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Michael Jackson forever

Indeed, no one would ever beat that record sales of that big hit THRILLER in the 1983s as well striking a continouos fame all the way from there. It's really hard to believe that a legend like him would just simply fade away along with the bad reception from the news that he had way back in 2005.

Seriously, over the past few days, I took a break from my typical rock music and just click in my Windows Media Player a few songs from him and... I just felt quite a sudden burst of energy that I really wanted to dance even on working late a 7pm up to 12mn. Just simply following through the beats and lyrics makes me feel quite revitalized after a stressful day at work. Sometimes, I just wanted to kick to my right and wave my arms to my left and maybe shake a few times or more with my head because Michael Jackson's music just sucks me in instantly. I can also say that it can make quite a few people around me dance too.

I don't know. I JUST DON'T KNOW! I'm all feeling neutral right now but I can feel the problem of the whole world after losing a legend like him. Even though Lady Gaga was just about taking a slice of pop fame may not even make it the level of fame that Michael Jackson had.

Maybe it's time for me to buy that 25th Anniversary Edition of Thriller for now since it's all worth it for me but I am so disturbed about seeing one of my favorite artists just fade away like that (and perhaps everyony else too). I was even inspired to make Leon S. Kennedy dance to beat of that famous 1995 hit Scream.

Maybe I should stop for now since News is News. We cannot simply turn back the hands of time only to retrieve someone or something very important. We'll just have to live up to the memories that these great people have send us and it's hard to imagine that one the legendary should just.... go... away... like that :cry:

Michael, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The whole world is here with you!

And perhaps it's going to take a miracle to break that sales Record of Thriller too.


Was Sony waiting for the PSP Go?

As of now, 2 multi-disc PSone games are already released on the PSN and this was in fact, quite a SLOW move for SCEA compared to Sony Japan. I mean, are they really looking forward for people to buy a portable console with YET another expensive price tag on it? Although I have to give it for the PSP Go with it's 16gb storage that might increase the demand for consumers along with the progression of technology sometime in the future but I do believe SCEA really needs to catch on what Sony Japan is really doing right now.

From what I have heard, the PSone classics section of the Japanese PSN contains an instant time machine on what it would seem that it was the best years of the PSone. Now now, you don't have to blame me for making quite a strong recommendation about those games since they're going to take quite a hole in your pocket but from my teenage years of experience with them, I say they're definitely worth it.

For SCEA, putting up Final Fantasy VII and Metal Gear Solid on the PSN is definitely quite a good yet slow move in terms of fan service and in comparison. And haven't they had their lesson already on the PS3 launch price of $599?

But honestly, I bought my 60gb for a $700 price tag here in the Philippines and I never even regret it alll thanks to that emotion engine inside of it that keeps me attached to my PS2 library which I still have quite a list of pending games yet to finished all thanks to my ever so stressed out mind.

Okay, time for a gaming update for now. Looking over to my NOW PLAYING list, I just bought Resident Evil: Director's Cut on the PSN for a slice of nostalgia as well as playing Tales of the Abyss in preparation for Tales of Vesperia on the PS3 (sorry Tales of Legendia).

Since Blizzard finally made an announcement on Starcraft II, I really should upgrade my PC from my last year's setup which is only going to need a video card replacement for the sake of maximizing those eye candy visuals.

Current Setup:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (OCed to 3.00ghz)
Kingston 2gb RAM 4pcs (8gb in total)
Seagate SATA 200gb (for OS Dual Booting)
Seagate SATA 320gb (for other personal stuff)
Acbel 610w power supply (which I do believe I am not maximizing it's potential right now)
*sigh* Inno3D 8600gt :cry: (I really need to bump this to an Inno3D GTX 280)

Finally, I.... am... still.... drooling.... over.... a.... Samsung T260HD :cry:

I'm still here!


Looking back at my previous post was errrr.... July 13, 2008?:shock: Well that was quite long.

Honestly, I have been just a lurker in gaming websites over these past few months (which almost counts as a year already) but I DO always visit GS as well as GFAQS everyday. I really don't post that much often but rather read only news and tidbits of what's in the frontpage of them everyday on a nightly basis.

Yes, you heard that right, on a nightly basis. Work has become a regular daily routine for me and I only get a chance to play my PS3 usually up to 3 hours during the night but I do love my routine since I'm working at my family business right here at home.

Ahhh yes, gaming. What's up with me over the past year? Not much really,I was hooked at MGS4 for about two months ever since I got it after a month of it's release. After that Warriors Orochi 2 kept me playing nightly since I was really into the Dynasty Warriors franchise but I can finally say that I'm quite already tired with the series not because of the not-so-much upgrades that Koei has been doing for every release but I really got tired of the grinding routine.

Currently and Thankfully, Resident Evil 5 awoke my gaming spirit once again which also led me to replay my copy of Legend of Dragoon in which I play them alternately.

So yeah, not much about gaming for me over the past year since the PS3 didn't have quite much of a killer lineup and I am not really into console FPS which led me to become quite picky in gaming these days.

Catching up

It took me a month before my body adjusted to it's everday activities such as waking up at 5am, lifting weights on 6-8am and the usual office hours (8-12nn , 1-5pm) with an extended working hours up to 7:30pm. Thankfully, my new desktop computer was really more of a comfort to work with rather than picturing it as a stress generator. I'm currently enjoying the power of Intel's Core 2 Quad Q6600 with a 4gb RAM and a GeForce 8600 going along with it (Mounted on an Asus P5N-MX). However, I'm STILL currently running Windows XP up to this day and I won't be planning on moving on to Vista not until I have heard quite a handful of stability reception to it.

What can I say!? It's quite a HUGE leap from my old Pentium 4 3.0ghz / 1.5gb RAM computer. I can run Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Illustrator CS3, Corel Draw X4 and I can still play Bioshock and....uhhhh Red Alert 2 :lol: all at the same time (with Bioshock on it's Medium Quality settings). I think it's very easy to say that this setup is well enough for Starcraft II with a little tweaking on replacing my GeForce 8600 to 8800 sometime in the future.

On consoles, I'm still quite lazy on finishing the last stretch of Suikoden 5 maybe due to that irritiating part wherein you'll have to split up at the Ashtwal Mountain which instantly killed my excitement on rushing all the way up to the end (but giving myself a thumbs up for focusing that THAT game alone for the whole month of May). As of now, I'm refreshing my mind on the Metal Gear series all thanks to that box set (but having the second disc on the Original MGS3 Subsistence release was more satisfying) and my only gap before touching my copy of MGS4 was MGS3 and Portable Ops.I do believe that I'm expecting quite a lot on this *ahem* 10/10 game as well as preparing myself to dive into the GTA series since part 4 also got a *ahem* 10/10 on both IGN and Gamespot (which I always trusted in scores). That's it for now and that's quite a lot of catching up for me to do.

Something got on my list

Yet another "OMG!" momment has surprised me this summer. Nothing strange yet quite a bit surprising because A GAME has undergone a REPRINT and it's perfect to take along Persona 3 FES with it. But not for me, since my Persona 3 FES order is packaged with my Metal Gear Essentials along with it so I only placed a pre-order of Little Big Planet along with it just for reservation reasons :twisted:. Oh, there's also a note on it's page that the soundtrack doesn't come along with it unlike the original prints but better than nothing since Atlus and Konami doesn't like too much reprinting on most of their games (Yeah I know, how I wish they could've just released their PSone Suikoden games on the PSN Store):cry:

5 things you don't know about me

And this time, I was tagged by my fellow Filipino friend jaykho213

1. I always avoid eating Shrimp and Prawns when it comes to seafood

Because I had an allergy back then after eating those things and it was a traumatic experience that I wouldn't forget.

2. My handwriting is terrible

If Gamespot would rate my handwriting, I would say that it would score exactly 6.0/10

3. My family and I are actually taking care of 21 dogs in total

8 Stray Dogs (but they are the most reliable)
3 Mixed Breeds
1 Black Labrador (ONE BIG SPOILED DOG!)
1 Spitz
1 Toy Poodle
7 Dachshund

- And no, not all of them are in the house, half of them are on my father's printing press workplace which is close at the grasslands where the weather is really nice at night.

4. No Girlfriend since birth

Most of the time, I'm really shy but above that, I'm really quite picky just like most of my friends said to me.

5. My sibling rivalry fire with my twin sisters hasn't been extinguished since 2004

I haven't talked to my twin sisters since late 2004 just because of this:

They stolen my PS2 Memory Card and gave it to their boyfriends in which I have spend hours on maximizing my stats on Final Fantasy X as well as gathering all the dog tags on Metal Gear Solid 2.

Okay okay, that might sound quite a bit too shallow to start a fire on family relations but I was really a dead kid back then, all game, no sports, and not even updated with the latest news and I have to give a huge thanks for my college friends for awakening that musical side of mine as well as getting influenced in a diverse genre of music that they listen too and thus, adding more colors to my former "black and white" life of mine.

Just another blog post

(Because I can't think of a title for this blog post) :roll:

It's been a while since I haven't post a blog here as well as roaming the boards as well. I only manage to check out the news on the home page of gamespot but that's just it. Not that I'm really quite busy these days but I just don't have that feeling to post these days since I've already got a job.

Most of my schoolmates say that I'm really quite a lucky person since I'm just working at home with one of my family's businesses that was named after me since 1993 :lol: and I just have to handle it since it's all related to what I've studied in college (because it's hard to find a job these days)

Recently, I've been playing quite a lot of Team Fortress 2 on my PS3 along with Devil May Cry 4 on a slow pace since I've been turned off by the feel that it wasn't quite hardcore compared to Devil May Cry 3 but I think it's quite a good serving of a red carpet for newcomers to the series.

I can say as of now that my interest in shooters are back since my early counterstrike days and I have to give credit for Valve's "The Orange Box" as well as "Warhawk" although I'm experiencing quite a laggy performance due to the high demand of bandwith of most servers in which my current broadband internet connection can't achieve all throughout the day but morning.

That's all for me now and here are my purchase list of games for the next few months

March - Crisis Core and God of War: Chains of Olympus
April - MGS Essentials and Persona 3 FES
May - Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea 2
June - Metal Gear Solid 4

Of course, those are subjected to change when some worthy PSN game titles will be released especially for the ""PSone section"

I just smiled at Christmas

And now that School is FINALLY OVER, I think I'm much more comfortable in working with whatever I want without the annoying criticism of such discriminating teachers of mine that involves school grades.

I haven't been too much into gaming for the past months except for a few notable titles that are quite appealing and are simply the types of ready-to-go games. And in this respect, I have sided with my PSP ever since I have it last June (and upgrading into the Slim at the end of October). It was quite easy to tell that the PSP pretty much killed my former addiction to console gaming ever since I was always on the move on my past college life. I never really had the time to effectively absorb a very great RPG story and it's all thanks to the depression that most of my teachers gave as well as their dangerously overgrown infectious ego that I have successfully lowered down over the past days.

As for Christmas, it was okay but the thing that made it special was that I can finally feel the smile in my face ever since I can't even put it in front of me for the past years since I'm always worrying about another upcoming college term that can give headaches and frustrations. So far, I only got two PS3 games (Ratchet and Clank, The Orange Box) which is already exceeding my expectations since I told my parents that my happy face symbolizes the satisfaction that I have wanted for Christmas since *ahem* College *ahem* is finally over.

So what's next for me? Driving lessons, redoing my digital Portfolio (since my teacher completely ruined it for me), getting a new Videocam, and..... tackling the lost list of unfinished/unplayed videogames which mostly are RPGs.

It starts at 100

Most of the local TV shows are already counting it ever since September came in and sometimes, Halloween is getting a serious bump out of every citizen's personal calendar.

As for me, I'm also counting it but I still don't know if I should be happy for it or not since I didn't have much of a vacation after last term's finals week and the 8 days of not-so-called-term-break didn't make much of a difference. I haven't got much time to play with most of my games since I'll be tackling the last 4 remaining subjects before celebrating Christmas along with my family and my friends (A Warhawk Christmas maybe...:twisted: ).

Much of my free time at home is spent on designing my portfolio and editing my short video documentary project in which I'm going to present them next month while the other will be on December in front of three directors. Sure I can pick up the controller but I just can't seem to focus on one game leaving it unfinished until a new one arrives.

2 Rainy Weeks

The rainy season started late here in my country and man! The 3 typhoons that came in really caused some serious flood control over Metro Manilla and my town. Fortunately, those 3 typhoons only crossed on the northern part of the Philippines instead of crossing directly into Metro Manila which leaves us room to breathe since the northern parts needed it the most where most of the rice fields are located.

The 3 typhoons left some flooding streets however and it caused the government to cancel the classes on Metro Manilla as well as the province that we're affected by the typhoon. This means I have experienced a cold long relaxing weekend! :D However, my second to the last college term finals week is about to come in two weeks so I have to finish some of these projects before going back on fighitng depression and spending time on videogames:x