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Well I once again have a website.

A long time ago, I owned the domain Well, that expired and I never renewed. However, the other day I purchased the domain yet again. BitBlit Studios is the name of my own independent game dev studio. The name BitBlit is in reference to an old graphics function involving sprites. I'd have to get technical on you to give you a proper definition, and right now I'm lazy :P

What do I have planned? Games, and more games. Too early to say what. I've mainly been toying around with game ideas and the website design, so I haven't gotten much accomplished just quite yet. I did however remake my old studio logo. It's now a more fancy version of the same thing.

Edit - My friend who is a professional graphic designer is helping me with the website design :) Stay tuned for details!

New userbar signature made by me :)

Hey everyone, I made some userbars and combined them into an animated gif for use in my signature on the forums. Here's the animated one:

Then I also made one that will hopefully get me some more friend requests lol :)

Let me know what you think!

MMO Blues...

So, I've been playing WoW: Burning Crusade for a while now but it's starting to get stale. Problem is, there's not much else out there that is worth playing. I gave LOTRO a shot but it just seemed to be lacking. It sucks because MMO's are some of my favorite types of games. I really miss Dark Age of Camelot. The rush of RvR combat was amazing. So I'm highly looking forward to Warhammer: Age of Reckoning by EA Mythic. It should pick up the torch passed on by DAoC. I'd go back to DAoC but the game really isn't the same and you won't find anybody unless they're high level playing the game. A shame really because it is a great game.

So, I think in the meantime, I'm just going to cancel WoW and save my money for console games. Kinda burnt out on the PC for the moment and there's some interesting games out and coming out for the various consoles. We shall see!

Wireless gaming.

Well, it's official, my friend is getting the house.. The buyer accepted the offer. We can all begin moving in as of July 16, assuming the house inspection doesn't find any major problems. Pretty excited about that. Will be fun being roomies with my best bud and his wife again.

One thing that is obviously apparent is that we will have to have a wireless network set up for our PC and console gaming needs. The house has two floors and computers and consoles will be in different rooms. No other option really unless you want to run ethernet cables all over your house :P which of course we don't want to do.

Thankfully, the PS3 has built-in wifi so I am covered there. I'll have to get a wifi adapter for the 360 then I'll be all set. My computer already has a wifi card, and I have a wireless router, so I'm pretty sure we have everything we need. Just need to remember to get the network security set up so the neighbors can't steal our internet! :D

Moving! Moving! Moving!

So anyhow, my best bud and his wife are looking at getting a small house. To help make ends meet, they offered to let me rent out a room, seeing as how my living arrangements are sort of in limbo for the time being (just had to move out of my old apartment gah). So, I'm more than happy to take them up on the offer. I used to be roommates with them a few years back in an apartment, and it was good fun. I'm looking forward to being roomies again. Good times for everyone! :D

They haven't quite picked out a house to buy yet. But they have a few narrowed down that they will need help deciding. So, I guess that's where I come in. I haven't taken a look at them yet, but should be doing so here soon, so hopefully I can offer some wisdom.

At any rate, looking forward to moving! 

Dungeon Runners review posted by me.

Well it appears I'm the very first one to rate NCSoft's brand new game, Dungeon Runners. It's free to download and play, but you can pay $4.99 a month to get access to exclusive content. To hear more, check out my review :)


Richard Garriott and Tabula Rasa

Well for those of you who aren't familiar with Richard Garriott and his work, let me give you a brief rundown. Richard Garriott is most famous for his work on the Ultima series of games. The Ultima games were topnotch RPG's for their time. I have a deep respect for Richard Garriott and his work as it is fantastic.

Now, fast forward to today.

Garriott's latest project is the MMO known as Tabula Rasa. You can do a quick search here on Gamespot to find the game and check it out. It's going to be a Sci Fi MMO and so far looks pretty awesome. I can safely say that out of all the upcoming MMO's, I'm probably most excited about Tabula Rasa for two reasons; Garriott and the Sci Fi setting. There haven't been many successful Sci Fi MMO's, but I believe that Garriott will change all of that with the release of Tabula Rasa. I know that I for one, will probably jump ship from WoW to play this game.

Here's hoping that Garriott has even more success with the release of Tabula Rasa. 

Well I'm getting DSL, woot!

Previously, I've been connecting to the Internet via wireless broadband. It was okay, but not nearly as fast as cable or DSL. Cable is unavailable where I live (ah yes, I live in the middle of the boonies, but it's like only 5 min outside city limits lol :P) and DSL wasn't offered in the past. But it seems that has changed as I just happened to be checking and lo and behold, DSL is available now! Yay! Now I'll have a faster Internet connection. It's about time too because it was annoying after living in the City and being used to cable Internet lol.

Although one of my friends still is on dial-up. I don't think I could live with dial-up anymore lol.

New forum sig...

Well I made a new forum signature. Still used a pic of General Grievous from Episode III. However I chose a different pick of him this time around. I updated my PSN ID to ZeroSpaceX so that is changed with this. Anyway, here is my sig pic:

 Sig Pic

Well I bought a PS3!

I already own a 360, bought a 360 at launch, so I can play Gears and all the other 360 games. But I really wanted a PS3 for the exclusives that it is getting, plus, I have an HDTV so Blu-Ray movies is another plus for owning a PS3. It's expensive, yeah, but it wasn't really that big of a deal. I just put it on my Best Buy card. I get 6 months no interest to pay it off, so that is easy to do. For my first game I got MotorStorm. It is really fun. Probably my favorite racing game to date.

All in all, I'm satisfied with my purchase. I look forward to getting more games for my PS3. :)