with a heart key-chain and a little notebook thingy. Seriously...a tennis ball. Also, I'm a guy so I really don't know what they expected me to do with the key-chain. When we got back, my room absolutely stank of cat piss too :/

On the bright side, I'm leaving here on the 31st and I also bought quite a few games. Plus there are Winter Steam sales atm :) I bought the Humble Bundle so as soon as I get back to NZ, I'll be downloading those games and I also bought Persona 4: The Golden, Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward along with the Ico & Shadows of Colossus HD Collection so those should be in the mail by the time I get back. I've been meaning to buy the collection for a while since Ico is one of top 2 favorite games. (The other one being Deus Ex: Human Revolution)

I hope you guys had a better Christmas than me :P Thanks for commentiing and stuff btw :)

Woo, just remembered my password

Well, I'm pretty sure it's been ages since I last updated my blog thingy here. I kinda forgot my password and also I stopped caring about my blog here :P Surprisingly, a lot of you guys are still here and updating your blogs so I might start using this site again. Not really too much else to say...

Well I'm back, once again :P

Yeah, I'm back. I've been gone for ages I guess :P A lot of stuff happened while I wasn't blogging so I don't want to bore you guys with everything (For the few people that actually read this)

Evil Nine~Hired Goons

Um, that's what I'm listening to atm. Well right now actually, Evil Nine has better songs like Cakehole and Devil Stuff and Twist the knife...Anyways, I went to australia for a week about a month ago.

I went to Melbourne for like 3 days and then went to Sydney for the rest of the time. It was kinda boring because all I really did was see relatives and go to Zoos and stuff. I stayed with uncle in Melbourne. Wait I got the places mixed around :oops: I can't be bothered going back and fixing it. Anyways I stayed with relatives in Melbourne. My unlce payed for the trip though :D We probably wouldn't have been able to afford just randomly going to Australia.

I wanted to get one of thos cowboy hat things like the Sniper does in TF2 but they were like $50 and my mom said if I bought it I'd actually have to wear it so I ended up not getting one.

I did end up getting something even better though...

I got a a PS Vita :D

I got it with Uncharted Golden Abyss. The game is quite good but I wish naughty dog had done it themselves because there are certain things like when Drake's climbing and his handhold just suddenly collapses where it just doesn't do it with as much "finesse" as the preivious uncharted games. I don't really know how to discribe the "finesse" but it generally doesn't seem as well done but you probably won't notice it because your handhold barely collapses.

Without comparing this to other Uncharted games, this is probably one of the best portable games I've ever played. The ccontrols for shooting are quite good because you can move the recticle by moving the PS Vita around so you just use the stick to get in the generall direction of who you want to shoot and you make the little adjustments for a headshot or something by moving the vita.

Anyways the Disgaea 3 remake for the Vita will be coming out in a few days and I definitely plan on buying it. It's a lot easier and more convienient to grind when you're playing on a portable console than on PS3.

Well anyways I'll be trying to get back into blogging here. I'll probably forget though :P

Until my next post, See ya :cool:

Btw sorry for all the typos. I couldn't be bothered fixing em.

No one can EVER call me impatiant now!

Well, I said before that I had bought Amnesia the Dark Descent. Damn it is seriously hardcore:|

I think I said before that when the first monster showed up, I accidently did a 360 instead of a 180 and endedd up running into the room the monster was in. It turns out that that monster actually doesn't hurt you and it's just there to scare you. (Like everything else in the game:P)

Anyways, when I was leaving (After I ran back and hid) and the monster was gone, I heard another growl and it was back so I went a ran back to my hiding spot. I was expecting it to be there cus that's what the walkthrough said but on my way back out the thord time, it came again! Yeah, that scared me:(

Anyways, later on I went to the labarotary and then went to the Wine Cellar (Which I had picked up the key for earlier) and gotten 3 chemicals to make some acid (I don't feel like explaining the whole thing). So when I went to the last room, I picked up some Laudunum and the first dangerous monster appeared. I knew it was coming:P

Anways, there was actually no hiding spot like a closet or anything so all you can do is just crouch in the darkness in a corner (Where you lose your santity) and just hide.

There was a commentary thing I was watching on Amnesia a while before I bought it and when the guy did it, he hid in the corner for ages and the monster wouldn't leave so eventually he was like "#$%& it" and he got up and went towards the monster...and it ran away :|

I had watched the video ages ago but my friend told me that's what happened so I'm kinda believing him.

Anyways, my friend was trying to convince me to just go and face it but I wasn't sure if what the guy did was a fluke or not so I decided to hide in the corner more. A LOT more.

In amnesia you know when the monster is still there cus the music changes. Just thought I should mention that.

Anyways, 30 freakin minutes and it was STILL THERE:evil:

And I know for a fact that it was there, cus I just kept checking back quickly and turning back around to face the corner. (If u look at a monster for more than a few seconds it realizes your there and goes for you)

So I decided to wait another 10 minutes (We were playing Uncharted 3while waiting)

So in the end I spent 40 minutes hiding in a corner to get 1 monster to go away :| It was probably just a glitch or something.

I should add that my sanity was sooooo low afterwards. There are 4 stages (5 sorta)

1. Crystal Clear

2. Slight Headache

3. Head is pounding and hands are shaking

4. ...

4 is seriously as bad as it gets. After ages of being in stage 4 without anything to get your sanity back up (light)Daniel does something that looks like he's falling asleep. I'm not 100% sure but I think that's what he does. After he wakes up, the santiry goes to stage 3.

I fell asleep about 3 or 4 times during that:|

Anyways, sorry for the short blog but I have homework so yeah... I gotta go.

BTW, I bought Payday: The Hiest during the steam sale. It's cool:D

Until my next post, See ya:)

The CheeseBurgers are on me

Hello peoplz. Once again I am back. My exams are over now and I'm getting all the results back and I kinda with my mom that for every excellence I get, she'd owe me Burger king:D So now she owes me 4 Burger Kings.I got an Excellence in Social Studies, 3 Excellences in Electro. (I powned the electro exam, I got Excellence in all the criteria they mark you out of too so I got a perfect score) and I got 1 excellence in Japanese.

BTW, I got Uncharted 3 working too:D

And now it's officially my GOTY!!!

Yeah, I love it. It's freakin great.

Anyways, um... add me on steam.


Yeah, I spelled Almighty wrong. I think it should be spelled that way.

Thanks to you guys who are still looking at my blog. Sorry for not commenting on yours. I've just been a bit busy lately.

I'm gonna go play some UC3 (I already am actually)

Until my next post, See ya:D

BTW, Happy Thanksgiving:)

Scared Stiff - Big update

Okay, well I know it's a bit late for a Halloween blog but too bad. Either way it's not a Halloween blog:P

Anyways, I haven't really blogged in a while. Loads of stuff happened though. I got a new Ipod touch:D I kinda needed it anyways since my old one got stolen. I also bought Amnesia: The Dark Descent. In case you didn't know, which you should. Amnesia is considered to be one of the scariest games out there. Seriously:| Yeah, I got it on the Steam Sale for $4. I also bought Costume Quest:) I sorta wanted that one for quite some time and it was cheap so I couldn't resist.

Moving, on. I have BattleField 3 and Uncharted 3 and I hate both of them:| Yes, I do and I'm serious. I don't hate BF3 as much as I hate Uncharted though.

I don't like BF3 for a couple of reasons. They changed all the good things about BF BC2. They changed the freakin chopper controls so now I can't even fly anymore which is really, really annoying me. There are barely any buildings you can actually demolish. The game is more suited to close combat but there's the maps are way to freakin big. In BC2, the maps are pretty big but in BF3, you can run around for 10 minutes having no idea where anything is happening and then suddenly get killed by some random sniper. Plus, the jets are absoutely pointless. It's cool to have them there but they don't have any purpose. It's a decent game and you can have some amazing moments but overall at least for me, It's gonna take some getting used too.

Okay, now moving onto my most anticipated game of the year. I know I said it was Disgaea 4 ages ago but I changed my mind. It was Uncharted 3.

Here's why I hate it.

At first, I absolutely loved it. I've been waiting for it the entire year and I thought it would be as good as I thought it would be. BUT then I started having all these $#%&ing problems. At first, every time I turned off my PS3, I'd have to re-download my online pass from the PSN store everytime I wanted to play MP. I asked about it on the forums here and some guy told me to go into management and try activating my system. I did that and I worked.

Sooo, I tried to go and get a match online and it just said Finding Player... forever. I left it for about half an hour and still nothing came. I've had the same problem with Uncharted 2 but everytime simply exitting MP and then re-connecting to MP. IF that didn't work, I'd turn off my PS3 and turn it back on. And if that didn't work, it was simply my internet screwing up as normal. F$%#ing Telstraclear.

Anyways, I tried ALL of that plus turning my internet on and off acouple of times but still nothing. I decided to try de-activating my PS3 and then re downloading my online passes for BF3 and UC3 afterwards but after I de-activated my PS3, It wouldn't let me re-activate my PS3 :cry:

I put the error code in on one of the support website thingys and it said this.

Unable to activate system

Description: You have reached the maximum number of downloads for unactivated system. This will not affect systems that are already activated on your Playstation Network account.

Try this:

Please wait 7 more days before you download more content to a system that is not activated to your PlayStation NEtwork account.

Well now I'm offically $%#&ed off:evil:

I'm just happy I have my new laptop:D

Oh yeah, I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but I got the Special Edition of Deisgaea 4 as well.

Anyways, I'm having exams this week:cry: I had my English and Math Exam today actually.

All I can really say for the Math exam is that I'm probably gonna get moved down from the second best Math class. Maybe the 4th one.

The English one was a freakin pain though. I've never written an essay in my entire life. Seriously. Aaaand I had to write 2 for the exam. My teacher went through how to write an essay during our last English class before the exam but still, I was slightly confused about how long the intros should be and if you could combine it into the body. Anways I did really badly for the first essay. It had to be about a book we had read about and studied in class so I chose Hatchet. I had looked through all my stuff about it the day before but today, I spent 10 minutes just trying to remember the main character's name:lol: Eventually I decided it was Brian and moved on. If it wasn't Brian though, I'm soooo screwed:P I did this essay really badly and I didn't really write that much. It was sorta hard though because the question I chose didn't really give you much to write about.

The second exam had to be about a film we'd studied in class and there was only one we could do for that which was Edward Scissorhands. I think I did this one pretty decently. There's not really much I can say for this besides the fact that my conclusion was crap. "In conclusion Tim Burton used these techniques very well and very effectively" Thet was my ENTIRE conclusion. :D :) :| :( :? :cry:

Anyways, the rest of the exam was just your normal thing with the resource booklet to read stuff and the question booklet with the questions about the stuff you have to read in the other booklet thingy.

I have my Japaneseexam on Thursday (Tomorrow's a teacher only day) and I have my Science exam (Which I'll probably fail) and my Social Studies Exam on Friday.

BTW people, add me on steam. The_Allmighty_Duputh

Well, I'm sorta lazy so I don't feel like typing much more. I'll probably go play some TF2.

Until my next post, See ya:D

P.S Yes, I know I spelled Almighty wrong in my name. I just think that Almighty should be spelled with 2 L's

Great things have happened

Okay, well I don't know if I said this before but I'm pretty sure I have.

In case I haven't I'll sum it up for you guys.

My laptop constantly needs charge or it turns off. My charger broke so for the last couple of months I've been using my mom's bad one.



I'm doing this blog on it:)

Anyways, I think I've forgot to say a lot of things.

I got the Disgaea 4 Premium Edition.

BF3 is coming in the mail and I've pre-ordered UC3 already.

And I still have a 100 bucks left:D

By the way, I'm downloading my free version of Portal 2 right now and I'll download TF2 later but I just want to know how good my graphics card is.

It's a Nvdia Geoforce 540. My RAM is 4gb but it can be upgraded to 8gb and I have Intel core i7.

I hope that;s good.

Anyways, I'm gonna go do stuff so...yeah

Oh, yeah add me on steam.


I'll explain it another time:)

Until my next post, See ya:D

I am back...again

Yeah, I'm back again.

Geez, I bet if you look through my previous posts, most of them will say something involving how I'm back.

Anyways, I got my first platinum! :D

I platinumed Bad Company 2.

Y'know I was going on about BC2 loads before awesome it is and all that?

Well, I hate it now:|

There are way too many reasons why but I don't feel like typing all of them.

I've moved onto Uncharted 2 again and I love it.

It's great. It does lag quite a bit (For me) but not as frequently as BC2.

~Excision - Subsonic~

I have a question for the people that have platinumed UC2 though.

Do you have to beat the entire game on the certain difficulty without changing it to get the trophy or can you change it?

I'm doing it on hard and I'm 94% through the game but I can't beat the freakin blue people. They keep punching me.

Right now I'm doing a speed playthrough on Very Easy so I can use the glitch to get tweaks on a difficulty I haven't beaten yet so I can get unlimited ammo and One Shot kills.

Anyways, I'm also going back to Red Faction Guerrilla.

BTW I HAVE to say this.

If you see Red Faction Guerrilla on sale for a cheap price, please buy it. I got for $12 actually it was the greatest thing I've ever spent $12 on.

On PS3 there's only about 100-150 (Probably way more but

playing Red Faction Guerrilla still. It needs support.

Moving on, I used to be really really good at RFG, and I was apparently doing really well on the Leader Boards as well.

I say apparently because I never checked but all my friends said that I was doing well.

Well, I've been gone for about 6 months so I'm going back.

I suck now but I'm playing with my friends who are good at it so I'm slowly getting my skill back.

Actually when I was playing today, I ran into Martian Killer and his party.

Martian Killer is the #1 in the world for RFG. He's apparently had the game from day one.

The people he's with are pretty good too. The guy has a pretty big ego but he's actually a Noob.

Yes, I just called the #1 in the world a noob.

Wait I gotta go.

I explain why later.

Until my next post, See ya:)

Blog Titles are hard to think of

Seriously, if you don't know what you're gonna say when you don't start blogging they're hard to come up with:(

Anyways, I watched some anime in Japanese today.

It was Fairy Tale:(

Yeah, I put the unhappy face for one reason... I don't like it.

It's waaay too generic for me. I'm just sick of stereotypes and cliches'

It's just the same ol thing.

Really powerful calm evil dood comes.

He/She absolutely owns the main character.

The main character, lets just call him Bob, gets anrgy, yells, gets pwned more, called a n00B or something.

Bob collapses after an extremely "powerful" attack.

Bob gets up.

Evil dood gos "WTF!!! HE GOT UP!! No normal person could do that! He's special OMG

Bob gets up and does some powerful attack while screaming whatever he's doing which is normally some cliche like Fire dragon punch or something.

Evil dood gets owned.


It's not always like that but it's relatively the same.

I'm sick of the Main Character always being so unbeatable and arrogant.

It's sorta the same with most of the music on the radio.

It's all about love or something or someone hitting on some random girl.

I just think it's old.

Loads of people love it but I'm just sick of it.

It's exactly why I listen to dupstep and stuff.

Oh, that reminds me.

~ Chrispy - Halloween (2010) ~

Anyways, most of the people in my cla$$ don't know much anime and stuff so they love it.

I just think there's way better stuff out there.

Same with Manga too.

Anyways, moving on.

So far Mass Effect 2 is quite good.

It really creates a great atmosphere and really makes it's universe feel lived in. That probably sounds weird but it's true.

I'm halfway through the forced mission where you first fight the collectors.

I hope that didn't spoil anything for anybody but it's really early in the game so I doubt it would matter.

I started with Infiltrator so I get the Tactical Cloak and I'm really good with Sniper Rifles cus it's the Infiltrators main weapon.

I'm thinking of buying the N7 Completer Arsenal DLC cus it's only $15.

I don't know if I said this before but I was pretty worried if I would be able to afford the BattleField 3 Physical Warfare Pack and the Uncharted 3 Special edition.

A couple of months ago i took all my pay sheets from my Paper delivery thingy and I added up everything and found the average amount of money I'd make from each delivery, multiplied that by the amount of deliveries I'd have from then to November and I found out that I should make $96 plus the $40 I already have as wel as the $150 my moms giving me.

So 2 days ago I got my back statement thing and it said I had $140:D

And I still have a month to go:)

Anyways, In case I haven't said this before.

BF3 is $120 and UC3 (Special Edition) is $140

The normal edition is $10 cheaper tho.

Geez, I'm so glad I can get both games:)

~ Daft Punk - Digital Love ~

Please watch that video and listen to the song. It's not dupstep so if you're a hater of Dupstep you'll prbably like it. It's a great song and it's one of my favorites.

I know it's about love which partially makes me a hypocrite but it's different than the songs I was ragin about.

There is some story in the videos but you'd have to listen and watch all the videos in order to really understand it. That one could be the first but I doubt it cus in the albulm I'm pretty sure this is the 4th song. Either way the Daft Punk Collection on that page probably has it in order.

Wait, I think I forgot something...

Oh yeah, I was gonna say what that epic new thing I found was.

Well, I guess you guys will have to wait a bit longer:P

That's it for me.

I have a life to live and video games to play;)

Until my next post, See ya:D

P.S Sorry for the lack of smiley faces.