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Now an owner of all 3 consoles.

So me and my dad were sitting around in the living room watching movies, when we started talking about Blu Ray and how he wanted a player. Since Christmas was coming, i seized this opportunity and made a deal with him, that we both pay half for the ps3. And there it is now, sitting next to my Wii. :)

I made another sig. 0_o / Merry Christmas to you

I saw the Haruhi Trailer of the PS2 game and couldnt resist making a GIF out of this scene XD. Now i have 2 sigs :P

I think its too big for the blog :P


My dad just came out and got the results of his colonscopy (Wiki it) test. Hes fine after all, im glad. :)

Its Christmas Eve over here at my Region and i just had dinner with my family. My dad brought home a turkey and the mood was great because we were all worrying about the results of his check up over the last few days and now we know that he's fine. So thats it i guess, not much to post about since i made a blog post a few days ago :). Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas ! :)

New sig !!

I like mixing anime artwork with Paintings :)

And of course, I love Haruhi

I originally made it for my Gaiaonline account. (I just joined) Its a pretty weird yet intresting site.

So since it had the same username i might as well use it for my account too.

I wanted to make one for my GS acc too, but im lazy so maybe next time :P

Anyway, i've been really busy this year as i have to take a really important exam next year (And so many great games are coming out too :cry: ) My dad had to go for colonscopy and the results are coming out next monday, i hopetheres no problem with him. I went to Bei Jing, China a week ago for holiday, it was pretty fun and the trip wasnt really costly. (I ate at a restaraunt with 7 people for $4.50 andsubway tickets only costs about 20 cents.)My uncle got sick during the trip and because of that i havent really had a chance to walk along the great wall, but i still took several pictures with it though. (Not gonna post pics on the interwebz :P )Anyway christmas is coming and im getting myself a new phone, Motorolla Razor = Crap. Im thinking of getting a w850i walkman phone. What do you think, any phone recommendations?

iI got a Wii !!

My dad got a Wii today. (Read my previous blog post.)

Anyway, only have 3 games now, Wii sports(It comes with the Wii), a tony hawk and a pokemon game(Chose this 2 games cause they are a package, there are 3 packages to choose from, but the other packages are crap, with games like Shrek 3.) So im playing Wii sports now, and im gonna get some decent games in future. So anyway, thanks for reading.

ACK!! The Wii brainwashed my dad!!

X-box 360+ Wii combo is what i decided upon, as you can see from my last blog post.(No offence to cows). And from where i am, Wii are pretty expensive. So i was thinking: "I should wait for a price drop or something." But my DAD (who hasnt been playing games since i dunno...3 decades??) said he wanted to get one this weekend. It all started when me and dad was walking along in a electronic store. And he was watching a sales guy playing Wii sports. I was telling my dad all about the motion sensing things and the stuff about the Wii. He didnt look very interested so i wasnt expecting anything at all. Next thing i know, he told me he was gonna get a Wii. My dad always said games are a waste of time (I managed to get a 360 with a few As, wasnt easy.), and i was gonna wait til a while later until i bring up the Wii. But now he says hes getting a Wii this weekend, now im like:"ZOMGWTF is he for real". And apparently he seems pretty serious, he even told me to find a Wii for him. But shucks, im not complaining (I dont have to pay) . For that, I salute you Nintendo, for actually having able to get my father into buying a gaming console.

I've finally decided on a 3rd Gen.

And thats a X-box 360 + Wii combo. I havent been on GS for a while and i recently came back cause i got a new pokemon game and needed to use the trading boards. When i came back,i found lots of new gaming news (Ok, maybe not so new,but new for me), and i found out that DMC 4 is going over to 360. That was when i decided. The PS3 just didnt have any exclusives that i really want. I could sacrifice FFXIII for Lost Oddysey and Fall of Man for Gears of War and Halo 3.Mgs 4, welll, thats a loss but not nearly as much of a loss as it would be if i went with a ps3. I already got my 360 but i still cannot find a Wii with a good price. Im now playing Gears of War thorugh Hardcore and i must say that im not regretting buying it one bit.Well, anyway, thats all for now, thanks for reading.

PS: Any of you guys had an occasion where you typed the whole blog entry out and somehow cant submit it? Well it happens to me twice just now and i had to type this thing 3 times:evil:

Hooray !! Finally!!! Im lvl 21 !!!

Took a hell of a long time too, damned glitch. So i havent loggon much lately,but i would try to be more active now. My dog damaged his left when he was running around the house one day. Seems like he knocked into a sharp edge of something. I think it is probaly due to his old age. Hes about 8 years old. I took him to the vet, and now he has to wear the trumpet like thing around his neck. Somehow,he manages to eat,but he cant scratch himself so i have to do it instead :( .I wonder how i would feel if he dies. I would no doubt be really sad, but he's got to go sometime, hes already bout 3/4 through his life. Ah well, other than that, my X-box got fried, not much since then. Have a nice day you all, and those at lvl 20, good luck :)

i wont loggon for a while

Well,turns out that the mess in my previous blog post is more serious than i thought. So sorry if i dont have the time to make as much blog posts in your blogs than i used to.(I usually just post on all the blog posts i see at my tracked blogs section,so im gonna miss qite a few of your blog posts sorry.:(  ) I will loggon again as soon as i cleared the mess. Have a good life you all.

A psp with a controller?

Check this out :

Lol,i wonder how much time this guy spent into making that thing. Wonder what for though,wont it just extend the psp and make it bigger? Still,you have to admire his efforts,lol.

Well anyway,not much had happened.

My friend fell on the basketball court and the skin on his cheek was scraped off.Dont know if it will leave a permanent mark poor guy.I got a whole bunch of homework and my files have to be send for checking. Out of 12 papers,my file only contains 6 so im pretty much in trouble. There were some tests i didnt do well in,so im in trouble with my mum and dad too.My teacher has been asking me for an escuse letter for not going to school some day before,and im not sure how im gonna get my parents to write me one when they see those tests.Theres gonna be another test on Thursday and im not sure how i would do.My after-school activities teacher is also after my head for skipping a few meetings.So basically,my school life is presently screwed.Not sure how long before i can get out of this mess.And one of my best friends is also leaving me for another group of people

Well,thats it,hope you are doing better me.

Yay!! A new avatar!!

I just picked a new avatar cause GS decided to make the space of avatars bigger.So i used an avatar that shows one of my favourite weapons in all the games i've played.The Lionheart from FFVIII.Heres a descroption to all those that doesnt know bout it:

Of all Gunblades ( A sword gun weapon), The finest model is the Lionheart.It requires rare items to be remodeled to its highest quality.

The Lionheart also unlocks Squalls most powerful Limit Break called the "Lionheart".Heres a vid of it in action.

A massive ball of energy surrounds Squall's weapon,charging it with deadly power.Squall strikes his opponent while hurling it into the sky.Squall leap into the air to follow,strikes his opponent 15 times.A large explosion engulfs the remnants of the enemy as it decends from the skies.This powerful Limit Break allows Squall to do 15 consecutive 9999 dmg.With the added dmg from Renzozuken,its power remains unmatch,except to Zell's Armageddon Fists.However,it only occurs randomly,like all of Squalls other Limit Breaks.

Well besides that,it looks pretty damn cool.Comments anyone?

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