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Getting a new video card!

Getting a new video card here soon! Despite the negative press, I'm  getting a GeForce 8600GTS. Yeah, I know, get the 8800GTS, but the problem is the card is WAY to freakin big to fit in my case. :( So, I have no choice but to get the 8600. But I really don't care, because currently I'm running a Radeon X1300. That's sorely outdated. And I want some sort of Direct X 10 functionality since I have Vista Home Premium. Here's the card I'm going to get from newegg:

newegg rocks! ;)

I'm positively HORRIBLE at RTS online...

RTS games are my favorite genre of PC games. That being said, I seem to be terrible when it comes to online playing. I don't know if it's because I'm actually that bad, or that everybody online is just that good. Unfortunately, all of my real life friends quit playing RTS games pretty much, so that leaves me in a bind for multiplayer matches. I don't mind losing, but what really gets to me is the amount of whining and crying that goes on if you're not an expert at the game. That's why I typically look for "newbie only" games online. That way I'm pretty much guaranteed NOT to get cursed out for being below average.

One example of bad sportsmanship comes from playing Warcraft III - The Frozen Throne online. I was in a game and apparently wasn't building the right stuff or fast enough, so one of my allies proceeded to hurl a nonstop barrage of insults my way and then backstabbed me by attacking my base. Now that's going out of your way just to be an ass. That's pretty much when I quit playing on altogether. It's sad, because I love Warcraft III, and would love to play online with people even if I lost, I just can't put up with the immaturity of the community at large.

I'll be trying out some other RTS games that will maybe (hopefully) have a better online community than Maybe it's just Blizzard games that seem to attract all the idiots. I don't know.

The life of a MMO addict!

Hello, my name is Shawn and I'm a complete MMO addict. I play World of Warcraft far more than a healthy peson should. However, despite this addiction, I do happen to have a social life with my friends. Thanks in part to having a flexible schedule with more free time than most, and the fact that my friends are gamers as well. LAN parties are always a blast, and we've even gathered together to play WoW. It's a lot more fun when you're in the same room with the people you're playing a game with, although using a voice chat program like TeamSpeak or Ventrilo provides about the same experience.

Do I plan on stopping or curbing my MMO addiction? Not in the slightest. Yes, I fully admit I'm addicted, but it isn't negatively impacting my life, other than I just don't have much time for as many other games I would like. But I'm having fun and don't mind paying a monthly fee for my entertainment, so it all works out. MMO's are my games of choice because I love being immersed in another world. Not that I need to escape the real world, but its just fun in the same way reading a good fantasy novel lets you escape into an exciting world.

Right now I play WoW, but I might start playing Lord of the Rings Online. One MMO I KNOW I'll be playing is Warhmmer Online. I love the Warhmmer universe and would love to play an MMO in that setting. Mythic has a good track record as I believe they did a splendid job on Dark Age of Camelot. So I'm highly looking forward to Warhammer. But I will have to pick and choose what MMO's I play. There is simply just too many of them being released to actually play them all.

If only I had even more free time and money! lol.