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It's a great headset that I would recommend if you're willing to spend the money.Ghost_702

I wasn't willing ;) I went for the X41s in the end because of my fetish for tidiness - no wires! :D

Thanks for your help guys

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Bump. I promise to go away once you help out.

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You guys probably get this exact thread every day, but still. I thought I'd be annoying.

I haven't owned a pair of headphones before and was looking to invest in a really (really) good pair that would last me a few years. As in, the headset I buy now will have to work with both my 360 and PC and has to be the best available now so that it will see me through.

I'm looking for X41/A40 quality here, but am nervous about making the actual purchase. I hear great things about both headsets, but there are also grumblings about reliability problems on the TBs and obnoxious amounts of wiring on the A40s. Basically I just want some feedback on the top top headsets.

Wireless...ness would be a huge convenience for me but I don't want to spend £140 on a headset only to find it messes with my router. Any info on what headsets can have this problem and what can be done to avoid interference would be nice.

So yeah it's a simple thread. I just need suggestions on the best headsets out there today, and some personal feedback on whether you're happy with your purchases. Are the A40s worth it? Does the wiring get annoying? Is there a noticeable difference in quality between the A40s and the X41s? Should I go for the Mixamp and a separate headset? Thanks in advance.